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Women's and gender studies faculty and board

The Women's and Gender Studies program is coordinated by Dr. Umme Al-Wazedi, associate professor of English, and Dr. Jennifer Popple, assistant professor of theatre arts.

Working board members

Dr. Umme Al-Wazedi, associate professor of English

Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow, associate dean

Dr. Claire Kovacs, director, Augustana College Teaching Museum of Art

Dr. Benjamin Mier-Cruz, assistant professor of Scandinvian studies and German

Dr. Jessica A. Nodulman, assistant professor of communication studies

Dr. Jennifer Popple, assistant professor of theater arts

Dr. Jane Simonsen, associate professor of history

Advisory board

Dr. Amanda Baugous, associate professor of business administration

Dr. Thomas E. Bengtson, professor of mathematics and computer science

Katey Bignall, assistant director of student activities and director of Greek life

Ken Brill, associate dean and director of the Office of Student Life

Samantha Crisp, Special Collections librarian

Dr. Kirsten Day, associate professor of classics

Dr. David Dehnel, professor of political science

Liesl Fowler, registrar and assistant dean

Dr. Margaret France, director of transfer and transitional student advising

Dr. Meg Gillette, associate professor of English

Kristen Glass Perez, chaplain and internship services

Dr. Laura Greene, professor of English

Dr. Taddy Kalas, professor of French

Dr. Brian Katz, associate professor of mathematics

Farah Marklevits, instructor of English

Dr. Araceli Masterson, associate professor of Spanish

Dr. Margaret Morse, associate professor of art history

Dr. Nirmala Salgado, professor of religion

Dr. Jessica Schultz, assistant professor of psychology

Dr. Marsha Smith, professor of sociology

Dr. Eric Stewart, associate professor of religion

Dr. Sharon Varallo, professor of communications studies

Dr. Jeanneth Vazquez, professor of Spanish

Dr. Dara Wegman-Geedey, professor of biology

Rachel Weiss, research and instruction librarian