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Home to more than 30,000 businesses — including Deere & Co. World Headquarters, 3M, Alcoa and the Rock Island Arsenal — the Quad-Cities area is a rich environment for economists.

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Hunter Hill
Economics major Hunter Hill '15 was team captain for Augustana's D3 final four team.

Augustana offers a major and minor in economics. Most economics students double-major in another discipline, such as accounting, business administration, mathematics, a language or the natural or social sciences.


Augustana’s full-time director of business internships works closely with accounting, business and economics students to place them in their ideal internships, both national and international. Ninety percent of business students complete internships, compared with 75 percent nationwide.

About 75 percent of Augustana’s economics majors continue and excel in graduate or professional school, most commonly law or M.B.A programs. Recent examples include Michigan State (economics), Iowa State (statistics), John Marshall University (law), Southern Illinois (economics), University of California-San Diego (public policy) and University of Illinois (finance). Other graduates pursue careers in government or industry; recent examples include Epic Software (Madison), Ogilvy & Mather (Chicago) and FDIC (Milwaukee).

Recent graduates

Michael Hickey '18 is working in the Finance and Accounting Development Program at HNI Corporation.

My Pham '18 is enrolled in a double-degree program in accounting and business analytics at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Stefan (Long) Nguyen '16 is pursuing a master's in statistics at Miami University in Ohio, after which he hopes to get a Ph.D. in statistics.

Luke Robinson '17 is a junior developer with INTL FCStone in Chicago.

Sarah Funke '17 is an audit associate for Deloitte in Chicago.

Mike Baugh '16 is working in John Deere and Company's Finance Development Program.

Adam DeSimone '12 is a forecasting supervisor for Dart Container, Okemos, Mich.

Matthew Paris ’13 is a financial institution examiner with the FDIC in Milwaukee.

Colin Arnold '14 is a senior regional sales consultant at Invesco, a financial management company, in Barrington, Ill.

Vincent Giglierano '15 is a legislative assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Joseph Wood '15 is a research assistant to Dr. Eliot A. Cohen at The Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.


The economics major is 27 credits, and the economics minor is 18 credits, both including courses in macroeconimcs, microeconomics, and specific topic areas such as development or environmental economics, and international trade and finance.

Both the major and minor also include courses in accounting, business statistics and mathematical probability/statistics; additional accounting and mathematics courses are recommended, plus philosophy.

Most Augustana economics students double-major in another discipline, such as accounting, business administration, mathematics, a language, or the natural or social sciences.

Home to more than four municipalities and more than 30,000 businesses — including Deere & Company World Headquarters, 3M, Alcoa and the Rock Island Arsenal — the Quad-Cities area is a rich environment for economists. During the annual Business Day, a premiere job-shadowing event exclusively for Augustana students, economics majors job-shadow with an employer they choose from among hundreds of area companies.

Through the business club and the investment club, students interact with employees and business leaders from various industries. These clubs help students develop their career paths through educational resources and corporate involvement.

What students say

Joseph Wood '15, economics and political science; Economist, current employment statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C.

"Since I went to a very small high school, I really appreciated the small class sizes at Augie. The opportunities for direct interaction with faculty and
campus involvement were also very important to me. The individualized attention here, the personal investment of the professors, has been priceless. Had I gone to a larger, more research-oriented university, I probably wouldn't be having this conversation."

Vuk Bojovic '14, economics; communication studies minor; Account executive at jones knowles ritchie, New York City

"I came to Augustana from Serbia, not knowing what I wanted to study or how it would help me shape my future. My goal was to get comfortable with the American college culture and to experience everything that it has to offer. I got a degree in economics, a discipline whose models helped me grasp the behavior of the markets that are applicable in any field. I got to go to East Asia and learn about cultures that are different from both American and Serbian. Because of my experience, I will always be a big advocate of liberal arts education.

... I am a true citizen of the world, and Augustana helped me realize that. Not that I am surprised by it, but the small campus/class size and environment pushed for more interactions with others and exploration of self."

Molly Polka '14, economics and business; Graduate student in the M.B.A. program at Ball State University

"As cheesy as this sounds, I learned that learning is fun. Thanks to my liberal arts degree, I was forced to take a wide variety of courses in many different disciplines; I found that I enjoyed all of them!

... Furthermore, there are far too many teachers that I owe my gratitude-professors who shaped and transformed me over the years-individuals I will never be able to fully thank."

Adam DeSimone '12, economics and mathematics; Doctoral student in economics at Michigan State University

"The Texas Medical Center Summer Research Internship Program ... was a truly defining academic experience for me. Prior to the biostatistics and medical decision-making research that I did at Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, I still did not know whether to pursue law school or an economics graduate program. That experience really took my interest in economics to a new level.

College is what you make of it, especially at a liberal arts institution. If you enter with an open mind and a strong work ethic, you will be amazed at
the connections you can make between multiple disciplines, and what you can learn about yourself in four years."

Colette Lariviere and history class

Graduates find futures in history

Augustana’s history courses and mentors prepare graduates for all kinds of success.

CORE Commons in the Olin Center

CORE scores big with graduates

If you’re a current student, graduates urge you to use CORE — our customized network of mentors, resources and experiences focused on your success.