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ITS Policies and Guidelines

The ITS Department of Augustana College wishes to provide a high-quality computing environment for the Augustana community. For this to take place, certain ethical standards need to be observed by all members of the Augustana community. The guidelines listed below apply to all network users.


Augustana College students, faculty and staff will not use the college computing facilities for:

  • any activity which is illegal under Federal or State law
  • sending harassing email
  • using the college property for commercial purposes
  • any activity that violates the integrity of or interferes with the normal operation of the college computing system
  • unauthorized use of another person's user identification and password
  • unauthorized transfer of a file or files
  • unauthorized entry into a file to use, read or change its contents
  • monitoring or viewing network traffic

If it seems your network device is draining the network resources, an ITS employee will contact you regarding this problem. Our complete policy is available below.

ITS reserves the right to disable and remove any software or hardware that has a negative impact on the Augustana network or other services.

For Students

Revised 8/1/19


Alumni keep accounts based on our general User Account Policy.

View more information about what access alumni have to their accounts after graduation and what they can do to preserve and transfer their data on our Alumni Accounts and Data Policy.