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Honor Code of Augustana College

In the 2005-06 academic year, Augustana College students — "committed to the ideals of integrity, accountability, fairness and honesty" — researched and drafted an academic Honor Code for Augustana. Approved by the student body and faculty in May 2006, the Honor Code "sets the foundation and boundaries to ensure academic excellence and stability in an evolving and dynamic world."

The code cites the need for honor and integrity in carrying out the college mission of "offering a challenging education that develops mind, spirit and body," concluding that "the Honor Code holds each individual accountable to the community of Augustana College."

To view the Honor Code, including definitions of and statements on infractions, the Honor Pledge and composition of the Honor Council, click here (last updated May 1, 2014).

To report infractions, complete and send the following forms to Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain, associate dean, 309-794-7331, Founder's Hall, room 116.

For first offense, minor violations of the Honor Code, submit the Minor First Offense Form.

For all other violations, submit the Honor Council Reporting Form.