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Study away partner organizations



Academic Programs International (API) offers study, intern, volunteer, teach, & work abroad programs around the world.

CEA CAPA Education Abroad

CEA CAPA Education Abroad has 22 locations in 13 countries, offering study abroad and internship programs globally. We aim to empower students to become thoughtful and thriving leaders through living and learning abroad. By applying curiosity, empowerment, inclusivity, collaboration, and integrity to our programs, our mission is to redefine learning through innovative, inclusive, and impactful global experiences.

IES Abroad

At IES Abroad, we know study abroad. Every day we see how studying & interning abroad changes students' lives. As a not-for-profit organization that puts purpose before profit, we're proud of our legacy and leadership in the study abroad field.

SSA Education Abroad

Students choose to study with SSA — in both English and Spanish — to develop language fluency, to experience new cultures and to get college credit.


For 40 years, USAC study abroad has been the gateway to the world for more than 60,000 students. In 45 locations across 27 countries, students can participate in an affordable, authentic, immersive, and life-changing experience abroad. 


CEA CAPA Education Abroad

CEA CAPA Education Abroad has 22 destinations in 13 countries, offering study and internship abroad programs globally. Craig Kench discusses CEA CAPA's Global Career and Internship programs designed to enhance students' personal and professional growth. Since joining the organization in 2011, Craig has created a network of over 2,000 internship partners across the globe and created diverse experiential frameworks that have served over 500 U.S. institutions.

IES Abroad

IES Internships offers an exhilarating challenge of real-world experience combined with professional skill building and cultural immersion. Whether you want to spend eight weeks over the summer interning full-time in the field of your choice, or partake in a part-time internship as part of our study abroad program to supplement semester or summer coursework abroad, we have a program that will suit your needs

Ronald Reagan Institute

The Ronald Reagan Institute's Academy for Civic Education & Democracy (ACED) program is designed to foster the next generation of civic leaders. During the summer, undergraduate students will immerse themselves in Washington, D.C., for a profound and experiential learning experience.

The Intern Group

This program of full-time internships places you in the heart of the city as you earn up to 12 credits of internship experience.

Washington Internship Institute

Spend a semester or summer in DC with the Washington Internship Institute. Intern in DC, grow your professional experience, and earn up to a full semester of credit. International students are welcome!

Institutions & Programs

Bath Spa University

Hear from our amazing students about what makes Bath Spa a special place to live and learn. What's their favourite thing about Bath Spa? What advice do they have for people applying? And what do they like to do in Bath? 

Budapest Semesters in Math

Founded in 1985 by friends of Paul Erdös, the Budapest Semesters in Math (BSM) program encourages student creativity, a key element in the highly successful Hungarian method of mathematics instruction.

Budapest Semesters in Math Education

Summer@BSME is a 6-week mathematics education study abroad program in Budapest, Hungary for undergraduates, recent graduates, and in-service teachers. Participants earn either undergraduate credit or graduate credit.  Learn more at

College Year in Athens

CYA is a non-profit educational institution that has been acting as a cultural and educational bridge between the U.S. and Greece for over half a century.

Edge Hill University

A beautiful campus and one of the finest universities in northern England offers a college town atmosphere, on-campus housing and a wide range of courses.

Edinburgh Napier University

Find out more about what Edinburgh Napier University can offer you. Whether you're into art, music, sport, fitness or just grabbing a coffee and exploring, there is something here for you.

Liverpool Hope University

The LHU Study Abroad program gives students an opportunity to study at Liverpool Hope University for either a semester or a full academic year.

UCSC Milan

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC or "Cattolica") is a globally recognised university, with a  proven track record of excellence in international exchange programmes. You will be sure to choose a program and learning environment that is the best fit for you, and one that will facilitate the growth of skills and competencies towards your brighter future.

University of Auckland

Auckland is the perfect base to explore New Zealand, and the University of Auckland is a top university where you can study in your major or explore new fields.

University of the Sunshine Coast

USC has more than 120 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, with the choice and flexibility you need to get started on your career goal, whatever it may be.

University of San Francisco de Quito


Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies is committed to providing an academically balanced and responsible education. By promoting the study and teaching of foreign languages and cultures, it seeks to instill in students a deeper understanding of international affairs and foreign countries.

Lingnan University

Experience the unique journey of liberals arts education in Lingnan University!

Rikkyo University

Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola (SVF)

This full immersion Swedish language program offers students the chance to live and study at a Swedish Folkhögskola or Folk School. Students will study language, culture, history and travel with Swedish students on a mid-program trip.This immersive Swedish language program offers students the chance to live and study at a Swedish folkhögskola or folk school.

Toyo University

Partnered with institutions worldwide, we attracted over 1,300 international students from around the world. Toyo University is committed to offer the best learning environment for the students with multicultural backgrounds to realize their greatest potential.

University of Galway

The time has come to embrace a new future, a new identity that embodies everything we have grown to be, and that will proudly mark everything we strive to achieve.  

University of Passau

Widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Passau is just right for a student town: big enough to have all the services, facilities and excitement one might wish for, but small enough for a friendly, personal and safe atmosphere. It's a welcoming, cosmopolitan city, celebrating culture, diversity and Bavarian tradition. 

University of Regensburg

Study in the heart of Bavaria this April-August semester at the University of Regensburg. An hour north of Munich, this 20,000-student university offers coursework in a variety of fields in English or German.

Uppsala University

Spend spring semester as a student at Scandinavia’s oldest university. The gorgeous college town of Uppsala is yours to explore and experience with Business Studies and Scandinavian Language courses in English or Swedish.