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Transitional Living Area Code of Conduct

Transitional Living Areas (TLAs) were established to give residents an independent and less structured living experience.

Less supervision is provided in order to foster residents' eventual transition to off-campus living during their senior year.

In turn, residents are expected to behave responsibly, take the initiative to register concerns with their neighbors, and exercise consideration and community cooperation.

This special living experience is considered to be a privilege. Those whose conduct is considered excessively disruptive and/or who are in violation of college policy or local/state/federal laws may be dismissed from college housing at their own expense (see Sanctioning-Housing Dismissal).

TLA alcohol policy

TLA residents and guests who are 21 years old or older may consume alcoholic beverages on the premises under the following conditions only. Those who are legally allowed to consume alcohol are expected to do so in a responsible manner:

  • They cannot serve anyone under the age of 21.
  • They may not consume in an underage student's room or invite anyone underage to their room while consuming.
  • They may consume in public areas (i.e., kitchen, lounge); however, if anyone underage is present and open alcohol containers (both full and empty) exceed the number of individuals of legal age, all present will be considered violators of the alcohol policy.
  • Alcohol may be stored in the authorized resident's room only.
  • Excessive amounts of alcohol (subject to interpretation by Student Life staff) may not be stored on the premises. A reasonable amount is construed to be one case of beer and one fifth or two pints of hard liquor per authorized resident.
  •  Large parties (subject to interpretation by Student Life staff) that involve alcohol and have guests who are under the age of 21 will result in increased judicial fines. 
  • Kegs, common source containers or associated paraphernalia such as beer bongs, keg tappers, beer pong tables, home breweries/wineries or bar set-ups are not permitted.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages may not occur outside of the apartment or house. This includes deck areas, hallways and porches.
  • Alcohol containers transported into buildings must be concealed.
  • TLA residents who are 21 years or older may serve alcoholic beverages to guests who are of legal age. However, TLA residents who are under 21 years of age may not serve alcoholic beverages to any guests whether such guests are of legal age or not. This also means that guests of underage residents may not independently consume or bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises.

TLA outdoor decorations and sports

Outdoor decorations and furnishings are not permitted. This includes lawn decorations, pools, sprinklers, Slip'n'Slides and any sport that may damage campus property or persons.  Exceptions can be petitioned to the AC.

TLA refrigerators

Refrigerators (4.3 cubic feet or less) are permitted in student rooms; one unit is allowed per room. Full-sized refrigerators are provided in TLA houses and apartments. All refrigerators should be kept in bedrooms or kitchens.

TLA room condition

Residents are expected to maintain a reasonably clean environment as would be required by any landlord. Cleaning service and supplies are not provided in TLA housing. Periodic inspections of TLA residences will be scheduled. Any damages or chronic messes may result in disciplinary action, cleaning or repair charges, and possible relocation to a traditional residence hall. Free toilet paper and trash bags are available in Swanson Commons. 

Students are expected to promptly report damages via the online work order system. Any damage discovered upon arrival should be documented and reported to the Office of Residential Life during the first two weeks of the school year. Students may be held responsible for repair costs for any unreported damages.  

TLA smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Detectors have been installed for the safety of your house community. Tampering with these devices is prohibited. Low batteries (usually indicated by a chirping noise) should be immediately reported to Facility Services via a work order.

TLA storage

Hallways, fire escape routes, garages and attic areas are not to be used for storage, occupancy, or any other use. Storage of personal items in basement areas is done at the owner's risk. Entry into locked mechanical areas in TLA basements, garages, or attics, is not permitted.

TLA temperature control

Temperature in TLA areas is controlled by programmed thermostats located in each house or apartment. Remote sensors monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly. Students should not attempt to reprogram thermostats. Heat is set at 70 degrees and air conditioning (where available) is set at 74 degrees. These temperature set points have been determined by the college in continued efforts towards energy efficiency and conservation. TLA residents may contact Facility Services about heating/air conditioning concerns.

TLA visitation

Hosts must seek the permission of all housemates for overnight guests' use of common areas within the TLA. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that guests comply with all college rules, regulations and visitation guidelines cited elsewhere in this handbook. Any guest who disrupts the house environment in any way will be asked to leave and may have his/her visiting privileges revoked.

No guest may stay for more than 48 hours per week without prior permission from the AC. No more than 15 guests may gather in a house or apartment without prior approval by the AC and all roommates. In the event of a conflict, the rights of residents not hosting the gathering will prevail.