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Frequently asked study abroad questions

1. Who is eligible for study away and how are students selected?

Students in their sophomore year or later are eligible for study away at Augustana. Some programs, particularly internship-based programs, require junior status, but most are open to sophomores as well.  

Each program has a minimum GPA requirement. For faculty-led J-term or summer programs, the minimum is usually 2.00, while for semester away programs the minimum is 2.50. Some programs require a higher GPA minimum.

Only language-immersion programs have a language requirement. J-term programs do not have a language requirement. Most semester programs have no language requirement. Information on specific program requirements can be found in the program’s description.

Most Augustana programs have target enrollments or caps due to agreements with outside providers. When the number of applicants exceeds the program cap, a selection process is used. This process places students into one of four pools based on a combination of academic year and GPA at the time of application.

A program roster is created by selecting students from the highest ranking pool, then the second, etc. When applicants are turned way from their initial program of choice, they are notified of other program options and may transfer their applications to an open program.

2. How can we find out about upcoming programs?

This website has up-to-date information, as does the Augustana Study Away Catalog. Those contain information about the current and upcoming application cycle and all the programs available in the following school year.

Each spring Augustana hosts a “Sneak Peak” event to promote programs for upcoming cycles, and each fall there is a Study Away Fair when all programs, including those sponsored by Augustana partners, are represented. Students can visit the fair and get information on all the upcoming J-term, summer and semester away options.

Augustana-led J-term programs and summer programs also will have individual program info sessions during the fall term or semester. Partner programs with outside organizations also may have representatives on campus throughout the year. These visits and opportunities to learn about programs will be communicated to students via email.

3. How do students apply to a program?

Applications by Augustana students are completed electronically. Each fall, application instructions are emailed to all students and are available through links on the website.  Additionally, instructions are available within the Augustana Study Away Catalog. The application process is typically “live” from November through February.  

4. What do programs cost?

Costs vary greatly by program type and location. All programs include a $100 nonrefundable application fee.

For semester programs with partner Institutions (Augustana Programs), students are charged the same tuition as an on-campus semester, plus an occasional international fee for special programs. In several cases, housing and/or meals are included at prices that are similar to Augustana fees.

Augustana, in these cases, will collect advertised costs of the overseas program on behalf of the student.

For semesters with non-Augustana programs (independent), charges are different, and the students will be invoiced directly by the host institution.

5. Is financial aid available?

For semester away programs, all standard financial aid a student would receive on campus is available, with two exceptions:

1. Work-study is not available as a financial aid option during a semester abroad.

2. Students who normally receive a full tuition-waiver as the children of Augustana employees or of employees of tuition exchange schools are not eligible for the tuition waiver for a semester away. However, these students will be granted all financial aid appropriate to them based on their FAFSA filing.    

For J-term or summer programs no standard financial aid is available. However, there are grants specific to study away, such as the Freistat Grant or Augie Choice.

6. How does Augie Choice work with study abroad programs?

Augie Choice grants any student in the junior year or beyond (60+ credits of completed credits) the opportunity to receive a one-time grant of $2,000 from Augustana towards a study abroad program, internship or research project.

Eligible students may request Augie Choice funds for any approved international study away program (including non-Augustana programs with permission of the director.)  There are also are some domestic (U.S.-based) J-term programs which are also eligible for the grant. You can see eligibility listed on each program's page online or in the catalog.

Augie Choice funds may be paid to a student’s Augustana account balance or paid to students directly 30 days prior to departure for all programs. Students can select their preference for payment at the time of application. Applications must be completed no later than 60 days prior to the departure date of the program.

7. What if a student wants to go somewhere other than the Augustana programs available?

Each year there are students who opt to seek out a non-Augustana study abroad program. If you are interested in a location which is unavailable through Augustana programs or have a particular program which is of great interest to you, you should set up an appointment with the director of International & Off-Campus Programs to discuss your interests.

There are guidelines for outside programs which assist students with transferring credits. A first step should be a consultation with the IOP office. Augie Choice funds are not available for non-Augustana programs.  

Students also may petition financial aid funds for a non-Augustana semester away program. In order to obtain permission for financial aid transfer, students must coordinate payment of the program costs with the IOP office and must agree to the tuition, housing and/or meal plan charges appropriate to the semester in question.

8. How do programs relate to my studies at Augustana?

Whether it is an Augustana-led J-term or summer program or an endorsed partner programs, all Augustana-sponsored programs have courses which match the Augustana curriculum and general education expectations.

This means that Augustana programs offer a diversity of coursework which helps progress towards graduation. Whether these are courses in a major, courses with various Gen Ed Learning Perspectives or transferable internship credits, Augustana study away offerings provide courses that are as much a part of the Augustana experience as those on campus.

All J-term courses and those in summer Ecuador and Dijon programs are part of the Augustana curriculum and transfer requests are not needed for these programs. Courses offered on semester-away or non-Augustana summer programs will require prior approval of the appropriate department in order to apply the coursework to your Augustana record. However, these are considered Augustana courses and all grades will count in your grade point average and grades will display on your transcript.  

9. How do the credits earned abroad count towards my annual academic

Students should be aware that programs (Augustana or non-Augustana) where students enroll for Augustana courses are subject to all the same policies and credit limitations as on campus courses. Students should speak to their advisor and review these important policies before making plans to study away:

10. Are program deposits refundable?

While the $100 application fee is not refundable, other program payments may be refundable if a student withdraws, though the closer a program is to departure, the smaller the refundable amount will be.

Each program has a refund guarantee date, listed in the Augustana Study Away Catalog. Up until this date, a student who withdraws from a program is guaranteed a refund of all funds beyond the application fee.  

After this date students are responsible for any nonrefundable or shared costs for a program. A full refund and withdrawal policy is available in the Study Away Catalog and will be supplied to all students upon acceptance into a study away program. 

11. How do we contact the International Programs Office if we have questions?

You can reach the office via email at, by phone at 309-794-8612, or make an appointment to meet with a member of our staff by logging into Handshake or by visiting the CORE offices in Olin Hall.