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Bailey Aasan

Bailey's blog: Climbing cliffs and trapping birds

Senior Bailey Aasen is blogging from Greenland, where she is part of an Augustana field crew along with Dr. Jennifer Burnham, associate professor and chair of geography.

2018 Bandits Scholars

Bandits Scholars score for the home team

In his internship with the QC River Bandits, Daniel Tjaden ’20 can learn ways to connect players with their fans. 

Caitlin Thom ’18

Caitlin Thom rocks the harp

The 2018 music graduate has a full ride to Baylor University, and she is no foreigner to professional gigs, either. 

Riverine Walks: Sylvan Island

Dr. Norm Moline, Augustana professor emeritus of geography, will offer a Riverine Walk: "Sylvan Island Area: History, Recreation, and Sustainability."