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Jessica Schultz

Jessica M. Schultz

Associate Professor of Psychology, Violet M. Jaeke Chair of Family Life

Courses Taught:
Child Psychopathology, Abnormal Psychology, Childhood in the Developing World, Introduction to Psychology, Personality Research and Assessment

Research Interests:
My research focuses on the processes by which people forgive others and find benefit from traumatic experiences (i.e., posttraumatic growth). I am also interested in the effectiveness of training programs for empirically supported psychological treatments, including Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT).

Selected Publications:

Stuart, S., Schultz, J.M., Ashen, C. (2018). A new community-based model for training in evidence-based psychotherapy practice. Community Mental Health Journal, 54, 912-920.  

Wade, N., Schultz, J. M., Schenkenfelder, M. (2017). In. E. Altmaier (Ed.) Forgiveness therapy in the reconstruction of meaning following interpersonal trauma. Reconstructing Meaning after Trauma: Theory, Research, and Practice. Elsevier.

Stuart, S., & Schultz, J. (2015). Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Groups Clinician Handbook. Iowa City: IPT Institute. (non-peer reviewed)

Schultz, J. M., & Stuart, S. (2014). Interpersonal psychotherapy: A culturally adaptive treatment. Psychotherapy in Australia, 21, 12-20.

Schultz, J. M., Altmaier, E. M., Ali, S. R., & Tallman, B. A. (2014).  A study of posttraumatic spiritual transformation and forgiveness among victims of significant interpersonal offenses.  Mental Health, Religion, and Culture, 17, 122-135.

Stuart, S., Schultz, J. M., & McCann, E. (2012).  Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Clinician Handbook.  Iowa City, IA: IPT Institute Press.  (non-peer reviewed)

Schoulte, J. C., Schultz, J. M., & Altmaier, E. M. (2012).  Forgiveness in response to cultural microaggressions.  Counselling Psychology Quarterly: An International Journal of Theory, Research, and Practice, 24, 291-300.

Schultz, J. M., Tallman, B. A., & Altmaier, E. M. (2010).  Pathways to posttraumatic growth: The contribution of forgiveness and importance of religion and spirituality. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 2, 104-114. 

Tallman, B. A., Shaw, K., Schultz, J. M., & Altmaier, E. M. (2010).  Well-being among cancer survivors: A longitudinal study of psychosocial adjustment and posttraumatic growth.  Rehabilitation Psychology, 55, 204-210.  

Turesky, D. G., & Schultz, J. M. (2010).  Spirituality among older adults: An exploration of the developmental context, impact on mental and physical health, and integration into counseling.  Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging, 22, 162-179.

Specializations: Forgiveness, Interpersonal psychotherapy, Mental health, Psychotherapy


  • B.A., Central College
  • Ph.D., University of Iowa