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Pass/no-credit frequently asked questions

(Revised exceptions updated 5-11-20 for COVID resposne for 202193SP and 20294SU only)

Q: Should I change my course to pass/no-credit grading?

A: Students should carefully consider whether a change to pass/no-credit (P/NC) grading is in their best interest. Consultation with your advisor is important as you make this decision. Please review the complete P/NC policy in the catalog.

Q: What is a P grade?

A: The following grades are converted to P: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C.

C-, D, and F grades are converted to NC.

Q: Does a grade of pass (P) or no-credit (NC) affect my GPA?

A: No. A class that is graded P/NC does not factor into your GPA.

Q: What happens if I earn a grade of P?

A: Your GPA is not affected. You will earn credit for the course.

If you were taking the course to fulfill a graduation requirement (general education requirement and/or major requirement), you will fulfill the requirement. CR, for credit, will appear on your transcript for that course.

Q: What happens if I earn a grade of NC?

A: Your GPA is not affected. You do not earn credit for the course. You do not fulfill any graduation or major requirement for the course. An NC grade will appear on your transcript for that course.

Q: How many courses may I take P/NC this semester?

A: You must have at least one graded course on your schedule for spring semester.

Q: Will my instructor know I have chosen to take their course P/NC?

A: No. Your instructor will submit a letter grade at the end of the course. Your grade will be automatically converted to a P (it will show up on your transcript as CR) or NC grade after letter grades are submitted.

Q: Will my post-graduate plan of finding a job or continuing education in graduate or professional school be affected by taking a class P/NC?

A: Some employers in certain career fields require a specific GPA for hiring. Some graduate and professional programs might also require a certain GPA or specific grades in specific courses; it depends on the program.

Review the admissions requirements of the programs you plan to apply to before you elect P/NC. Consult your advisor and/or your coach in the Career Development office before electing to take a course P/NC.

Q: If I think I might earn a D in a course, should I change the course to P/NC?

A: It depends… A “D” grade will fulfill a graduation requirement and will count for credit — it will also count in your GPA.

An NC grade will not fulfill graduation requirements and will not count for credit, but it does not affect your GPA. Discuss both outcomes with your advisor.

For some students, fulfilling the graduation requirement is the primary concern, so taking the course for a grade might be the best option. For other students, GPA is the primary concern, so taking the course P/NC might be the best option.

Q: I know I will fail a course. Should I withdraw or change to P/NC?

A: First, check with your instructor to be certain of your grade in the course. If it is certain you will fail the course, your specific circumstance will determine your options.

Neither a “W” nor a “NC” will affect your GPA. Both affect your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress in the same way (course will be counted as attempted credits but not completed credits).

If you are an international student, you must stay registered for a minimum of 12 credits for the semester to be compliant with your visa status.

Q: Will taking courses P/NC affect my chances of earning academic honors?

A: To be eligible for the Dean’s List in any given semester, a student must earn letter grades (not P/NC) in at least 12 credits worth of coursework.

Students competing for merit-based scholarships or other merit-based distinctions should consider that, generally, a high letter grade (A-range, even B-range) will be viewed more favorably by evaluators than a “CR” on a transcript.

Q: What if I am on academic probation?

A: Students on Academic Probation should consider the P/NC option if they believe they will earn less than a C in a course. Taking the course P/NC can protect the student’s GPA by removing a C-, D or F grade from the GPA calculation.

If you take a single course P/NC, your other grades will determine your semester GPA. Talk with your advisor, your ARISE Mentor or the Office of Advising before you make this decision.

Q: Does a P/NC grade affect financial aid?

A: Any course a student is enrolled in after the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester will count as attempted credits.

Courses taken as P/NC will count as attempted credits in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations. Courses completed with a P will count as completed credits. Courses completed with an NC are not considered completed credits.

Financial Aid is impacted by Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

Q: I am on Financial Aid Probation. Can I take a course P/NC?

A: Students currently on Financial Aid Probation should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to changing a course to P/NC grading.

Q: Does a P/NC grade affect my athletic eligibility?

A: Changing a course to P/NC status does not automatically impact athletic eligibility. However, student-athletes are reminded that they are REQUIRED to earn a minimum of 24 credit hours each academic year, which can include acceptable transfer credit. Student-athletes must have a minimum cumulative GPA to be eligible:

● Less than 24 credit hours: 1.500
● 24-47 credit hours: 1.750
● 48+ credit hours: 2.000

Changing to P/NC status might impact credits earned if a student earns a NC grade.

Student-athletes are also reminded only a letter grade can improve or harm their grade point average.

Q: How do I change a class to P/NC grading?

A: It is very important that you speak with your advisor to help you make the best decision for you. Students who have approval of an advisor and support of their academic department to change course(s) to pass/no credit should complete this on-line form for the course.

Q: What is the deadline to change courses to P/NC grading?

A: The deadline to change this semester’s courses to pass/no credit has been extended to Friday, May 15, 2020 (week 14).

Q: Can I change a P/NC course back to a graded course?

A: No. Once the course has been converted to P/NC, it will remain P/NC.

This Frequently Asked Questions document is modeled after the FAQ for Students Considering Electing the Spring 2020 CR/NC Option document from Illinois Wesleyan University