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Registration Dates, Policies and Procedures

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to check and maintain a current and accurate course schedule at all times, by reviewing the official schedule on Arches. Students are expected to do this as they register and immediately after an official enrollment change has been made within the published deadlines and according to published college policies.

All published dates and deadlines are strictly enforced. Students should plan ahead by completing the appropriate electronic enrollment forms to obtain all required approvals prior to the published deadlines. Petitions requesting late enrollment changes are required after deadlines and are approved only under rare circumstances (fees apply.) Only Arches reflects the official enrollment with the college. 

Updated registration and advising policies, procedures

Information sent to students via email on July 14, 2020.

Open registration and new self-service registration

Open Registration for fall 2020 and J-term 2021 will resume next week, July 20-24 for continuing and returning students only. New first-year students and new transfer students will consult with an advisor prior to the start of the semester with their questions about schedule changes. Please contact if you have questions. If you intend to make changes to your schedule, please read the following information very carefully. 

• Arches reopens at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 20, and closes at 4:30 pm on Friday, July 24.  

• NEW: A Self-Service Registration module has been added to your registration menu in Arches. The Search, Register and Drop link is no longer active. The new Self-Service is the way you will register for courses from this point forward. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the new registration module in advance of registration. 

Instructions on using self-service registration (PDF)

Video instructions on using self-service registration.

• Registration help is available Monday-Fridays, through drop-in Google Meetings from 9:30-10:15 a.m. if you have questions about the new module or you may contact us by email at at anytime.  

• All registration information is available on the Registration Policies website.  

• Your next chance to register will happen at the start of fall semester. See the Summer Calendar for the next open registration period. 

• Your best resource, as always, is for you to work directly with your advisor on your registration-related questions. Keep in mind facutly may not be readily available during the summer, so plan ahead with your communication.

Restrictions: At this point all advisor restrictions in place as of April 2020 remain in place unless previously cleared by your advisor. All students will need to "meet" with their current advisor(s) to lift restrictions prior to registration. Advisors may lift restrictions through their Arches report at any time. If you have a hold from the business office or another department you will need to contact that office to inquire about removing the hold. Students should visit their report in Arches titled "My Registration Information" to see the date, time and any active restrictions that will prevent registration. 

Registration Waves (applies to assigned registration windows open mid-fall and spring only): Each class of students is divided into ten smaller registration waves during each registration week. Those waves are assigned by legal last name and will roll into the registration system every 20 minutes on the first day of registration starting at 5 am and continue until 8 am. Registration groups will be flipped and rotated each semester to help create a balance. The registration waves matrix is updated each semester and the most current matrix appears below for your reference. 

Electronic Add form replaces Add slip: The college no longer uses paper add permits. For courses you are not able to add through Arches, such as independent or directed study, courses requiring permission, courses where you have not met the prerequisites and courses that are full and do not have a wait list, you may submit an electronic add form AFTER your registration window has opened. Please consult with the instructor before completing the form.

Getting Help: We have developed some Tips & Tricks to help you navigate registration successfully. However, if you find that you need assistance during your registration time, we encourage you to use one of our drop-in meetings noted above. Your options for drop-ins appear below (these are only available during mid-fall and spring assigned registration windows. See times above for additional ways to get support): 

Registrar - ask questions to the Registrar (or by phone 252-787-0045 pin - 829 673 720#)
Technology - ask questions of ITS (or by phone 470-273-8897 pin - 907 719 325#) 
Advising - ask your advising questions (or by phone 678-270-2997 pin - 680 452 322#)

These sessions are designed to help students specifically during their registration times. We ask that these help sessions only be used by current students. If you are not a current student, please contact us by email for a response at a later time.  

A NEW process to check your schedule: During assigned registration windows and after students complete their registration, they are encouraged to logout of Arches and check their schedule. Go here to check your schedules. During Open Registration windows, students may check their schedules through the link in Arches. 

Declaring your major: Major/minor declaration forms and advisor changes are processed according the the deadlines on the Academic Calendar. The online form is available during these times. Forms can take up to 10 days to process, so if you need to meet with an advisor and please plan to meet with your current advisor(s) if you submit your forms within that time frame.

Providing Feedback: We are always seeking feedback on the registration experience. If you'd like to provide feedback on your registration experience, please complete this brief form

Open Registration: Students should check the current Academic Calendar for dates and times.  


Please consult the information below for the appropriate resource before responding to this email. 

Check email for the messages you may have received about major declaration, restrictions, advising and registration. 

• Seek out your advisor. 
• Consult the current Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.
• Visit the COVID-19 Response Policies Website for lots of great resources. 
• See the 2020-21 Academic Catalog
• Contact the Advising Office
• Contact the Office of the Registrar.
• Contact the Financial Aid Office
• Contact the Athletic Department. 

See more helpful links in the banner above. ​​​​​​



Updated registration information

for J-term 2021 and Spring 2021

will be posted later this fall


Advising and Registration Fall 2020 & J-Term 2021

Sent to students via email 3.31.2020

Many of you will have questions about advising and registration for next fall and J-term. This web page and the links below should provide you answers to most of those questions. This information was also emailed to all students. 

What is the timeline for advising and registration?and 

Over the next few weeks, the following timeline will be followed: 

Week 8

Wednesday, April 1: final deadline to complete major declaration form
Friday, April 3 & Monday April 6: begin to place advisor restrictions on student records

Week 9

Monday, April 6: advisor restrictions completed
Monday, April 6: summer school registration opens for all students
Tuesday-Friday, April 7-10: students will receive their registration date/time by email

Week 10

Tuesday-Thursday, April 14-16: rising senior registration groups

Week 11

Tuesday-Thursday, April 21-23: rising junior registration groups

Week 12

Tuesday-Thursday, April 28-30: rising sophomore registration groups

Week 13

Monday, May 4: students may submit major declaration forms again

Week 14

Monday, May 11: Arches opens for fall and J registration

Exam Week

Friday, May 22: Arches closes for fall and J registration

How will Advising work over distance? 

Your advisor will reach out to you to set up a virtual advising appointment. You’ll cover the same topics you typically cover. Remember that you MUST meet with your advisor prior to registration. Also remember that you must meet with your advisor for each of your majors. Your advisor will only lift your advising restriction AFTER your meeting. You might want to think about the entire 2020-2021 academic year as you schedule Fall and J-term classes to be sure you leave the appropriate number of credits for your Spring Term classes.

How has registration changed? 

In many ways, registration remains the same. After meeting with your advisor, and before your registration time, you will add many choices for possible courses to your shopping cart in Arches for both Fall semester and J-term. When it is your time to register, you will login to Arches and complete your schedule.

Over the last year, SGA, ITS and the Office of the Registrar have worked to find new strategies to improve the student registration experience. The early morning hours will continue to be used for registration to preserve the time between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm for distance learning coursework, group activities, individual meetings with advisors and other work previously assigned for the class day. 

Based on student survey feedback and many tests to our technologies, we will be dividing each class of students into ten smaller groups during each registration week. Those groupings are assigned by legal last name and will roll into the registration system every 20 minutes on the first day of registration starting at 5:00 am and continue until 8:00 am. Registration groups will be flipped and rotated each semester to help create a balance. Your registration date/time email will provide your date/time within your cohort. And as always, you will be able to find your date/time and your active restrictions in your report in Arches called My Registration Information

What if I cannot add a course in Arches? 

If you cannot add a course in Arches that you require, there may be a way to request an add electronically. Here are the circumstances under which you can request an add of a course electronically: 

• The course requires permission of the instructor for all students
• The course requires a prerequisite that I do not have but wish to ask for permission to add anyway
• The course is an independent or directed study course
• The course is full and there is NOT a waiting list for the course in Arches

If your situation falls under one of these criteria, you should complete the electronic add form AFTER your registration time. Forms submitted before your registration time will be deleted. 

What if I want to drop a course for fall 2020 or J term 2021? 

You can drop any course for next fall or J-term on Arches during your assigned registration time.


This entire process will look and feel a bit different to all of us, but together we can do this! 

When you have questions, please ask your advisor first, before you reach out to other offices. Your advisor will be able to answer many of your questions and will be able to direct other questions to the right people. 



UPDATED! Several deadlines have changed due to the COVID-19 disruption - See Academic Calendar for all updated add, drop, P/NC dates and deadlines. 

See Academic Calendar for all Published Registration Dates & Deadlines

REGISTRATION: Registration dates and times are assigned based on the semester in which a student first began their studies at the college. Transfer students are assigned a window within a comparable cohort based on their credits earned at the time of transfer. Registration dates and times, along with active restrictions, are sent to all students approximately 1-2 weeks prior to their registration window. Students may also find this information posted to their registration information report in Arches. Students are divided into smaller groups within each cohort by last name and those groups are rotated each registration period.  

ADDING: Just prior to semester start through middle of Week 2 - only through Arches See Academic Calendar for exact dates. Thursday and Friday of week 2, changes by paper petition only, with late fees assessed starting in Week 3. 

All adds for second 7 week courses must be by paper petition.

DROPPING: Just prior to semester start through Wednesday of Week 2 - only through Arches. See Academic Calendar for exact dates. After this date changes by paper petition only. Fees and petitions required after deadlines.

Forms are available in Founders Hall and online.


ADDING, DROPPING and WITHDRAWAL: See the Academic Calendar for the deadlines. 

PASS/NO CREDIT: The deadline to move to or from pass/no credit status is Friday of Week 6 at 4:30 p.m. (the deadline for 7 week courses is Friday of Week 3 at 4:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Day 3 for J-Term). No changes may be made after this time. P/NC forms are available in the Registrar's Office. General Education requirements may not be taken P/NC. Please see the catalog for the complete policy regarding taking courses P/NC.

NOTES: Instructors may drop you from the roster for failure to attend the first two class meetings and allow another student to add, however, it is the responsibility of the student to check and maintain a current and accurate course schedule.

If you have questions about a particular class that meets a shorter period than the 14-week schedule, please consult the above deadlines carefully or contact our office and your instructor about specific add and drop procedures for that course. A complete list of dates and deadlines appears on the Academic Calendar.