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Augustana is home to 2,500 students from different social, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

They're all different, but they like to do a lot of the same things:

60% of them study abroad

85% volunteer

35% are in varsity sports 

20% join music ensembles, even non-majors

68% do at least one internship

Visit Augustana, meet our students and faculty, and see them in action. Look around our home in the Quad Cities, where the Mississippi River runs through it, and nothing runs like a Deere.

The ‘sticker price’ is not the final price of college

In a state known for the unknowns when it comes to funding for public education, Augustana is more affordable than families might think. Once they receive their financial aid packages, students and families can be surprised at the cost difference between a private, independent college and a large, regional public university.

It’s a difference that can be missed during a family’s initial review of college costs. And it can make all the difference to a student's college choice. (Read more)

Our campus in photos


It Begins with 'A'

Saturday, April 22
Come for a day of activities to connect with students who have chosen Augustana, and those still deciding.
  •  High school seniors

Spring Preview Days

March 28, 31 and April 13
Visitors will learn about opportunities at Augustana through sample classes, a campus tour and our application process.
  •  high school sophomores and juniors

Augustana Summer Academy

June 19-23
Courses range from two to five days on campus, and all take an active, hands-on approach.
  •  All high school students