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Viking Connections

Alumni supporting students and each other

Viking Connections is Augustana College’s Career Alumni Connector Network to bring together accomplished alumni and students. 

Alumni Connectors are available to share advice on careers, industries, employment trends, and organizations within their areas of expertise.

These mentoring relationships support and guide students — as well as young alumni  — as they navigate their careers or consider graduate school.

The program is open to students and alumni from all class years and majors.  

How students can make a Connection

Learn about the Alumni Connectors and their fields in the list below. (If there is no Connector in your field, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.)

Get in touch with the Connector through the preferred contact information on their bio page, or Linkedin.

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Stephanie Aeschliman
Viking Connections: Stephanie Aeschliman
Career field: Education
Graduation year: 2012
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Daniel Allen
Viking Connections: Daniel Allen
Career field: Human resources
Graduation year: 1987
Location: Pineville, N.C.
John Anderson
Viking Connections: John Anderson
Career field: Insurance
Graduation year: 1990
Location: St. Charles, Illinois
morgan anderson
Viking Connections: Morgan Anderson
Career field: Environmental studies
Graduation year: 2020
Location: Cambridge, Illinois
Alex Anderson
Viking Connections: Alex Anderson
Career field: Banking
Graduation year: 2022
Location: Davenport, Iowa
Michael Anderson
Viking Connections: Michael Anderson
Career field: Business development
Graduation year: 2013
Location: San Francisco, California
Daniel Andon
Viking Connections: Daniel Andon
Career field: Higher education
Graduation year: 2016
Location: San Antonio, Texas
tyler andrews
Viking Connections: Tyler Andrews
Career field: Public relations
Graduation year: 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Teresa Anguiano
Viking Connections: Teresa Anguiano
Career field: Scientist
Graduation year: 2007
Location: Mckeesport, Pennsylvania
Zubair Ansari
Viking Connections: Zubair Ansari
Career field: Health care
Graduation year: 2000
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Sarah Bagley
Viking Connections: Sarah Bagley
Career field: Human resources
Graduation year: 2004
Location: Glenview, Illinois (Chicago area)
marlisa barrett
Viking Connections: Marlisa Barrett
Career field: Business administration
Graduation year: 2019
Location: Davenport, Iowa
Kassidy Belcher
Viking Connections: Kassidy Belcher
Career field: Higher education
Graduation year: 2021
Location: Davenport, Iowa
Jen Bevington
Viking Connections: Jen Bevington
Career field: Education
Graduation year: 1984
Location: Oakland, California
augie a
Viking Connections: Alison Bjork-Pease
Career field: Veterinary medicine
Graduation year: 2013
Location: Rochester, Minnesota
Augustana A
Viking Connections: Andy Boettcher
Career field: Finance
Graduation year: 2003
Location: Deerfield, Illinois
Augustana A
Viking Connections: Vuk Bojovic
Career field: Brand design
Graduation year: 2014
Location: New York, New York
Brandon Bolhous
Viking Connections: Brandon Bolhous
Career field: Operations manager
Graduation year: 2007
Location: O'Fallon, Missouri
Gail Bradburn
Viking Connections: Gail Bradburn
Career field: Human resources
Graduation year: 1983
Location: Litchfield, Illinois
Annette Bugno
Viking Connections: Annette Bugno
Career field: Biotechnology
Graduation year: 2014
Location: San Francisco, California
Elizabeth Burchfield
Viking Connections: Elizabeth Burchfield
Career field: Business operations
Graduation year: 2009
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dannie Burggraaff
Viking Connections: Dannie Burggraaff
Career field: Water testing
Graduation year: 2023
Location: Aurora, Illinois
brittany burk
Viking Connections: Brittany Burk
Career field: Communication sciences and disorders
Graduation year: 2015
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Richard Butera
Viking Connections: Richard Butera
Career field: Project management
Graduation year: 2019
Location: Rockton, Illinois

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