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Office of the Registrar forms

Online forms

NOTE! The college no longer accepts paper copies for any online forms linked below. Unless a form is noted with a star (*) all electronic forms require a review by an employee and will take additional time to process. Information is not instantly processed upon submission. In many cases additonal advisor/faculty or department chair arpproval is also requried before processing. Additional time may be required during peak processing periods near the start and conclusion of the term. Some forms take 5-10 business days to process after all required approvals are submitted. Please do not contact our office for confirmation, you will receive a notificiation by email when the process is completed (approved or denied). Forms will not be processed after business hours, over weekends, during holidays or when the college is closed for scheduled breaks, so please consult the Academic Calendar and plan ahead. All forms below must be completed by the student. 

Petition to Transfer Credit Required for all transferwork after a student first enrolls. 

Change my preferred name (*) The online form is linked in Arches. Please visit our Preferred Name policy page for details. 

Petition to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) electronic form for current students

Program Change Form (major/minor declaration, advisor changes, etc.) PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM, CHECK ARCHES PROGRAM EVALUATION FOR CONFIRMATION OF COMPLETION. May take five business days, or longer during peak periods, to process.

Electronic Add/Registration Form Generally, the online add form is open when Arches registration is open. This form is also used for independent/directed study, instructor permission and closed sections. Students should submit an add form after their registration time, but within their registration window. Read your email responses very carefully for your next steps. Please do not email our office asking for confirmation. You will receive a confirmation once you submit the form, and also confirmations when your instructor and advisor approve the add. If you have questions about approvals, contact your advisor and/or instructor. As long as your form was submitted within the registration window, your form will be processed once the instructor and advisor complete the approval process. A minimum late fee of $75.00 will be applied for all requests submitted after the published add deadline and an AS&D request for a late add may be needed. See above. Forms submitted outside of the add period may be denied and students will need to communicate back during the open registration time.

Electronic Drop Form Regular dropping may be completed in Arches during the Arches drop period. This form is used thorugh the end of withdrawal period week 12 and a "W" grade will apply.  Forms will only be accepted and processed if they are submitted during published drop periods. Students should continue to attend class until their form is approved and processed. A minimum late fee of $75.00 will be applied for all requests submitted after the published deadlines and an AS&D request for a late drop is required. See above. Students under investigation for honor code violation are not eligible to drop the course. Forms submitted outside of the drop periods will receive no action.

Final Exam Petition electronic form Students should carefully consult the exam week policies, the exam schedule, their syllabus and their fauclty member before submitting a request form.

Graduation Candidacy Verification Form We do not provide verification for students or family members, see your email verficication email or grad report for verification. 

Pass/No Credit Electronic Form: The P/NC form is open for fall semester 2020 classes only. It will close TBD.

Registration Surplus Request Also requires an email of support from advisor to

Accounting Extended Learning Program Form

Audit Form  For non-degree students wishing to audit a course. Students pay full tuition for the course and no credits is earned or recorded.

Appeal of Published College Fees  See processing times noted above. This form is not for overload appeal, see below. 

Appeal of Overload Fees Form See processing times noted above. 

Registrar's Office Feedback Form

Internship Regsitration Registration for internships takes place thorugh Handshake during a scheduled appointment with a career coach in CORE. 


Paper forms

These forms only available in paper form at this time. Please print, complete, sign and return to Founders Hall or destination noted on the form. 


Honor Pedge Every student receives education on plagiarism, honesty and the Augustana Honor Code during thier introductory coursework in FYI, FYI or LSC. Every new student completes the program by signing the honor pledge. Students who do not complete the pledge will not be permitted to enroll for the next term. 

Privacy Release Form Prior to signing, the student should read the Student Handbook regarding FERPA and our college policies and procedures on record release before printing and signing the privacy waiver. Privacy waiver processing requires additional time to authenticate the student signature.

Official Information Change for an Individual This form can be used to complete official demographic changes or you can email from your Augustana email to request a change. If you are seeking to change your preferred name as it is used at the college, please visit our Preferred Name policy page for details.

Campus Communication and Technology Acknowledgement form In order to set-up and validate campus network accounts, every student electoncially acknowledges the information contained in this form. Employees who wish to take classes must print and return this form in paper copy. 

Coordinated Degree Programs forms Print, see your advisor and submit to Founders Hall.  

Guidelines for requesting a Gen Ed designation for a transfer course

Contract Majors Overview

Contract Major Checklist

Contract Major Senior Inquiry Approval Form

Student Research form

Registrar's Office Feedback Forms electronic or  paper form


Paper forms for use by former students only

Transcript Request form Paper form for use by former students graduating prior to 1991. Current students and students graduating from 1991 to present should make an official request with secure login through Arches. See Transcript page for details. 

Petition to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees Paper form for former students only.


*Additional forms and information for current students are available by contacting the Office of the Registrar .