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Faculty and staff parking

All faculty and staff are required to have a parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus. Parking permits can be obtained by going to the Office of Police and Public Safety located in the basement of Sorensen Hall. Please visit the campus map to locate faculty and staff parking lots. 

  • Faculty/staff parking permits are free of charge for all employees of the college.

  • Employees may have more than one vehicle registered with a parking permit.

  • Any vehicle displaying a faculty/staff parking permit is prohibited from parking in any residential parking lots or areas. 

  • Replacement permits can be issued if necessary. The originally issued permit should be brought to the Police and Public Safety office at the time a replacement permit is requested.

Parking lots

  • A1 Lot: A1 is the Admissions Visitors Only Lot.
  • B Lot: B is the main parking lot for Seminary Hall residents.
  • C Lot: C is the overflow lot for 11th Ave Flats, Andreen, Parkander, Seminary, and Swanson Commons residents. Lot C is located on the corner of 7th Avenue and 38th Street.
  • D Lot: D is the Sorensen Hall parking lot for faculty and staff.
  • E Lot: E is the main lot for commuter students, faculty, and staff.
  • F Lot: F is the main parking lot for Parkander residents.
  • G Lot: G is located on the Northside of Carver P.E. and is for any active parking permit. 
  • H Lot: H is a faculty and staff-only lot located near Hanson Science. 
  • I Lot: I is for faculty, staff, and visitors of Brodahl Hall only. Enforced 24 hours a day. 
  • J Lot: J Lot has two parts: 
    • The first row on the east side of the lot is for Andy/Bart residents only.
    • The remaining rows are for faculty and staff only parking. 
  • K Lot: K is the main parking lot for Westerlin Hall residents.
  • L Lot: L is the main parking lot for Erickson and Naeseth residents.
  • M Lot: M is the main parking lot for Arbaugh residents.
  • N Lots: N1, N2, and N3 are the parking lots for Swanson Commons and 11th Avenue Flats residents.
  • O Lot: O is the main parking lot for Andreen Hall residents.
  • P Lot: P is located on 6th Avenue and 35th Street and is for any active parking permit. 
  • Q Lot: Q is located between Lot K and the Dance Studio.
    • The east side of lot Q has all reserved parking spaces. 
    • The west side of lot Q is designated for patrons of PepsiCo and is limited to hours when PepsiCo is open; and overnight parking is prohibited. 
  • R Lot: R Lot is the Erickson Hall, Naeseth, and Westerlin Hall overflow lot located to the south of Thorson-Lucken Field.
  • S Lot: S Lot is the Erickson Hall, Naeseth, and Westerlin Hall overflow lot located on the west side of 30th Street next to Ostara House.
  • U Lot: U is located behind Carlsson Evald and is for faculty and staff only.
  • A TLA parking permit allows students to park in the lot/area assigned to the permit based on housing assignment/availability, and lots G, P.
  • Vehicles bearing term or partial-term permits may park at the area designated on the permit or in lots G and P.