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Safety and security in Augustana housing

While our community is relatively safe, crime can happen. Much of it can be easily avoided by taking some simple, commonsense precautions.

Keep yourself and your community safe

  • Identify the nearest emergency telephone on campus. These phones ring directly to Security and will automatically register your location.
  • Never prop open exterior building doors to the halls nor unlock the front doors to houses and apartments. This keeps unwanted visitors out.
  • Never lett someone into the building who isn't authorized to enter. It may come across as bad manners, but in this case safety trumps guilt.
  • Keep your room door and windows locked. Windows should be opened only as far as the window stops allow.
  • Keep your ID card and keys with you at all times. Don't transfer them to ANYONE. If you lose either, report it to Residential Life staff immediately.
  • Escort your off-campus guests at all times and display ID whenever requested by college staff.
  • Don't walk alone. Consider using the campus escort service, ACES. It's also a good idea to let your roommate or friends know of your plans and whereabouts.
  • Clean your room regularly to avoid fire hazards, insect and rodent infestations, and food spoilage.
  • If you choose to drink, make safe decisions. Don't accept drinks from strangers and don't drink from common sources. Never leave your drink unattended.
  • Abide by the safety and security rules and policies in your residential handbook, Inside Our Halls and Houses. 
  • Do not tamper with safety equipment and/or fire alarms and extinguishers.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Office of Public Safety (309-794-7711) or to Residential Life staff.  If it's an emergency, dial (9) 911 preferably from a landline phone.

Keep belongings secure

  • Lockyour bike and store it in your building's bike room or your own room when possible. You should also register your bike with the Office of Public Safety.
  • Engrave your name on expensive electronic equipment and other valuable possessions
  • Secure laptops and valuables in portable safes or by other means
  • Keep large sums of money in the bank and expensive jewelry at home.
  • Lock your vehicle at all times and remove valuables from sight.

Prevent fires

  • Keep posters, banners and other decorations off of the ceiling and away from areas where smoke alarms and fire sprinklers are located. 
  • Regularly remove trash and recyclables from your room.
  • Follow all emergency evacuation procedures or drills. Remember that buildings must be fully cleared of people whenever the fire alarm sounds, regardless of whether or not you think it's a false alarm.
  • Report any unauthorized use, tampering or damage to emergency or safety equipment.
  • Keep anything involving an open flame, flammable materials, and exposed heating element far outside of your living environment.
  • Refer to other fire-safety measures listed in the residential life handbook, Inside Our Halls and Houses.

What to do if you've been victimized

Thefts, domestic and physical violence, sexual assaults, and other crimes happen at colleges and universities across the nation. If your are victimized on campus, it's important that you contact the Office of Public Safety (309-794-7711) or any residential life staff member IMMEDIATELY for the support and assistance you'll need as well as protection for your residential and college communities.

Other emergency situations (fire, threats to campus, medical and weather-related situations)

The campus has a communication system in place called e2campus.  It's important that you take a couple of minutes to register for this service annually to receive emergency text and email alerts.  In addition to e2campus, emergency information is posted on the back of every resident's bedroom door and in public areas as well.  For your convenience, you can access your building's information at the following links:

Important contacts

Office of Public Safety 309-794-7711
ACES 309-794-7550
Office of Residential Life (Central Office) 309-794-2686
Andreen Service Desk 309-794-8200
Erickson Service Desk 309-794-8955
Seminary Service Desk 309-794-8907
Swanson Service Desk 309-794-3875
Westerlin Service Desk 309-794-8914
Poison Information 800-942-5969
Rape/Sexual Assault Counseling Program 309-797-1777
Trinity Express Care Clinic 309-779-7050
Trinity Medical Center 309-779-5000

For more information, see Safety and Security or contact a Residential Life staff member.