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Mobile Device Policy

Policy Scope

The scope of this policy applies to Augustana-owned mobile devices utilized by Augustana College employees to perform business responsibilities including smartphones and tablets.

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure appropriate access and management of data on mobile devices that are owned by Augustana and used be employees to perform business responsibilities.

Policy Statements

Supported Device(s)

Augustana shall maintain a list of all Augustana-owned devices currently in use that have been issued to Augustana employees. This list will contain information needed to identify the device and, under certain conditions, perform a remote wipe in the event of asset loss.

Acceptable Use

Individuals that have been issued an Augustana-owned mobile device will not violate any other policy statements implemented by Augustana College including but not limited to Internet and Email Usage policy statements. In addition, individuals are prohibited from modifying (i.e. jailbreaking) the operating system and security features of Augustana-owned mobile devices.


Augustana-owned mobile devices must be protected with a PIN or password that is not easily identifiable or guessed by an unauthorized user. No individual other than the employee the device was issued shall use an Augustana-owned device.

Loss of Asset

Individuals that have been issued a Augustana-owned mobile device are responsible for notifying the Chief Information Officer (Chris Vaughan) or General Counsel (Sheri Curran) in the event the device is lost, stolen or compromised.

Remote Wiping

All Augustana-owned mobile devices shall support remote wiping. Employees shall sign a Mobile Device Policy Acknowledgement which includes the statement that any personal information stored on an Augustana-owned device may be wiped in the event the asset is lost.

Asset Retrieval

HR is responsible for retrieving Augustana-owned mobile devices from employees that separate from Augustana due to voluntary resignation or involuntary termination.

Updated: 10/30/2018