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NOTE: While the senior audit, program evaluation, academic support resources, as well as academic guidance from  faculty and advisors are all available to every student at no additional cost, these resources are provided for use in planning only. It is the responsibility of the student to report any printed error to the Office of the Registrar within three terms. The responsibility for understanding and meeting degree requirements rests entirely with the student.

It is the responsibility of the student to check and maintain a current and accurate course schedule at all times, by reviewing the official schedule on Arches. Students are expected to do this as they register and immediately after an official enrollment change has been made within the published deadlines and according to published college policies. Only Arches reflects the official enrollment with the college. 

Section attendance policy

Any individual who is attending a course section must be properly registered for the course by the sixth day of the term. Individuals not properly registered for a course should not be permitted to further attend the course and their name should be reported immediately to the Office of the Registrar. Exceptions to the section attendance policy include college-approved guests, such as prospective students who are officially scheduled through the Office of Admissions, college employees approved in advance by the instructor, other non-student guests not in regular class attendance as approved in advance by the Registrar, instructor, department chair and when necessary, the Office of Campus Security and Public Safety. These guests should be limited to attending a one or two class meetings. Visits exceeding this amount require registration and tuition payment. . 

New students

New students register on designated days in early summer or just prior to Fall Welcome Week. For students entering or returning mid-year, registration takes place at the beginning of the winter or spring term.

Continuing and former students

Continuing and former students register in the spring for the following year, in the weeks 7-10 of the fall term for winter term, and in weeks 7-10 of the winter term for spring term.

Courses numbered at the 300 and 400 level are intended primarily for students who have earned junior or senior classifica­tion, though sophomores may enroll in upper-division courses with the approval of the academic advisor. First-year students may enroll in any sequential course(s) for which they have already established qualifications.

Authentication of identity and registration for summer online courses

Students will register for online summer school courses through Arches. Faculty teaching an online summer course will use Moodle as the learning platform. Students are required to authenticate their identity by logging in to Moodle by using their college-assigned username and password. Students are reminded they should never share their username and password. As a condition of continued enrollment students have signed the Communication and Technology Acknowledgement form and have read the Honor Code and signed the Honor Pledge.


Degree-seeking students needing to repeat a course for proficiency only (to improve grade for departmental requirements) must register as an auditor and pay for the course. Audited coursework only appears on the record with "X" and students may not use financial assistance to audit a course. An audited course does not factor in the grade-point average. Non-Augustana students who wish to audit a course must apply using the Special Student Application available on the website and will pay the full tuition fees associated with the coursework. (See Schedule of Student Charges for tuition and fees.) These additional parameters apply to audited courses:

  • Once enrolled in a course for audit, a student is not permitted to change that enrollment status to a credit bearing status.

  • Students enrolled in a course for credit are not permitted to change to audit status once the term has started.

  • Students enrolled for an audit need not complete course assignments or tests unless their home department need that assessment information for their prerequisite purposes.

  • Audited courses do not serve as prerequistes for other Augustana courses.

  • Audited courses do not count toward full-time status or financial aid calculations, but do count toward calculating tuition credits.


Enrollment restrictions

The college may restrict students from enrollment for future terms for a variety of reasons:

  • Failure to adhere to academic or administrative policies or incomplete paperwork
  • Behavioral/disciplinary reasons
  • Medical/health reasons
  • Outstanding financial obligations

Students will be notified in writing (hard copy and/or by email) of these restrictions in time for students to make arrangements to clear the hold in the appropriate administrative office prior to registration. While this is not an exhaustive list, some of the most common requirements for continued enrollment include:

  • Final high school and/or college transcript on file
  • Updated emergency contact information
  • Current immunization records on file
  • Signed honor pledge on file
  • Signed communication agreement on file
  • Completed "Alcohol Edu" online program
  • Completed "Not Anymore" sexual assault awareness training
  • Meeting with an academic advisor
  • Financial Aid documents complete
  • Tuition and fees paid
  • Required service hours complete (as assigned by Dean of Students)
  • Application to graduate complete (for those with senior status)
  • Student is in good academic and social standing with the college
  • Student is deemed to be in good physical and mental health (as determined by the Dean of Students Office)

                                                                                                                              Approved by EPC 10-14-15

Registration Term Credit Limit Policy

Students may register for up to 14 credits per term through Arches. Students seeking to register for more than 14 credits in a single term are required to make a request to the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) with support of their academic advisor. Only petitions from students with a strong academic record will be considered. Students will be notified by email of the results within two business days. If approved, students are responsible for understanding and monitoring their annual credit limits and, if term overload approvals take them over the caps noted below, they will be responsible for any overload fees incurred. Completed forms are due to the Office of the Registrar prior to day 5 of the term of anticipated enrollment overload. Forms are available in Founders Hall. 

                                                                                                                                      Clarification added 11-17-17


A student taking more than the maximum number of credits covered by full-time tuition (33 credits for three terms, 22 credits for two terms, 11 credits for one term) are be subject to additional tuition overload charges. See Schedule of Student Charges for overload fees.

Change of registration

A change of registration may be made with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and the instructor, and is valid only when filed and approved in the Office of the Registrar. Adding a course is permitted only during the first six days of the term except in the case of a module course which has not yet commenced. Withdrawal from a course is permitted only during the first seven weeks (in the case of courses scheduled to last fewer than 10 weeks, until 70 percent of the course has been completed). Students receive a grade of "W" for classes dropped after the fifth week. Students may drop a class after the seven-week deadline only because of extended illness or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control.

Courses dropped with a "W" grade are not eligible for a tuition refund and those credits will be counted toward the total credit maximum with full-time tuition: 33 credits for three terms of enrollment (two terms=22 credits, one term=11 credits). Late drops or adds must be approved by the Associate Dean of Students.

Students who wish to petition a change in registration from a previous term must petition the change within three terms. Petitions received after this deadline will not be accepted. Changes of registration after the second week of a term are subject to a fee per course (see Schedule of Student Charges .)

NOTE: A transcript with numerous “W” notations may be interpreted by employers and professional and graduate schools as an indication of inability to complete academic obligations. Students therefore should use the post five-week drop option sparingly. Courses dropped after the midpoint of the term are nevertheless included in calculating tuition charges.

Anyone terminating attendance in a course without approval and without following specified procedures will receive an “F” grade in the course.

Students accused of academic dishonesty in a class will not be permitted to drop the course involved until they have either been cleared of the allegation or have the permission of both the instructor and the Dean of Students.

Student schedule

Students will have academic advising assistance available to them in the weeks prior to registration. The college strongly recommends all students seek out their academic advisor prior to registration. Arches is available 24 hours a day and displays the student schedule with a secure login. The responsibility for registering for appropriate classes for satisfactory progress toward the degree within all published enrollment deadlines and maintaining an accurate class schedule each term rests entirely with the student.

Class attendance

Students are expected to attend classes for which they have registered, and any exceptions to this rule will be made explicit by the instructor at the first class meeting. Students not in attendance at the first class meeting are responsible for finding out on their own the instructor’s policy regarding attendance.

Since courses may have waiting lists, an instructor may remove from the class roster any student who fails to confirm course registration by either attending a class session or contacting the instructor within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of the first scheduled class. In a case when a student is dropped from the roster, it remains the student’s responsibility to drop the course from the schedule by filing a change in registra­tion form in the Office of the Registrar.

Adding and dropping courses

Online add/drop period is Day 1 & 2 of the term. Adding will be done online through Arches only for all open sections. Drops may also be performed on days 3, 4, and 5 through Arches for all students.

Paper add period is Day 3 through Day 6 of the term. Paper Drop begins on Day 6. Add/drop permits available and accepted in the Office of the Registrar for all other section changes. You have until day 6 to be at full-time status for scholarships and financial assistance.

Students who wish to add a closed section should attend the first course meeting and consult with the instructor about adding the class on Day 3 of the term by paper petition.

Important dates and deadlines for the term

Permit forms are available in the Office of the Registrar in Founders Hall during business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) during the paper add/drop period. In addition to your signature, you will need your advisor and instructor signatures. Incomplete petition forms will not be processed.

For information about open courses please consult Arches, the official online catalog or the academic department.

After submitting enrollment permits, students should check Arches the same day to see that their schedules are correct. It is the responsibility of the student to check and maintain a current and accurate course schedule. If you see inconsistencies, please contact the Office of the Registrar immediately.

ADDING: See the Academic Calendar for exact deadlines. All adds after day two require paper processing.

The add deadline is the sixth day of the term for 10-week classes. For all other classes, the course may be added only up through the following deadlines.

Classes meeting for 5 weeks, may be added through the fourth day of that 5 week period (not the fourth meeting of that course) with permission of the instructor.

Classes meeting for 3 weeks, may be added through the second day of that 3-week period (not the second meeting of that course) with permission of the instructor.

All adds of 3-week and 5-week modules must be processed by a properly completed paper petition and submitted by the deadline.

DROPPING: See the Academic Calendar for exact deadlines. All drops after day two require paper processing.

The drop deadline to avoid a "W" grade is the first 5 weeks of the term for a 10-week class (50 percent of the 10-week period) and dropping with a "W" is through week 7 for a 10-week course (70 percent of the 10-week period.) All other courses adhere to the 50 percent and 70 percent drop deadlines for the period during which that course meets.

Five-week courses must be dropped by 50 percent (and 70 percent for a "W") for the 5-week period in which the course meets (not 50 percent and 70 percent of the course meeting dates.)

Three-week courses must be dropped by 50 percent (and 70 percent for a "W") for the 5-week period in which the course meets (not 50 percent and 70 percent of the course meeting dates.)

All drops for all modules must be processed by a properly completed paper petition and submitted by the published deadline. Instructors may drop you from the roster for failure to attend the first two class meetings and allow another student to add. However, it is the responsibility of the student to check and maintain a current and accurate course schedule.

If you have questions about a particular class that meets a shorter period than the 10-week schedule, please consult the above deadlines carefully or contact the Office of the Registrar and your instructor about specific add and drop procedures for that course. A complete list of dates and deadlines appears on the Academic Calendar.


As always, consult your academic advisor and your financial aid package before dropping courses that may impact your billing, financial assistance and NCAA eligibility. To maintain full-time status at Augustana, you must have a minimum load of 8 credits for the entire 10-week term.