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Evaluation of International Transcripts

Transfer coursework coming from an international university will need to be submitted to a NACES member agency for evaluation (see link below.) Augustana recommends Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), but any of the member institution evaluations will be accepted. Only coursework from other colleges or universities determined to receive a grade of equivalent of "C" or higher will be accepted for transfer credit.  The grade point average for courses accepted from other colleges or universities does not transfer.

Augustana does not perform internal translations/evaluations of transcripts for any individuals, including:

•·         new first year or transfer students

•·         currently enrolled students who participate in an approved international study experience

•·         students who wish to move from part-time/non-degree status to degree-seeking

•·         students who need to prove status of a degree for teacher certification or other non-degree program

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange and pay for the evaluation through one of the third party evaluation agencies as noted above and arrange to have the official evaluation sent directly to the college from the agency. Augustana does not require an official copy of the international transcripts be sent to us, only the official evaluation sent directly from the agency to Augustana College, Office of the Registrar.  

 Click here to find a list of NACES members.

 NOTE: Approved transfer courses will not be placed on a student's Augustana permanent record if the student has an outstanding balance in the Business office.


Students participating in Augustana-approved study abroad programs should contact the Office of International Study about the transfer approval process for those programs.