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Registrar forms for students

Forms are not processed after business hours, over weekends, during holidays or when the college is closed for scheduled breaks, so please consult the Academic Calendar and plan ahead. Additional time may be required during peak processing periods near the start and conclusion of the term.

Please do not contact the Office of the Registrar for confirmation of a form response. You will receive a notification by email when the process is completed (approved or denied).

All forms below must be completed by the student. Please review all relevant Academic Policies before submitting any forms.

Late add/drop requests approved by AS&D are subject to an $80 late fee per section, plus an additional $20 for every week beyond the published deadlines.

Students who submit academic petition requests beyond communicated or published deadlines are subject to a $25 per day late processing fee. These include final exam petitions, petitions to AS&D, overload petitions, late fee waiver petitions, late submission of add/drop forms and registration load
exception petitions.

Petition to Transfer Credit

Required for all transfer work after a student first enrolls.

Petition to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D)

Depending on the individual circumstances, this petition may require very specific information and details supplied by the student, advisor, faculty member and/or department chair depending on the request. Students should read the form very carefully and submit all required information and request a timely response from the above individuals (as needed) in order to avoid delays. Expired forms and incomplete petitions will be denied. 

Major / Minor / Advisor Change Form

This form is used for declaring a major or minor and changing advisors. Submit only one form per change. Check My Progress report in Arches for confirmation of completion. This form may take five business days to process, or longer during peak periods. Incomplete forms or forms that do not receive advisor support within ten business days will be deleted with no action. 

Add/Course Permission Form

This form is used for courses requiring instructor permission, closed sections and independent/directed study. Students should submit an add form only during assigned or open registration times. On the first day of the assigned registration period, this form opens at 8 a.m. During open registration on weekends, it will open on the next business day.

You will receive a confirmation email once you submit the form, confirmation when the instructor approves or denies the add and confirmation when the Office of the Registrar reviews instructor approved add. If you have questions about approvals, contact your instructor. A minimum late fee of $80 will be applied for requests submitted after the published add deadline and an AS&D request for a late add is required. In order to comply with Department of Education regulations, requests made after the first week of the course will likely not be approved.

Drop Form

Drops should be completed in Arches during the Arches drop period. This form is used through the end of the withdrawal period (typically Week 10 for 14 week course) and a "W" grade will apply. Forms will only be accepted and processed if they are submitted during published drop periods. This form requires approval from your advisor and validation from the instructor before it will be processed. Students should continue to attend class until their form is approved and processed. Confirmation emails will be sent stating approved or denied. If you are dropping a course that has a lab, a second drop request for the lab is needed. A minimum late fee of $80 will be applied for all requests submitted after the published deadlines and an AS&D request for a late drop is required. Students under investigation for honor code violation are not eligible to drop the course.

Honor Pledge Form

Every student receives education on plagiarism, honesty and the Augustana Honor Code during their welcome to campus, in the introductory coursework in FYI, FYH or LSC, and/or through their advisor. Every new student completes this college requirement by signing the honor pledge through secure network login. Students who do not complete the pledge will not be permitted to enroll for the next term. Honor pledge holds will be lifted during business hours. 

Final Exam Petition Form

Students should carefully consult the exam week policies, the exam schedule, their syllabus and their faculty member before submitting a request form. All students will need to take exams as scheduled. See the Exam Week Policies for details. 

Graduation Candidacy Verification Form

Currently enrolled seniors who have applied to graduate for an eligible term may request a letter confirming their candidacy to be sent to future employers, graduate schools, insurance companies, and scholarship organizations.

Letters may not be sent to students or family members. If students need to confirm their own candidacy, they should refer to the automated email they received when they first applied to graduate or consult the Graduation Candidates list on the website.

Enrollment Letter for a Visa

Currently enrolled international students may request an enrollment letter listing family and/or friends who need to apply for a Visa to attend your graduation ceremony or plan a campus visit. 

Pass/No Credit Form

Courses taken P/NC cannot be used to fulfill a general education designation (LP, suffix, etc.) Students should carefully review the P/NC policies before submitting a form. This requires approval from your advisor.

Registration Surplus Request

Students use the AS&D petition for this request, and it requires support from advisor (form will automatically be routed to advisor for support). It is the responsibility of the student to contact their advisor to be sure they complete the approval by clicking the link in the email sent. If the additional credits are due to music lessons, ensembles or chamber participation, a form may not be required. The student should contact their advisor and the Office of the Registrar at the time the add form is submitted at Forms will be deleted after 10 days if no support is provided.

Accounting Extended Learning Program Form

Audit Form

For non-degree students wishing to audit a course. Students pay full tuition for the course and no credits are earned or recorded.

Appeal of Published Institutional Fees

This form is not for overload appeal; see below.

Appeal of Overload Fees Form

• J-term Meaningful Experience Approval Form

Coordinated Degree Programs Forms

First Year Plus Student Application Form

NCAA Student-Athlete Media Release and Recognition Waiver

Registrar's Office Feedback Form

Internship Registration

Registration for internships takes place through Handshake during a scheduled appointment with a career coach in CORE.

Change My Preferred Name

The online form is linked in Arches. See the Preferred Name policy page for details.

Change My Contact Information

Current students who wish to make a change to any of their contact information will proceed to Arches click on 1) User Information on the left navigation, 2) My Profile, and then the edit pencil, and Confirm. Students may make a change or edit this information after they log in: home permanent address and phone; local address and phone; personal email address.

Students should be aware a change to their home permanent address may impact where mail from the college is sent and may automatically change addresses for parents as well.

Former students and alumni can update here. Employees can update here.

Forms found in Arches

The following forms and requests may be made directly through secure Arches login.

  • Official transcripts (see also our transcript request page for policies)
  • Unofficial transcripts (students print own)
  • Enrollment verification form
  • Grade reports (students print own)
  • Graduation application (see also Graduation policies)
  • Co-curricular Transcript (redesign in-progress)

Paper forms

These forms are only available in paper form at this time. Print, complete, sign and return to Office of the Registrar in Founders Hall or destination noted on the form.

International Transfer Course Approval Form

Students seeking to transfer coursework to Augustana from a non-domestic institution are required to obtain prior approval for each course. Students are strongly urged to work directly with the International and Off-Campus Study Office during this process. Upon completion of the course an official evaluation of the course work must be completed by a NACES approved agency. The cost for the evaluation is paid by the student. See our policy on international transcripts for all policies about international coursework.

Privacy Release Form

The student should read the Student Handbook regarding FERPA and our college policies and procedures on record release before printing and completing the privacy waiver. This form must be submitted and signed in person, in hard copy by the student in the Office of the Registrar. 

Official Information Change for an Individual

This form can be used for a legal name change and change in directory release. You can update your address, phone, email and preferred name information in Arches under User Profile.

Grade Appeal Form

Students who are seeking an appeal of their grade should consult the catalog grading policies and begin the process with their instructor. 

Campus Communication and Technology Acknowledgement Form

In order to set up and validate campus network accounts, every student electronically acknowledges the information contained in this form. Employees who wish to take classes must print and return this form in paper copy.

Guidelines for Requesting a Gen Ed Designation for a Transfer Course

Contract Majors Overview

Contract Major Checklist

Contract Major Senior Inquiry Approval Form

Student Research Form

Augie Next Transfer Agreement Form

Complete and return to the Office of the Registrar in Founders Hall prior to the first day of class.