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International Student Life

Augustana College welcomes students from around the world. Augustana's friendly Midwestern campus makes it a great choice for international students seeking a top education in the United States.

The Office of International Student Life works with F-1, J-1 degree seeking students, as well as students who come for a one year exchange program, dual citizens, and US citizens who live abroad.  The Coordinator of International Student Life seeks to educate, counsel and advise international students on academic, personal, cultural, and immigration issues.

For the 2014-15 year, we have students from Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Kenya.

Where exactly is Augustana College?

Augustana College is located in Rock Island, Illinois, which is in the midwestern region of the United States map. Rock Island is one of the Quad Cities. When students come to Augustana, resources from all four cities are at their disposal--this creates for a well rounded and very opportunistic academic envrionment.

Still have questions?

Feel free to visit the FAQ page. There is a video discussing all of the things an international student may still be curious about in deciding to attend Augustana College.

Our viewbook also has lots of helpful information to show international students what Augustana College has to offer them.

Office location: Room 418 on the fourth floor of The Gerber Center for Student Life

For questions regarding admissions, contact Liz Nino, international student recruiter or see the Admissions page.

Alumni profile

Madushika Lanksakara '05

"Sometimes, I'm still amazed at the courage with which my parents sent a fresh-faced, doe-eyed 17-year-old girl to big, bad America. My parents knew that a small private liberal-arts college provided the security blanket needed during our early days to navigate our way in a new world." (more)