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Information for Part-time Students

Individuals who wish to enroll at Augustana part-time may apply as a part-time student under one of two categories and should follow those links to follow the application process:

Application and Admission Process for Degree-seeking student

Application for Non-degree student - Part-time non-degree students will hear a decision on their application by email within two weeks. 

Parameters and limitations surrounding non-degree status:

  • Students are not eligible to participate in J-Term coursework, travel or experiences.
  • Students are limited to 8 credits per semester unless they petition for a registration surplus and require the support of a unrelated, faculty member or campus employee mentor. 
  • Students do not have an academic advisor as they are not pursuing a program of study.
  • Students do not have access to a Degree Progress (degree audit) in Aches since they have no official program.
  • Students may not participate in NCAA athletics, intramurals, Greek life, internships or campus employment.
  • Students may not participate in study away experiences (unless they are a recent Augustana graduate for a summer program or is a summer student participating as a degree-seeking student from another institution with which Augustana enjoys a cooperative partnership - additional applications and parameters apply).
  • Students may not live in campus housing.
  • Students are not eligible for financial aid and are billed on the annual per credit rate
  • Students are not eligible for Augie Choice. 
  • Students do have access to our support services such as tutoring, counseling services, disability services and all other campus resources should they request them.
  • Students are held to the academic and social standards published in the catalog and student handbook
  • All published dates and deadlines apply.
  • Students who do not remain continuously enrolled must reapply to return. 
  • Academic Standing review is performed for all degree-seeking students. While academic standing does not impact the ability of a non-degree-student to continue enrollment, it may impact satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility. All courses taken when a student is at non-degree status will always count in the overall grade point average and may impact the ability to move to degree-seeking status in the future.
  • Non-degree students who seek to move to degree-seeking status must complete the application process with Admissions and will be under the degree requirements in place at the time they are accepted for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. 
  • NOTE! Any individual, including alumni, faculty and staff, who seek to participate in any coursework at Augustana, at anytime, in any capacity (part-time, auditor, non-degree, etc.) are required by college policy and the law to be officially enrolled in by the college. No exceptions. 

First-time enrolling students will be required to:

  • send an official copy of the most recent educational experience (high school or college);
  • provide a copy of driver's license or government issued photo ID at the time of registration;
  • sign the Augustana honor pledge prior to registration;
  • register in person or through Google Meet and validate identity;
  • show photo ID and obtain a valid campus identification card;
  • set-up an Augustana email account;
  • validate your campus network username and password.


Acadeum non-degree students

See the information about that program in our Transfer Information page


Information for High School Students Seeking to Enroll

High school students may participate through an affiliated high school arrangement and may take up to two classes per semester or one summer course if approved by your school. See the High School Advanced Study Program for that application process.  Non-affiliated high school students are limited to one course per semester or one summer school class. Eligible high school participants must:

  • have completed 10th grade;
  • students seeking to take a foreign language must have completed a minimum of four-years of high school language study in a single language or have earned a score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam in the appropriate language (course placement will be determined by the Augustana department chair);
  • are limited to enrollment in 100 or 200 level courses only (unless a a language course); 
  • meet all application requirements and standards;
  • adhere to all the academic policies and procedures as well as Augustana College code of social conduct;
  • understand that upon enrollment in college coursework, all FERPA policies are in effect for the enrolled student and the rights for the release of records rest with the student regardless of age; 
  • some coursework may require completion of prerequisites or permission of the academic department; 
  • additional required trainings (Diversity Training,, etc.) may be required to validate accounts and for continued enrollment.
  • all other enrollment requirements (immunizations, fees, forms, etc.) may be enforced for non-degree students at the discretion of the college. 

In addition, high school participants cannot participate in:

  • living in campus housing
  • visiting Augustana campus housing;
  • participating in student groups, events, clubs and organizations, excluding those that relate to foreign languages or course-specific study groups;
  • attending any social or service events or gatherings that are open to college age students only;
  • alumni status following completion of these courses.

Optional items for purchase:

  • an Augustana parking pass (students must buy a pass to park in campus lots or may choose to park on the city street)
  • a meal card to eat in our dining facilities (or they may use cash)

Details about the registration process and steps above will be sent to accepted students by email.

Some part-time non-degree students may be eligible for the Adult Community Education Program