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Catherine Webb

Catherine Webb

Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

I am excited to be able to pursue two of my passions here at Augustana: speech-language pathology and disability studies, a field that explores areas of oppression for people with disabilities, rather than diagnoses.  

I earned a doctorate in Disability Studies after seeing how systems and structures were creating barriers for students I was serving as an SLP.

Within the Communication Sciences and Disorders department, I teach courses such as Multiculturalism, Aural Rehab, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and Senior Inquiry. This gives me opportunities to work with both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as fuse my experience as a disabled person and former SLP for deaf/hard-of-hearing students into the courses I teach.

My research interests center around how people with various kinds of disabilities, including communication disabilities, are included and participating in their communities. Of particular interest to me are people who communicate through alternative means (AAC) and belonging in faith communities.

Specializations: Deafness, Disability Studies, Augmentative and alternative communication


  • B.A., Augustana College;
  • M.S. Nazareth College
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago