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Facilities damage price list

Updated 2023

The items listed below are for residential damages in common areas or within student rooms, apartments, or houses. These prices are subject to change at any time based on extensive damage or vendor pricing. Prices are a combined total of materials, labor, and administrative fees. All damage fees are applied to the student's account.

Common damage

In residential common areas (shared bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, laundry rooms, etc.), in which the responsible parties are unidentified (also referred to as "common damage"), a per-resident charge is assigned based on the location of the damage within the residential area.

Student damage

Any damage to campus property for which the responsible parties are identified or that happens within an individual's room will be charged directly to the responsible parties. Also, it may result in additional disciplinary action and fines.

Cleaning charges

Blood borneBody fluid cleanup (hazardous)$150.00
Carpet cleaningOne room$100.00
Carpet cleaningWhole apartment$200.00
Excessive cleaning feeResidence halls (common areas: bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, lobbies, etc.)$50.00 minimum
Refrigerator $75.00
StovetopElectric or gas$75.00
Swanson suitesWhole suite$200.00
Swanson suitesShared bathroom$100.00
TLA house/apartmentIndividual room$100.00
TLA house/apartmentCommon areas$200.00
TLA house/apartmentWhole house/apartment$400.00

Disposal charges

Personal furniture left behind that the college has to dispose ofPer item and priced by size of item$50.00-$100.00
Student room trash left in common areasPer bag$25.00
Trash left outside of TLA houses/apartmentMinimum charge - additional clean-up fees will apply for trash all over yard$25.00


Any furniture left dismantled or not in the designated room/locationFee for assembling or moving furniture back to designated location. All furniture should be reset exactly as it was when residents moved in.$100.00 per piece
Bed framePrice varies depending on the severity of the damage$150.00
Bed springsReplacement$100.00
Desk repairPrice varies depending on the severity of the damage$25.00-$100.00
Desk chair repairPrice varies depending on the severity of the damage$25.00-$50.00
Desk chair replacement $150.00
Dresser or wardrobe repairPrice varies depending on the severity of the damage$25.00-$75.00
Dresser or wardrobeReplacement - damaged beyond repair$500.00
Mattress replacement $150.00

Life safety

Fire extinguisher dischargeFee includes clean-up and recharge of extinguisher$250.00
Fire extinguisherDamaged or missing$150.00
Pull station rodReplacement$40.00

Locks and keys

Key replacementEach key, including spares, for the lock will need to be replaced$10.00 each
Lock change (re-core)Damaged or missing. For security reasons, locks will be replaced when keys are lost$75.00 each


Paint and patchSmall hole$275.00
Paint and patchMedium hole$350.00
Paint and patchLarge holeCall Facilities for quote
PaintingTouch-up small area$275.00
PaintingEntire wall$500.00

Repair/replacement charges

Bulletin board4x6$300.00
Carpet replacement Call Facilities for quote
Ceiling gridsPer foot$75.00
Ceiling tilesPer tile$15.00
Closet/cabinet doorHinges, handles, door stops or latches$50.00
Closet/cabinet doorRefinish or replacement$200.00
CO/gas detectorReplacement$80.00
Countertop Call Facilities for quote
Door closer control $280.00
Door frame (jamb)Replacement/repair$175.00
Door at residence halls (interior and exterior)Andreen, Erickson, Seminary, Swanson and WesterlinCall Facilities for quote
Door at TLA house/apartmentExterior$630.00
Door at TLA house/apartmentInterior$550.00
Drain clogged (putting food down sinks, foreign objects, etc.) $150.00 minimum
Exit sign (electrical)Replacement$75.00
Drinking fountainReplacement - damaged beyond repair. An outside contractor has to do this work.$3,300.00
Floor laminate or linoleum Call Facilities for quote
Floor tileReplacementCall Facilities for quote
Light fixtureReplacement$120.00
Light fixture coverReplacement$50.00
Mini-blinds and door blindsRepair$40.00
Mini-blinds and door blindsReplacement (priced by size)$75.00-$100.00
Paper towel dispenserReplacement$100.00
Sewer drain clog (paper towels, feminine products, foreign objects, etc.) $200.00 minimum
Shower head $150.00
Sink handles $150.00
Sign (small)Room number (door/wall mounted)$25.00
Sign (medium)Bathroom, directional, informational (wall mounted)$50.00
Sign (large)Bathroom, directional, informational (wall mounted)$75.00
Soap dispenserReplacement$40.00
Stall wallBathrooms in residence hallsCall Facilities for quote
Tack strip8 ft. each$50.00
Thermostat/HVAC controlReplacement$250.00
Thermostat coverReplacement$100.00
Toilet paper dispenserReplacement$60.00
Vertical blindsRepair (van, hooks, broken/missing chain)$50.00
Vertical blindsReplacement$300.00
Waste binReplacement$30.00
Window glassSingle pane - small$100.00
Window glassSingle pane - medium$150.00
Window glassSingle pane - large$250.00
Window glassThermal pane - any size (Westerlin, Swanson, TLAs)Call Facilities for quote
Window latch, crank or operation armReplacement$150.00
Window screenAll screens replaced when damaged$120.00
Window screenReinstall screen that is not damaged$35.00
Window lock/security mechanismReplacement$100.00