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The number of academic credits assigned to a course is based on the amount of work required in the course. Courses carry from 0 to 12 credits, but most offer 3 credits. Once credit has been earned in a course, that course may not be repeated for credit unless specifically designated.

See Definition of a Credit Hour for complete explanation.


A full-time student carries 8 or more credits per term. Audit hours do not count toward full-time status, but are included among tuition charges. A part-time student carries fewer than 8 credits per term.

The following classifications apply to students working toward a degree either full-time or part-time:

  • A sophomore has 28 credits
  • A junior has 60 credits
  • A senior has 90 credits

Students not working toward a degree, such as post-baccalaureate students, are classified as special students.

Course load

Full-time tuition for the academic year covers enrollment in 33 credits during the three terms. Full-time tuition for only one term covers enrollment in up to 11 credits of instruction. Full-time tuition for two terms in one academic year covers enrollment in up to 22 credits, an average of 11 credits per term. Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis for enrollment in fewer than 8 credits in any one term or in more credits than the maximum covered by full-time tuition (see Costs and Financial Assistance). Coursework that remains on the student schedule beyond the midpoint of the course (see deadlines on Academic Calendar) will count toward the allowed credits for the year (33, 22 and 11) as noted above. In addition, courses that are dropped between the 50% and 70% point will be marked as a "W" on the transcript. For more information see the grading policies

Normal progress toward a degree

Students are making normal progress toward the Bachelor of Arts degree if they earn at least 27 credits after three terms, 59 after six terms, 91 after nine terms, and 123 after 12 terms of enrollment.

To maintain normal progress toward the degree, students must file a Declaration of Major form after earning 60 credits. These forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be restricted from registration at the point when they have earned 60 credits but have not declared a program of study