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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

2024-25 catalog

Dr. Jennifer Heacock-Renaud (Director of WGSS, Continuing Lecturer of Spanish) 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa

Dr. Umme al-Wazedi (Associate Professor of English)
B.A., M.A., Rajshahi University; M.A., Eastern Illinois; Ph.D., Purdue

Dr. Jennifer Popple (Associate Professor of Theater Arts)
B.A., Drake University; M.Ed., University of Utah; Ph.D., University of Colorado

Dr. Jane Simonsen (Professor of History)
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa

Dr. Kiki Kosnick (Assistant Professor of French)
B.A., B.S., Michigan State University; M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Catherine Webb (Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders)
B.A., Augustana College; M.S. Nazareth College; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. M. Wolff (Assistant Professor of Religion)
B.A., Westmont College; M.T.S., Duke Divinity School; Ph.D., Duke University

Major in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) 28 credits

WGSS 130: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (4 credits)
WGSS 330: Feminist Theories (4 credits)
WGSS 430: Applied Gender/Sexuality Studies (4 credits) WGSS : Capstone presentation (0 credits; taken pass/fail)

In place of WGSS-430, students may use a 4-credit Senior Inquiry project from another major, so long as the project involves analysis of gender/sexuality and is approved by the WGSS Working Board. The Senior Inquiry can take the form of a research paper, an internship, or activism project. All WGSS majors are required to enroll in the zero-credit capstone experience, which will prepare them to present their research at the annual WGSS Senior Tea Talk.


8 credits of additional WGSS program courses, with at least 4 credits at the 300 level 8 credits of WGSS electives, with at least 4 credits at the 300 level

Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) 16 credits


WGSS 130: Introduction to Gender Studies (4 credits)
WGSS 330: Feminist Theories or WGSS 350: Queer Theories (4 credits)

One additional WGSS program course at any level (4 credits) One WGSS elective course at any level (4 credits)

WGSS Elective Courses:

Any of the following courses can contribute as electives to the WGSS major and minor.

▪ ART 374: African Art
▪ BIOL 310: Evolutionary Biology
▪ CLAS 212W/ CLAS 312W: Classical Mythology
▪ CLAS 228W/ CLAS 328W: Classical Epic
▪ CLAS 240/ CLAS 340: Women in Antiquity
▪ CLAS 345: Race & Ethnicity in Antiquity
▪ COMM 203: Listening (2 credits)
▪ COMM 204: Mediating Conversation (2 credits)
▪ COMM 205: Sustaining Dialogue (2 credits)
▪ COMM 240: Advertising and Consumer Culture
▪ COMM 210B: Sexual Communication
▪ DISA 200: Disability and Society
▪ ENGL 225: Women, Health, South Asian Literature
▪ ENGL 255: Women in Literature
▪ ENGL 295: Women, Health, South Asian Literature
▪ ENGL 345: Empire and Outsiders
▪ ENGL 355: Women Writers and Feminist Theory
▪ FREN 311: Masculinity in Rabelais 
▪ FREN 361: French Women Writers 
▪ HIST 123: Women and Gender in Latin America, 1492-Present
▪ HIST 220: Black Women in the U.S.
▪ HIST 230: Bodies of Evidence: Scientific Racism in U.S. History
▪ HIST 324: Borders and Crossings: Latin American and Latinos in the U.S., 1830- Present
▪ HIST 333: Disease and Health
▪ HIST 340: Gender in U.S. History
▪ MJMC 404: Advanced Multimedia Project
▪ MJMC 420: Race, Gender and Media
▪ POLS 335: Gender and Sexuality in American Politics
▪ POLS 355: Women and Politics
▪ PSYC 130: Victim Advocacy (2 credits)
▪ PSYC 135: Bystander Intervention (1 credit)
▪ PSYC 226: Human Sexuality
▪ PSYC 228: Psychology of Prejudice
▪ PSYC 416: The Psychology of Gender
▪ PUBH 273: Reproductive Justice
▪ PUBH 306: Sexuality and Health Education
▪ RELG 263/ RELG 363: Sexual Ethics
▪ RELG 284/384: Buddhism and Film
▪ RELG 362: Race, Ethnicity, Religion
▪ RELG 374: Gender and the Bible
▪ SOAN 221: Inequality in America
▪ SOAN 222: Popular Culture
▪ SOAN 322: Anthropology of Latin America
▪ SOAN 325: Global Connections
▪ SOAN 327: Gender in Society
▪ SOAN 328: Feminist Anthropology
▪ SOAN 329: American Race & Ethnic Relations
▪ SOAN 330: Social Movements
▪ SOAN 332: Love and Sex
▪ SPST 230: Women’s Narratives of the Spanish Civil War
▪ THEA 100W: Introduction to Theatre
▪ THEA 243: LGBTQ Theatre History
▪ THEA 343: Modern and Contemporary Theatre

Grade Point Average Notation: All courses listed in the catalog as required courses for any major and/or minor, including those courses outside of the department or with a different subject coding, are considered part of the major and will count in the grade point average. Some departments may have additional grade requirements for the courses offered within their department. Recommended supporting courses that are optional and not required may also count in the major depending on the program. For more information see your department chair or the degree requirements for Bachelor of Arts and information on Majors/Minors.

Courses (WGSS)