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Pre-enrollment earned credit for first-year students (advanced placement)

First-year students who earn college-level credit prior to the first term of enrollment at Augustana may transfer this credit to the college as follows:

Dual enrollment credit:

Students who dual enroll with a local college while in high school have no limit on those college level credits. Courses are subject to official transfer evaluation by the college registrar, see Transcript Policies for details on how to send your transcripts for evaluation.

Testing credit:

A maximum of 24 credits of combined testing credit may be applied toward the degree. This includes a combination of Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), an A-Level.

First-year students who have earned more than 24 credits of testing credit have until the end of their first semester of enrollment to declare their 24 credits of testing credits. Once applied to the record these credits may not be changed and it is an irreversible decision. See below for additional policies governing pre-enrollment credit. See the college catalog

adopted 2.25.2020

Following is a list of Advanced Placement examinations, the required score, Augustana equivalent course, semester credits awarded, General Education requirement fulfilled (and area of study) if any, and applicability to major.

AP course/test   Score Semester equated course LP/suffix Credits Apply to maj/minr?  
Art Studio: Drawing   4 ART-101-AP none 4 YES  
Art Studio: 2D Design    4 ART -elective none 4 YES  
Art Studio: 3D Design    4 ART -elective none 4 YES  
Art History   4 ARHI 161-AP PA 4 YES  
Biology    4 BIOL-101-AP PN 4 NO  
Calculus AB   4 MATH-160AP Q 4 YES  
Calculus BC   4 MATH-160AP, 220AP & 230AP Q 8 YES  
^Chemistry   4 CHEM-132 PN 4 YES  
Chinese   4 CHNS-202 2nd Lang. 4 YES  
Computer Science A   4 CSC elective none 4 NO  
Computer Science Principles+   4 CSC-121 Q 3 NO  
Economics Macro   4 ECON elective none 3 see dept.  
Economics Micro   4 ECON elective none 3 see dept.  
English: Language/Composition#   4 ENGL-elective none 4 NO  
English: Literature/Composition#   4 ENGL-elective none 4 NO  
Environmental Science   4 ENVR-100 PN 4 YES  
French Language   4 FREN-200 2nd lang. 4 YES  
German Language   4 GRMN-200 2nd lang. 4 YES  
Geography: Human   4 GEOG-120 none 4 YES  
Government: American   4 POLS-101-AP none 4 YES   
Government: Comparative   NA not accepted none NA NA  

*History: American



HIST-130AP, 131AP



YES*(see dept)

*History: European   4 HIST-115AP, 116AP none 8 YES*(see dept)  
Latin: Vergil   4 LATN-228, 328 none 2 YES  
Latin: Literature   4 LATN-214, 314 none 2 YES  
Music Theory   NA not accepted none NA NA  
Physics I   4 PHYS-151AP none 4  YES  
Physics II   4 PHYS-152AP  none 4  YES  
Physics B   4 PHYS-151AP PN 4 NO  
Physics C (Mechanics)   4 PHYS-211AP PN 4 YES@  
Physics C (Electricity &Magnetism)   4 PHYS-212AP PN 4 YES  
Psychology   4 PSYC-100 PS 4 YES  
Spanish Language   4 SPAN-202 2nd lang. 4 YES  
Spanish Literature   4 SPAN-200 2nd lang. 4 NO  
Statistics   4 PSYC-240 Q 4 YES  
World History   4 HIST-170 none 4 YES*(see dept)  

faculty adopted for semesters 4.2.19

updated 6.18.20

#Students who have taken only one ECON AP test will need to take the new principles course. 

*History majors are limited to 8 credits of AP work in any combination to be applied toward the History major/minor. Please see the HIST department for more information.

^All students who need the chemistry sequence for their major are required to take CHEM-131 or CHEM-235. If they have AP scores as noted above, they will be given credit for CHEM-132 and/or CHEM-123 after successful completion of CHEM-131 or CHEM-235.

@Students with qualifying scores will be given credit for PHYS-211 after successfully passing PHYS-313.