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Over 90% of education majors complete their degree in four years.

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If teaching is your calling, here are three reasons that you should study education at Augustana:

Reputation. The merits of our education department are well known and widely respected locally and regionally. When school principals have open teaching positions, they often call Augustana.

Location. The Quad Cities provides many student-teaching placement options: rural, urban, suburban, public and private institutions, working with diverse student populations. All student teaching placements take place locally and are closely supervised by faculty members.

Study away. More than 90 percent of Augustana’s education majors complete their degree in four years, and often are able to study off campus. The education department offers a popular immersion opportunity in Jamaica.

What you'll learn

Disciplinary knowledge

Disciplinary knowledge

Gain a deep understanding of your subject and how it connects to other subjects.

Communication competence

Communication competence

Read and listen carefully. Express ideas (writing or speaking) suited to the audience.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking

Combine ideas to create something new. Use imaginative ways of solving problems.

Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence

Understand real and imaginary similarities and differences. Use more than one perspective to view issues.

Collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership

Make decisions and act for the good of the community as a group.

Teacher licensure programs

Augustana offers programs that lead to Illinois licensure in the following areas:

• Elementary education (1-6) with the option to add a Reading Teacher endorsement.

• Middle grades education (5-8) for English, mathematics, science and social studies. Most students can complete both secondary and middle grades programs in their respective areas.

• Secondary education (9-12) in English language arts, mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, physics), and social science (history).

• K-12 art, foreign language (French, German, Spanish), and music education.

The Illinois State Board of Education participates in teacher licensure reciprocity agreements with most other states. (See Professional Educator License for more information.)


• Augustana offers multiple scholarship opportunities, but here’s one just for education majors. If you plan to teach a STEM subject — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in a high-need school district after graduation, you may apply for Promoting Opportunities in STEM Teaching (POST) scholarships, ranging from $10,000-$30,000 a year.

• Faculty members represent a range of professional experiences: teaching in public and private schools in- and out-of-state, teaching abroad, moving from teaching to administration, field experience and advanced study.

• If you're majoring in elementary education, you can gain experience in advance of your student teaching through Augustana’s collaborative partnership with nearby Longfellow Liberal Arts elementary school. Prior to student teaching, you will complete at least three clinical experiences.

• Club Ed members take part in workshops, presentations and social events; visit schools during field trips to Chicago; volunteer at local schools; and participate in child-oriented service projects.

Recent graduates

Shannon Rees ’21 teaches English to middle and high school French students in Orléans, France, through the TAPIF program.

Macy Hancock '20 teaches at Longfellow Liberal Arts elementary school in Rock Island, Ill.

Sarah Menage '20 teaches at Longfellow Liberal Arts elementary school in Rock Island, Ill.

Vince O’Meara ’19 teaches English at Moline (Ill.) High School.

Shelby Grandt ’18 is a first-grade teacher at Woodglen Elementary School in Denver, Colo.

Kayla Radloff ’12 is a high school special education teacher in the West Aurora School District 129 in Aurora, Ill.

Annie Stanislawski
More Than I Imagined Annie Stanislawski
“It was exciting to have the opportunity to implement all the content, methods and clinical practice from the past few years in a real classroom.”
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Ryan Grannemann
More Than I Imagined Ryan Grannemann
“I was offered a teaching job at four out of the five schools I interviewed with.”
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More Than I Imagined Amanda Tannhauser
“Dr. Bracke helped me find my true passion for special education and working with children with differences in the general education classroom.”
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Brandon Wilkerson

To find your best career field, choose Augustana

How students go from "undecided" on a major to accomplishing more than they imagined.

Teacher's workshop video

Augustana's education grads are in demand

School administrators across the country consistently inquire about Augustana education grads. 

Sarah Allen

POST Scholars prepare to teach in high-need classrooms

The $10,000-$30,000 Promoting Opportunities in STEM Teaching (POST) scholarships make an extraordinary difference.