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Black Feminist Podcast

WGSS-250: Critical Race Feminism

What’s Brewing in Black Feminism
Cover art by Phoebe Fuller

1. What’s Brewing in Black Feminism

Presented by Phoebe Fuller, Maya Pagel, Kajsa Murphy and Victoria Campbell


This podcast introduces listeners to firsthand accounts of Black women exposed to domestic violence and intersectional sexual oppression in connection to Global Critical Race Feminism. By interpreting these counter narratives, we can better understand our privileged identities and how our status can be used to support those facing oppression. The stories of women such as Harriet Jacobs, Hillary Potter and bell hooks speak toward a silenced population in hopes of empowering women in a violent setting. Helping marginalized women understand that they are not alone, and educating others on this topic, is the goal of our podcast.

2. Health Disparity in America

Presented by Gavinya Wijesekera, Jules Bendfeldt, Christian Gonzalez and Olive Woodsmall


This podcast delves into the ways in which institutionalized racism and disregard for the environment result in the prominent health disparities faced by BIPOC communities, particularly Black women, within the American health care system. The lack of pre- and postnatal care, in addition to the rise in pollution, disproportionately affect Black women, and we pose the question of how this would manifest in the way they would be treated within a healthcare system that is already based on their exclusion.

3. New Hair Who Dis?

Presented by Jordan Stewart and Samantha Buelvas


The main topic of this podcast is the problem Black women face when they are trying to naturally style their hair in the workforce. Over the many years Black people have lived in the United States, they have been subject to discrimination for many things, including the different ways they can healthily and naturally style their hair. This podcast discusses the texture of Black hair and a few common styles that Black people use. We discuss a legal battle with a Black woman and American Airlines for their refusal to allow her to display her natural hair. This podcast shows how discrimination against Black people goes much deeper than their skin; it goes as deep as their naturally amazing hair.

4. Black Women in Motherhood

Presented by Tay Tellis, Jamiah Riley and Kylee DeVore 


This episode of "Black Motherhood and Family" encompasses the struggles that Black women face in the world ruled by the white supremacist patriarchy in terms of their role of motherhood. There is discussion on how Black women have to navigate their roles (maternal or not) in their families with stereotypes and preconceived notions imposed on their beings. There is also an evaluation of the idea of the "Cult of True Womanhood" and how that idea can negate the layers of identities Black women experience throughout their lives. There is also a section in which there is talk of reconciliation of those identities and how they also empower Black women's lived experiences in motherhood and their dynamics within their families.

5. L + J 2.0: Black Women in the Workplace

Presented by Jessica Monroy-Carillo and Lindsey Glass


Black women are constantly oppressed in the workplace. There are stereotypes of Black women in the workplace and an underrepresentation of Black women in the workplace, especially in connection with Black women's hair. But many people are not aware of the laws in place that protect people of color and women. This podcast explains Title VII and the equal pay act that are government implemented and are there to help Black women navigate the workplace.