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Organization and Lodge Records

Alphabetical Listing

Index to records of Swedish-American organizations and lodges available at the Swenson Center. Some of these materials are available on microfilm or as an archival collection.

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Alphabetical Index


409 Social Club (Washington, D.C.) records, 1940-1981
Bound volume of minutes from meetings for the time period 1940-1969, membership and address book, and a color photograph mounted in last vol. of minutes. The club was formed by folks who has attended the Augustana Lutheran Church (moved to New Hampshire) in Washington D.C.
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Adelphia College (Seattle, Wash.)
Three papers entitled "History of the Adelphia College," by Jean Anderson; "Reminiscence of Adelphia College, by Iwar S. Westerberg; and "Dr. Emanuel Schmidt, 1868-1921, by Hannah S. Anderson Class of 1915. The College was founded by Swedish Baptists in Seattle, Washington and was in operation between 1905-1908.
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American Bicentennial Swedish Group (Moline, Ill.), 1975-1976
Scrapbook covering the bicentennial event in Moline, Illinois. 
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American Daughters of Sweden (Chicago, Ill.), 1925-1970
History 1925; By Laws 1926; Minutes 1929-1965; Membership applications 1963-1969; Correspondence 1926; Treasures records 1964-1970; Financial records 1928-1970. 
Microfilm: CSC-1

American-Scandinavian Foundation (Midwest Office) records, 1965-1988
The American-Scandinavian Foundation correspondence 1969-1974 
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American-Swedish News Exchange, New York City, the Allan Kastrup Collection, 1920-1980
The collection spans from the early 1920s up to the late 1980s and includes a wide variety of materials which reflects ASNE's efforts in promoting in Sweden and Allan Kastrup's personal interest in Swedish Immigration to the United States. The most extensive material is the clipping collection which documents Swedish cultural, political and economical developments covered in the American press from the early 1920s to the mid 1960s. The collection also includes correspondence between Hedin and Kastrup, a variety of speeches given by Swedish officials in the United States incl. Prince Bertil's; annual reports of the agency; nearly 100 photos depicting the Swedish Pioneer Centennial in 1948; and information on Sweden's neutrality during WWII. 
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MSS P:308

American Union of Swedish Singers Midwest Division (Detroit, Mich.), 1901-1952
Minutes 1901-1952 
Microfilm: E-6254:1

Angantyr/Svenska Sjuk-och Begravingshjälp Föreningen (Dagus Mines, Penn.), 1896-1932
Constitution 1922-; Minutes 1896-1900; Membership Book 1922-1932. 
Microfilm: SC-166

Ansgar College, 1875-1884
Original charter of corporation and one ledger of minutes for the College Board of Trustees for the years 1875-1884, when the school was forced to close. 
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Aqua Niximus Chess Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1897-1966
Annual report 1908; Misc. correspondence 1897-1953; Member list 1966. 
Microfilm: CSC-3

Arpi Male Chorus (Detroit, Mich.), 1932-1948
Minutes 1932-1948. 
Microfilm: E-6254:3

Arpi Swedish Singing Club of Detroit (Detroit, Mich.), 1953-1954
Articles of Incorporation 1953; Constitution and By-Laws; Minutes 1953-1954; Misc. papers and correspondence. 
Microfilm: E-6254:5

Astrid Lodge No. 9 (Omaha, Nebr.) records, 1939-1953
Minutes from the Presidents' Noonday Club, i.e. luncheon meetings of on-time presidents of the Astrid Lodge (Ladies Vikings), financial records, printed matters, and photograph. 
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Automobile Lodge #934 (East Moline, Ill.) 1915-1939
Minutes 1919-1932, the correspondence, 1922-1933 contains letters to and from the Grand Lodge in Springfield, Ill. and correspondence with other lodges around the country; membership records include names, date of birth and place of residence and various certificates issued by the lodge; financial records 1916-1930. 
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Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.)
Photographs (circa 250) portraying Augustana Synod Churches, portraits on persons active within the church, and pictures of many of the churches
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Augustana Book Concern (Chicago, Ill.), 1870-1919
Minutes (Svenska Lutherska Tryckeriföreningen) 1870-1872; Yearly report 1917-1918; Catalogue 1873-1912. 
Microfilm: SC-165

Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod anniversary congratulatory letters and other materials, 1910-1948
Letter from the Minister of the State of Sweden, Svenska Fosterlandsstiftelsen on the occasion of the Augustana Synod's 50th anniversary, letters commemorating the 75th anniversary of the synod 
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Augustana Evangelical Synod, California Conference, 1893-1929
Conference minutes 1893-1929, Executive Council minutes 1894-1911. 
Microfilm: S-632

Augustana Home for the Aged (Brooklyn, New York), 1908-1955
Photographs of the residents and the facilities, financial records, printed pamphlets, and financial records of donations and expenses for the period 1912-1955 when John H. Benson was the general manager. 
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Augustana Kolonisationsförening (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1873-1917
Minutes 1913-; Printed Statutes; Annual Report 1915; Legal and Financial Reports 1916-1917; Financial Records 1873; Short History 1912. 
Microfilm: SA-38


Balder Lodge #393 (San Francisco, Cal), 1910-1958
Banquet & Ball program from 1910, 50 Golden Years 1908-1958, "14 Men with a Purpose," by Hugo Olsson. Note: The Mason minutes are confidential.
Microfilm: SA-107

Beavers Creek Milling Company (St. Peter, Minn.), 1879-1897
Minutes 1879-1897. 
Microfilm: SA-34

Bethany College (Lindsborg, Kans.), 1894-1896
Minutes from Geiger förbundet 1894-1895, and minutes from the Swenson debating Club, 1894-1896. 
Microfilm: SA-3

Bethesda Aid Society (Kane, Penn.), 1931-1942
Minutes 1931-1942. 
Microfilm: SC-168

Collection on Bishop Hill Colony (Bishop Hill, Ill.), 1856-1917
Collection consists of receipts for payment of debt assessments; naturalization papers of Jonas Stoneberg; samples of paper money for the Western Exchange Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Omaha; printed dissolution; quit claim deed; and 13 printed religious tracts issued by Svenska Bibliska traktatsällskapet, Bishop Hill, IL. 
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Centennial Association, Tri City Chapter (Anderson, Sigurd L.), 1946-1950
Secretaries records for the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Association, Tri City Area Chapter, on the occasion of the planning for Prince Bertil's visit in the U.S. in 1947 and the observance of the Swedish King's 90th birthday in 1948. Included are minutes, clippings, correspondence, itineraries, and programs. 
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MSS P:15

Chicago Swedish Christian Male Chorus (Chicago, Ill.), 1931-1948
Constitution; Incorporation Certificate 1946; Board Meetings 1948; Yearly reports 1934-1948; Membership list; Various correspondence, programs, itinerary for Sweden tour 1947; Cash Book 1931-1948.
Microfilm: CSC-4

Chisago Lutheran Church. Center City, MN, 1983
The Chisago Lutheran Church history 1983 "100th anniversary of the Chisago Lutheran Church. The building was completed the fall of 1883." 
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Club Dalarna/Chicago Dalaförbund (Chicago, Ill.), 1917-1958
Constitution 1917; Minutes 1917-1956; Membership Book 1917-1942; Applications for membership 1935-1958; Financial records 1917-1953. 
Microfilm: CSC-5

Emanuel Hospital of the Covenant Church of America (Turlock, Cal.) 1917-1971
The Emanuel Hospital records 1917-1942; 25th Anniversary 1917-1942; Historical sketch 1926; Historical article series from Turlock newspaper 1971; Minutes 1922-1932. 
Microfilm: SA-117


Dawn Society (San Francisco, Calif.), 1939-1948
Minutes 1939-1948; Information Sheets. 
Microfilm : SA-133

Detroit-Swedish Council, Inc. (Detroit, Mich.), 1963-1964
Minutes 1963-1964 
Microfilm: E-6254:7


Emanuel Hospital of the Covenant Church of America (Turlock, Cal.) 1917-1971
The Emanuel Hospital records 1917-1942; 25th Anniversary 1917-1942; Historical sketch 1926; Historical article series from Turlock newspaper 1971; Minutes 1922-1932. 
Microfilm: SA-117


Fairlawn Hospital (Worcester, Mass.), 1921-1971
Historical Sketch 1921-1971; Historical Sketch-By Laws 1921-1926; Fourth Annual Report 1926; Fifth Annual Report 1927; Sixth Annual Report 1928. 
Microfilm: SC-170

Falun Hotel (Falun, Kans.), 1911-1921
Hotel ledger for the years 1911-1921.
Microfilm: SA-17

Farmers State Bank of Lindsborg (Kans.)
Historical sketch 1866-1936, Board of Directors Minutes and records of reports 1910-1917. 
Microfilm: SA-15

First Evangelical Free Church (Rockford, Ill.), 1884-1935
Typewritten index to members between 1884-1935, translated minutes 1888-1935. 
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First Lutheran Church (Sherrard, Ill.), 1909-1980
Original minutes 1909-1975, membership records 1909-1980, and Ministerial acts 1909-1980 for the church Swedish Lutheran Church in Sherrard, Illinois. 

First Lutheran Church (Rock Island, Ill.), 1871-1882
Translation of the minutes from Swedish for 1871-1882 in conjunction with Church Centennial celebration in 1970, by Dr. Conrad Bergendoff. 
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First Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Church (Chicago, Ill.), 1871
A deed for the church property, signed by the trustees of the church. 

Fish Lake Lutheran Church (Harris, Minn.), 1982
History of the Church written by Holger O. Warner, June 23, 1982. 
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Föreningen Lekstugan (Vancouver, B.C.), 1917-1962
Minutes 1917-1935, Membership list 1932-1962, and Statues.
Microfilm: SA-143

Första Svenska Lantbrukskompaniet (Lindsborg, Kans.), 1868-1877
Protokollsbok för Första Svenska Lantbrukskompaniets Möten 1868-1877
Microfilm: SA-6


Geneva Lutheran Church (Geneva, Ill.),1853-1958
A history written in 1958 by the pastor of the church between 1946-1957, D. Werner Swanson. 
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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Bristol, Ct.), 1981
"The making of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (a consolidation of Bethesda and Lebanon congregations)." 
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Gösta Nyblom Publishing House, 1948
Drafts to mss. chapter to Gosta Nyblom ed. American of Swedish Descent (Rock Island, IL: 1948), and misc. correspondence. 
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Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minn.)
Book 1, Emeroy Johnson, translation: "The beginning of the Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota. Selected documents to the planning, and construction of the first building, now known as Old Main, and The First year of operation of the College." Translated from the Swedish. Book 2, Scrapbook, n.t. 1875-1881: Clippings, correspondence, other material (notes and drafts): "Förslag till studiekurs..." "Proposed course of studies..." etc. 
Microfilm: SA-36

Gustavus II Adolphus Society-Grad Kör (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1916-1920
Minutes 1916-1920. 
Microfilm: SC-181

Gustavus II Adolphus Society (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1886-1986
Golden Jubilee 1886-1936; Minutes 1886-1982; Secretary's Quarterly rep. 1895-1935; Membership Book 1886-1947. 
Microfilm: SC-180:1-5

Gustavus II Adolphus Society-Second and Third Degree (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Degree records 1896-1983; Minutes-Second Degree 1896-1952; Minutes-Third Degree 1908-1983. 
Microfilm: SC-182


Halland Klubben (Jamestown, New York), 1943-1953
Historical Sketch 1943-; Minutes 1943-1953. 
Microfilm: SC-178

Hälsingarna (Chicago, Ill.), 1926-1976
Minutes 1926-1969; Membership Book 1928-1956; Financial records 1957-1976. 
Microfilm: SC-197

Hillsboro College, 1837-1926
Photocopies of the charter papers for the College founded by Lutheran Synod of Illinois in 1849. 
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Hope Academy ( Moorhead, Minn.), 1890s
Photographs (7) portraying students and teacher from the Academy in the 1890s, and letterhead with notations. 
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Immanuel Deaconess Institute (Omaha, Nebr.), 1887-1962
Seventy-five Years 1887-1962; Constitution for Deaconess 1892; Immanuel Deaconess Ass:n 1891-1917; Hospital Society 1895-1919; Register Book - Deaconess 1891, 1907-1943; Dr. E.A. Fogelstrom-autobiography English translation by Sister Elfrida Sandberg 1957-1958; Alma A. Fogelstrom-autobiography 1896-1899; Children's Home, minutes 1910-1925; Scrapbook 1900-1902. 
Microfilm: SA-111:1

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Bancroft, Ia.), 1925
A history of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Swea City, Iowa, entitled "History of Swedish Lutheran Sion Congregation in Kossuth Co., Iowa." The papers was read at the congregation's 50th anniversary. 
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Immanuel Woman's Home Association" (Chicago, Ill.)
"The Immanuel Woman's Home Association" records 1907-1962. Constitution and By-Laws 1907; History 1907-1962; Minutes 1953-1960. 
Microfilm: SA-111:2

Independent Order Ladies of Vikings
Frigga Lodge #42 (Salt Lake City, Utah), 1927-1937
Minutes 1927-1937. 
Microfilm: SC-151

Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Odin Lodge #393 (San Francisco, Ca.), 1920-1969
Membership registration, incl. age and occupations 1920-1964, Financial records 1922-1969.
Microfilm: SA-131

Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Matherville # 997, Sherrard Lodges # 637, and Swedona # 637, 1877-1962

This collection includes scattered records from four different lodges, Matherville #997, Sherrard #637, Sherrard #532, and Swedona #637. The records from the Matherville Lodge #997, includes minutes, membership records and various account books. Included are also minutes from Swedona Lodge #637, 1877-1879 and minutes and cash books from the Sherrard Lodge #637, 1923-1950, and minutes from Sherrard #532, 1929-1948.
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Independent Order of Good Templars
Oscar II Lodge #217 (Los Angeles, Ca.), 1947-1968

Minutes, 1947-1958; Building committee, 1908-1916; study circle, 1931-1968. 
Microfilm: IOGT-12:1-2

Independent Order of Good Templars
Connecticut Good Templars Sick Benefit Association Inc., 1914-1965

Minutes 1914-1965, Membership records 1914- (on the same reel with IOGT 36, and 37. 
Microfilm: IOGT-39

Independent Order of Good Templars
Connecticut Grand Lodge of I.O.G.T. (Scandinavian), 1908-1958

Golden Anniversary booklet 1908-1958, Minutes 1908-1958. 
Microfilm: IOGT-37

Independent Order of Good Templars
Dristigheten Lodge #11 (Middletown, Ct.), 1923-1963

Minutes 1923-1963. 
Microfilm: IOGT-34

Independent Order of Good Templars
Eastern Scandinavian Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, 1897-1965

Motions, reports and minutes 1897-1965. 
Microfilm: IOGT-42

Independent Order of Good Templars
Enighet Lodge #3 (Oakland, Ca.), 1915-1938

Minutes 1916-1938, and Membership records 1910-1928. 
Microfilm: IOGT-11

Independent Order of Good Templars
Freja Lodge #17 (West Hartford, Ct.), 1889-1943

Minutes 1889-1943; Minutes from "syföreningen" 1902-1904; Membership records 1889-1926. 
Microfilm: IOGT-33:1-3

Independent Order of Good Templars
Grand Lodge of California,1924-1953

By-Laws 1924, and Minutes 1927-1953. 
Microfilm: IOGT-52

Independent Order of Good Templars
Grays Harbor Light #4 (Hoquiam, Wash.),1916-1919

Minutes 1916-1919. 
Microfilm: IOGT-19

Independent Order of Good Templars
Linnea Lodge #10 (Rockford, Ill.),1906-1916

Membership Registers 1906-1916. 
Microfilm: IOGT-41

Independent Order of Good Templars
Norden Lodge #37 (New Britain, Ct.),1896-1957

Minutes 1896-1952, Membership records 1896-1957. 
Microfilm: IOGT-50:1-3

Independent Order of Good Templars
North Star Lodge #48 (Bridgeport, Ct.), 1902-1953

Minutes 1902-1949, Book of Signatures 1902-1953, Membership records 1905-1915, and Golden Anniversary 1902-1952. 
Microfilm: IOGT-35:1-2

Independent Order of Good Templars
Scandinavian District #7 (Bay Area, Ca.), 1916-1953

Minutes, 1916-1953; Council minutes, 1924-1964; Financial records, 1924-1964. 
Microfilm: SA-135

Independent Order of Good Templars
Skandinavia Lodge #967 (Rockford, Ill.), 1900-1916

Minutes 1900-1916; Membership Register 1900-1912. 
Microfilm: IOGT-40

Independent Order of Good Templars
Svea Lodge #52 (Branford, Ct.), 1930-1945

Minutes 1930-1945. 
Microfilm: IOGT-38

Independent Order of Good Templars
The Connecticut Scandinavian District Lodge, 1923-1954

Minutes 1923-1954. 
Microfilm: IOGT-36

Independent Order of Good Templars
Vega Lodge #40 (Rockford, Ill.), 1900-1969

Festskrift 1900-1925; Minutes 1922-1969; Membership Book 1912-1914; Young People 1937-1938; Financial Records 1913-1927. 
Microfilm: CSC-46

Independent Order of Good Templars
Victoria Lodge #376 (Victoria, Ill.), 1870-1873

Minutes 1870-1873. 
Microfilm: IOGT-6

Independent Order of Good Templars
Viking Lodge #59 (San Francisco, Ca.), 1916-1938

Minutes 1916-1933, Membership records 1910-1928, Minutes from study circle meetings 1927-1938, Financial records 1913-1926. 
Microfilm: IOGT-10

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svithiod-Journal 1898-1984

Svithiod-Journal 1898-Dec1984 
Microfilm: SC-85

Independent Order of Svithiod
Andree Lodge #19 (Chicago, Ill.), 1902-1938

Minutes 1902-1938. 
Microfilm: CSC-26

Independent Order of Svithiod
Balder Lodge #12 (Chicago, Ill.), 1899-1905

Membership records 1899-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-55

Independent Order of Svithiod
Baner Lodge #48 (St. Paul, Minn.), 1914-1982

Minutes 1970-June1982; Membership Book 1914-1956. 
Microfilm: SC-77

Independent Order of Svithiod
Bernadotte Lodge #72 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1936-1976

Minutes 1936-1976. 
Microfilm: SC-73

Independent Order of Svithiod
Bjorn Lodge #7 (East Chicago, Ind.), 1894-1905

Membership Records 1894-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-57

Independent Order of Svithiod
Blenda Lodge #56 (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1942-1972

Minutes 1942-1972. 
Microfilm: SC-71

Independent Order of Svithiod
Brage Lodge #29 (Peoria, Ill.), 1906-1983

Minutes 1906-1983. 
Microfilm: SC-78

Independent Order of Svithiod
City of Lakes Lodge #38 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1976-1981

Minutes 1976-1981. 
Microfilm: SC-72

Independent Order of Svithiod
Corona Lodge #55 (Rockford, Ill.), 1917-1974

History Sketch 1917-1980; Minutes 1917-1974; Membership Book 1917-1927; Signature Book 1917-1925. 
Microfilm: SC-67

Independent Order of Svithiod
Englewood Lodge #39 (Chicago, Ill.), 1908-1971

By-Laws 1908-1958, Minutes 1937-1971. 
Microfilm: SC-62

Independent Order of Svithiod
Frej Lodge #16 (Moline, Ill.), 1912-1930

Minutes 1912-1930; Membership Book 1913-1927. 
Microfilm: SA-43

Independent Order of Svithiod
Frithiof Lodge #5 (Chicago, Ill.), 1911-1980

Minutes 1911-1978, Membership records 1891-1980. 
Microfilm: SC-59

Independent Order of Svithiod
Gotha Lodge #24 (Kansas City, Missouri), 1903-1905

Membership Records 1903-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-58

Independent Order of Svithiod
Gylfe Lodge #6 (South Chicago, Ill.),1893-1905

Membership records 1893-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-50

Independent Order of Svithiod
Harmony Lodge #49 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1916-1983

Minutes 1957-March1983; Membership Books 1916-1929, 1916-1944. 
Microfilm: SC-76

Independent Order of Svithiod
Hilding Lodge #19 (Chicago, Ill.), 1898-1905

Membership records 1898-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-53

Independent Order of Svithiod
Hilding Lodge #9 (Chicago, Ill.), 1928-1951

Minutes 1928-1951, Membership records 1899-1903. 
Microfilm: SC-53

Independent Order of Svithiod
Hilding Lodge #9 (Chicago, Ill.), 1928-1959

Minutes 1928-1951, Membership records 1899-1903, and Financial records 1898-1959. 
Microfilm: CSC-29

Independent Order of Svithiod
Irving Park Lodge #20 (Chicago, Ill.), 1902-1931

Minutes 1902-1931. 
Microfilm: CSC-30

Independent Order of Svithiod
John Ericsson Lodge #23 (Rockford, Ill.), 1903-1979

Minutes 1903-1979. 
Microfilm: SC-69

Independent Order of Svithiod
John Morton Lodge #74 (Chicago, Ill.), 1945-1972

Minutes 1945-1972. 
Microfilm: SC-64:2

Independent Order of Svithiod
John Morton Lodge #74 (Chicago, Ill.), 1945-1972

Minutes 1945-1972. 
Microfilm: SC-66

Independent Order of Svithiod
Liberty Lodge #62 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1948-1964

Minutes 1948-1964. 
Microfilm: SC-75

Independent Order of Svithiod
Linden Park Lodge #15 (Chicago, Ill.), 1900-1943

Minutes 1900-1943, Membership records 1900-1921, and Financial records 1921-1935. 
Microfilm: CSC-31

Independent Order of Svithiod
Manhem Lodge #2 (Chicago, Ill.), 1890-1925, 1929

Membership records 1890-1925, 1929 
Microfilm: CSC-32

Independent Order of Svithiod
Monitor Lodge #28 (Elburn, Ill.), 1905-

Membership Records 1905- 
Microfilm: SC-51

Independent Order of Svithiod
Neptun Lodge #68 (Detroit, Mich.), 1929-1956

Minutes 1929-1956; Membership Book 1929-1955; Account and Cash Books 1929-1955 (not filmed). 
Microfilm: CSC-33

Independent Order of Svithiod
Norde Lodge #25 (Kewanee, Ill.), 1903-1905

Membership Records 1903-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-56

Independent Order of Svithiod
Odin Lodge #10 (Joliet, Ill.)

Historical Sketch 1899- ; Minutes 1971-Jan1984. 
Microfilm: SC-83

Independent Order of Svithiod
Odin Lodge #10 (Joliet, Ill.), 1899-1905

Membership Books 1899-1902, 1899-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-65

Independent Order of Svithiod
Orion Lodge #64 (Chicago, Ill.), 1922-1951

Minutes 1922-1930; Register of Members 1922-1951 
Microfilm: CSC-34

Independent Order of Svithiod
Oscar II Lodge #38 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1915-1976

Minutes 1915-1976. 
Microfilm: SC-70

Independent Order of Svithiod
Ravenwood Lodge #47, 1913-1923

Minutes 1913-1923 
Microfilm: CSC-35

Independent Order of Svithiod
Rurik Lodge #69 (Brooklyn, NY), 1929-1963

Minutes 1929-1963; Membership Book 1929-1941. 
Microfilm: SC-81

Independent Order of Svithiod
Skandis Lodge #27 (Evanston, Ill.), 1904-1910

Minutes 1904-1910 
Microfilm: SC-82

Independent Order of Svithiod
St. Paul Lodge #35 (St. Paul, Minn.), 1907-1979

By-Laws 1944- ; Minutes 1953-1979; Membership 1907-1955. 
Microfilm: SC-79

Independent Order of Svithiod
Stockholm Lodge #13 (Chicago, Ill.), 1899-1905

Membership Records 1899-1905 
Microfilm: SC-52

Independent Order of Svithiod
Stockholm Lodge #13 (Chicago, Ill.), 1899-1905

Membership records 1899-1905. 
Microfilm: SC-52

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svea Lodge #14 (Chicago, Ill.), 1900-1974

Minutes 1900-1942; Membership Book 1903-1974 
Microfilm: SC-60

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svea Lodge #14 (Chicago, Ill.), 1900-1973

Minutes 1900-1942, Membership records 1903-1974. 
Microfilm: SC-60

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svenska Bröder och Systrar #40 (Spokane, Wash.), 1930-1980

Minutes 1930-1980. 
Microfilm: SC-84

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svenska Bröderna #40 (Spokane, Wash.), 1916-1953

Minutes 1916-1953; Membership 1922-; Applications 1916-; Financial Records 1907-1940; Constitution and Membership 1909-. 
Microfilm: SA-152

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svithiod Grand Lodge (Chicago, Ill.), 1945-1972

Convention Minutes 1893-1952, Executive Board of Directors 1904-1953, Grand Lodge Trustees 1910-1918, Membership Registers 1881-1905, Death Registers 1899-1978. 
Microfilm: SC-80:1-7

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svithiod Grand Lodge (Chicago, Ill.), 1893-1978

Convention-Minutes 1893-1952; Executive Board of Directors 1904-1953; Grand Lodge Trustees 1910-1918; Membership Register 1881-1905; Death Registers 1899-1978 
Microfilm: SC-80

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svithiod Grand Lodge (Chicago, Ill.), 1880-1956

Membership Registers 1880-1915, 1915-1925, 1926-1946, 1936-1956 
Microfilm: CSC-24

Independent Order of Svithiod
Svithiod Lodge #1 (Chicago, Ill.), 1880-1930

History 1880-1940; Minutes 1881-1937; Membership Book 1883-1914; Members admitted 1919-1930; Financial ledgers 1180-1945; Correspondence 1882-1887 
Microfilm: CSC-25

Independent Order of Svithiod
Thor Lodge #11 (Chicago Heights, Ill.), 1899-1905

Membership Records 1899-1905 
Microfilm: SC-54

Independent Order of Svithiod
Thule Lodge #30 (Chicago, Ill.), 1918-1953

Minutes 1918-1947; Membership Book 1906-1944; Financial Records 1949-1953 (1 vol. not filmed) 
Microfilm: SC-61

Independent Order of Svithiod
Unity Lodge #44 (Chicago, Ill.), 1911-1966

Minutes 1911-1966; Membership Book 1911-1927 
Microfilm: CSC-38

Independent Order of Svithiod
Vasa Lodge #17 (Galesburg, Ill.), 1901-1940

Minutes 1901-1961; Membership Books 1901-1905, 1901-1930, 1901-1940. 
Microfilm: SC-68

Independent Order of Svithiod
Verdandi Lodge #3 (Chicago, Ill.), 1908-1971

Minutes 1890-1981 (not complete), Trustee minutes 1912-1950, Membership records 1890-1927. 
Microfilm: SC-63

Independent Order of Svithiod
Verdandi Lodge #3 (Chicago, Ill.), 1890-1981

Minutes 1890-1981; Trustee minutes 1912-1950; Membership Books 1890-1903, 1890-1927, 1890-1898 
Microfilm: SC-63

Independent Order of Svithiod
Vestkusten Lodge #41 of I.O.S. (Seattle, Wash.), 1934-1952

Minutes 1934-1952. 
Microfilm: SA-42

Independent Order of Svithiod
Ymer Lodge #33 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1939-1979

Minutes 1939-1979; Membership Book 1906-1950. 
Microfilm: SC-74

Independent Order of Vikings
Vikingen-Viking Journal 1899-1984

Vikingen-Official Publication of the Independent Order of Vikings 1899-1984. 
Microfilm: SC-150

Independent Order of Vikings
Andree Lodge #100 (Los Angeles, Ca.), 1930-1978

Minutes 1930-1942, and Membership records 1930-1978. 
Microfilm: SC-106, SA-119

Independent Order of Vikings
Baltic Lodge #56 (Rockford, Ill.), 1925-1983

Minutes 1925-July1983. 
Microfilm: SC-118

Independent Order of Vikings
Baltic Star Lodge #112 (Rockford, Ill.), 1936-1980

History at 45 1936-1982; Minutes 1936-1980. 
Microfilm: SC-116

Independent Order of Vikings
Birka Lodge #82 (Worcester, Mass.), 1928-1965

Minutes 1928-1965; Membership Book 1944-1953. 
Microfilm: SC-124

Independent Order of Vikings
Bojan Lodge #108 (Arlington, NJ), 1946-1983

Minutes 1946-Nov1983. 
Microfilm: SC-141

Independent Order of Vikings
Brage Lodge #2 (Chicago, Ill.), 1892-1942

History 1892-1942, Financial records 1893-1899. 
Microfilm: SC-104

Independent Order of Vikings
Brovalla Lodge #84 (Hartford, Ct.), 1928-1969

Membership records 1928-1969. 
Microfilm: SC-129

Independent Order of Vikings
Clara Lodge #118 (Moline, Ill.), 1947-1978

Minutes 1947-1978. 
Microfilm: SC-156

Independent Order of Vikings
Diana Lodge #114 (Jamestown, New York), 1948-1969

Minutes 1948-1969; 1969-1984 not filmed 
Microfilm: SC-136

Independent Order of Vikings
Drake Lodge #3 (Chicago, Ill.), 1965-1981

Minutes 1965-1981. 
Microfilm: SC-131

Independent Order of Vikings
Edmund Lodge #91 (Woburn, Mass.), 1970-1980

Minutes 1970-1980. 
Microfilm: SC-122

Independent Order of Vikings
Einar Lodge #102 (Arlington, Mass.)

Minutes 1940-1949, 1961-1968. 
Microfilm: SC-123

Independent Order of Vikings
Eken Lodge #90 (Clifton, NJ), 1929-

Memberlist 1929-. 
Microfilm: SC-138

Independent Order of Vikings
Ellida Lodge #25 (Rockford, Ill.), 1906-1980

Minutes 1906-1980; Membership Book 1906-1952. 
Microfilm: SC-110

Independent Order of Vikings
Freja Lodge #104 (Worcester, Mass.), 1946-1948

Minutes 1946-1948. 
Microfilm: SC-125

Independent Order of Vikings
Frigg Lodge #69 (Denver, Co.), 1927-1961

Minutes 1927-1961, By-Laws 1928. 
Microfilm: SC-152

Independent Order of Vikings
Fylket Skandia #68 (Portland, Oregon),1922-1930

Constitution of Logen Scandia #7 Foresters of America,1922; Minutes 1927-1930; Records of Dues Paid (Membership) 1927-1930. 
Microfilm: SA-141

Independent Order of Vikings
Gotha Lodge #14 (Chicago, Ill.), 1916-1971

Minutes 1916-1971. 
Microfilm: SC-64

Independent Order of Vikings
Gripsholm Lodge #83 (Lynn, Mass.), 1928-1983

Minutes 1928-1973; Membership List 1983- 
Microfilm: SC-121

Independent Order of Vikings
Harald Lodge #13 (Chicago, Ill.), 1921-1979

Minutes 1921-1960, and 1977-1979. 
Microfilm: SC-146

Independent Order of Vikings
Heimdal Lodge #52 (Elgin, Ill.),1973-1979

Minutes 1973-1979 
Microfilm: SC-132

Independent Order of Vikings
Hilding Lodge #16 (Aurora, Ill.), 1907-1951

Minutes 1907-1951, Membership records 1903-1911. 
Microfilm: SC-108

Independent Order of Vikings
Hjalmar Lodge #23 (Evanston, Ill.), 1931-1983

Minutes 1931-1974; Membership Books 1906-1931, 1965-1983 
Microfilm: SC-109

Independent Order of Vikings
Idun Lodge #58 (Grand Rapids, Mich.),1919-

Minutes 1919-June1983; Member-Officers 1983-. 
Microfilm: SC-117

Independent Order of Vikings
Ingjald Lodge #65 (Jamestown, New York), 1925-1980

Minutes 1925-1980. 
Microfilm: SC-135

Independent Order of Vikings
Ingmar Lodge #70 (Benton Harbor, Mich.), 1950-1961

Minutes 1950-1961. 
Microfilm: SC-126

Independent Order of Vikings
John Ericson Lodge #51 (South Bend, Ind.), 1921-1983

Minutes 1921-1983; Membership List 1958-. 
Microfilm: SC-120

Independent Order of Vikings
Kedjan Lodge #94 (Montclair, NJ), 1929-1971

Minutes 1929-1971. 
Microfilm: SC-142

Independent Order of Vikings
Lindy Lodge #73 (Rockford, Ill.), 1927-1941

Minutes 1927-1941. 
Microfilm: SC-130

Independent Order of Vikings
Linne Lodge #57 (Muskegon, Mich.),1919-1978

Minutes 1919-1978; Minutes Trustee 1930-1940. 
Microfilm: SC-111

Independent Order of Vikings
Linnea Lodge #116 (Omaha, Nebr.), 1941-1984

Minutes 1952-May1984; Membership 1941-1983. 
Microfilm: SC-158

Independent Order of Vikings
Lodbrok Lodge #47 (Lake Forest, Ill.), 1920-1979

Minutes 1920-1979; Membership (Dues book) 1916-1922. 
Microfilm: SC-112

Independent Order of Vikings
Manhem Lodge #37 (Highland Park, Ill.), 1911-1984

Minutes 1911-1984. 
Microfilm: SC-144

Independent Order of Vikings
Mimer Lodge #33 (Geneva, Ill.), 1909-1923

Treasure Book 1909-1923. 
Microfilm: SC-115

Independent Order of Vikings
Neptun Lodge #35 (St. Charles, Ill.), 1943-1978

Minutes 1943-1978. 
Microfilm: SC-100

Independent Order of Vikings
Nornan Lodge #38 (Lincoln, Nebr.), 1959-1972

Minutes 1959-1972. 
Microfilm: SC-157

Independent Order of Vikings
Odin Lodge #8 (Chicago, Ill.), 1900-1960

Minutes 1954-1960, Minutes Degree Team 1935-1946, Membership 1900-1952, Scrap Book (Odin Juniors) 1943-1944 
Microfilm: SC-147

Independent Order of Vikings
Orvar Odd Lodge #24 (Omaha, Nebr.), 1905-1979

Minutes 1905-1979; Membership 1905-1940. 
Microfilm: SA-45

Independent Order of Vikings
Ring Lodge #18 (Batavia, Ill.), 1904-1969

Minutes 1904-1969. 
Microfilm: SC-114:1-2

Independent Order of Vikings
Sigurd Lodge #30 (Kenosha, Wisc.), 1950-1978

Minutes 1950-1978 
Microfilm: SC-101

Independent Order of Vikings
Sjökung (Seaking) Lodge #62 (Cleveland, Ohio), 1949-1978

Minutes 1948-1978. 
Microfilm: SC-133

Independent Order of Vikings
Skandia Lodge #68 (Portland, Oregon), 1967-1984

Minutes 1967-June1984, minutes from Apr 1981 through Apr 1983 are missing, Minutes 1933-1966. 
Microfilm: SC-153

Independent Order of Vikings
Skold Lodge #98 (Seattle, Wash.), 1972-1984

Minutes 1972-Aug1984. 
Microfilm: SC-154

Independent Order of Vikings
Sleipner Lodge #96 (Bergenfield, NJ), 1930-1983

Minutes 1930-1983. 
Microfilm: SC-139

Independent Order of Vikings
Sonja Lodge #115 (Oakland, Nebr.), 1941-Apr. 1983

Minutes 1941-Apr. 1983; Membership 1941-1980; Officers Roll 1954-. 
Microfilm: SC-149

Independent Order of Vikings
Starke Lodge #42 (Oakland, Nebr.), 1912-1984

Minutes 1912-July1984; Membership 1912-1981. 
Microfilm: SC-148

Independent Order of Vikings
Stenkil Lodge #92 (Braintree, Mass.), 1929-1979

History 1929-1979; Minutes 1929-1970; Viking Central Committee of Massachusetts-Financial Records 1937-1969. 
Microfilm: SC-127

Independent Order of Vikings
Styrbjorn Lodge #46 (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1955-1970

Minutes 1955-1970. 
Microfilm: SC-107

Independent Order of Vikings
Tegner Lodge #59 (Detroit, Mich.), 1937-1950

Minutes 1937-1950; Membership List. 
Microfilm: SC-119

Independent Order of Vikings
Thor Lodge #9 (Moline, Ill.), 1901-1982

Minutes 1901-1982. 
Microfilm: SA-44

Independent Order of Vikings
Thorbjorn Lodge #40 (Berwyn, Ill.), 1912-1979

Minutes 1912-1979. 
Microfilm: SC-102:1-2

Independent Order of Vikings
Thorvalla Lodge #95 (Caldwell, NJ), 1929-1983

Minutes 1929-Oct1983 
Microfilm: SC-140

Independent Order of Vikings
Thule Lodge #72 (Buffalo, New York), 1927-1983

Historical Highlights -1940; Minutes 1927-1977; List of Officers 1931-1983. 
Microfilm: SC-137

Independent Order of Vikings
Thyrfing Lodge #34 (Crystal Lake, Ill.), 1970-1980

Minutes 1970-1980 
Microfilm: SC-103

Independent Order of Vikings
Tingvalla Lodge #71 (Brooklyn, NY), 1927-1940

Membership List 1927-1940. 
Microfilm: SC-105

Independent Order of Vikings
Torgny Lodge #61 (Salt Lake City, Utah), 1927-1972

Minutes 1927-1972. 
Microfilm: SC-155

Independent Order of Vikings
Trotsig Lodge #99 (Summit, NJ), 1930-1955

By-Laws 1930-; Minutes 1937-1955; Membership 1930-. 
Microfilm: SC-134

Independent Order of Vikings
Valkyria Lodge #106 (Montclair, NJ), 1934-1953

Minutes 1934-1953 
Microfilm: SC-143

Independent Order of Vikings
Vidar Lodge #81 (Brockton, Mass.), 1928-1950

Minutes 1928-1950. 
Microfilm: SC-128

Independent Order of Vikings
Vikingarna Lodge #1 (Chicago, Ill.), 1890-1972

Charter 1896, Minutes 1890-1972, Ceremony Club-minutes 1908-1913, Membership records 1890-1892, Membership Address Book 1890-1923. 
Microfilm: SC-113:1-5

Independent Order of Vikings
Vikingarne Lodge #1 (Chicago, Ill.), 1890-1972

Charter 1896; Minutes 1890-1972; Ceremony Club 1908-1913; Membership Books 1890-1891, 1890-, 1891-1892; Membership Address Book 1890-1923 
Microfilm: SC-113

Independent Scandinavian Workingmen's Association of America
Scandinavian American Fraternity, Union Lodge #82, 1901-1958

The material includes minutes between 1901-1954; list of officers and committee members, 1915-1945, membership and address book 1901-1949, treasurers receipt book, 1957-1958; insurance beneficiary book (original at Minnesota Historical Society), n.d.; ritual books, 1932; and songcards, n.d. 
Finding Aid

International Order of Good Templars
Bright Star Temple (Jamestown, New York),1924-1939

Minutes 1924-1939. 
Microfilm: IOGT-49

International Order of Good Templars
Kämpen Lodge #15 (Worcester, Mass.), 1906-1975

Minutes 1906-1925, 1925-1958, 1958-1975; Membership Books 1906-1919, 1920-1929, 1928-1952. 
Microfilm: IOGT-25

International Order of Good Templars
Arbetet #36 (Seattle, Wash.), 1916-1919

Minutes 1918-1919; Roll Book 1918-1919; Financial 1916-1919; Dues Book 1918-1919; Treasurers 1916-1919. 
Microfilm: IOGT-14

International Order of Good Templars
Eastern Grand Lodge, I.O.G.T. (Mass.), 1941-1952

Minutes-Executive Board 1941-1952. 
Microfilm: IOGT-31

International Order of Good Templars
Enterprise Lodge #2, Junior Lodge (Greenwood, RI), 1934-

Minutes 1934-1937; Membership Book 1934-. 
Microfilm: IOGT-29

International Order of Good Templars
Excelsior Study Circle (Worcester, Mass.), 1919-1924

Minutes 1919-1924. 
Microfilm: IOGT-27

International Order of Good Templars
Förgät-Mig-Ej Lodge #89 (Dagus Mines, Penn.), 1909-1932

Minutes 1909-1932; Membership Book 1909-1928. 
Microfilm: IOGT-24

International Order of Good Templars
Forget-Me-Not Lodge #108 (Youngstown, Ohio), 1911-1960

History 1911-1936; Minutes 1911-1950; Membership 1911-1960. 
Microfilm: IOGT-51

International Order of Good Templars
Forget-Me-Not Lodge #2, Children's Lodge (Waltham, Mass.), 1915-1917

Minutes 1915-1917. 
Microfilm: IOGT-30

International Order of Good Templars
Fridhem Lodge #16 (Moline, Ill.), 1904-1954

History 1904-1954; Minutes 1904-1954. 
Microfilm: IOGT-7

International Order of Good Templars
Hoppets Ankare #22 (High Point, Wash.), 1910-1912

Minutes 1910-1912. 
Microfilm: IOGT-15

International Order of Good Templars
I.O.G.T. Building Association, Inc. (Jamestown, New York),1933-1965.

Minutes-Board of Directors 1933-1965. 
Microfilm: IOGT-48

International Order of Good Templars
Kung Ring Lodge #8 (Dagus Mines, Penn), 1904-1934

Minutes 1904-1934. 
Microfilm: IOGT-23

International Order of Good Templars
Lodge #5 Frihet of I.O.G.T., 1908-1946

History sketch 1908-1946; Monthly meetings 1933-1945; Membership book 1908-1928. 
Microfilm: IOGT-8

International Order of Good Templars
Monitor Lodge #8 (Manchester, NH), 1897-1970

Minutes 1953-1970; Membership Book 1892-. 
Microfilm: IOGT-28

International Order of Good Templars
Morgonstjärnan Lodge #16 (Worcester, Mass.), 1911-1949

Minutes 1911-1949. 
Microfilm: IOGT-26

International Order of Good Templars
Morning Star Lodge #2 (Dagus Mines, Penn.), 1916-1935

Minutes 1916-1935. 
Microfilm: IOGT-22

International Order of Good Templars
Norden Lodge #22 (Cleveland, Ohio), 1916-1982

Minutes 1916-1982. 
Microfilm: IOGT-32

International Order of Good Templars
Nordstjärnan #2 (Seattle, Wash.), 1903-1966

Minutes 1907-1938; Roll Book 1907-1949; Financial Record 1903-1966; Sick Benefit Society 1903-1962; Summer Home Ass:n 1926-. 
Microfilm: IOGT-13

International Order of Good Templars
North Star Lodge #107 (Braddock, Penn.), 1900-1931

Minutes 1900-1916, 1918-1931. 
Microfilm: IOGT-5

International Order of Good Templars
North Star Lodge #2 (Seattle, Wash.), 1930-1972

Minutes 1930-1972; Summer Home Ass:n 1950-1962. 
Microfilm: IOGT-43

International Order of Good Templars
Pennsylvania Scandinavian District Lodge #2, 1913-1953.

Minutes 1913-1953. 
Microfilm: IOGT-2

International Order of Good Templars
Pennsylvania Scandinavian Grand Lodge, 1883-1968.

Jubileumsskrift 1912-1932; Minutes 1912-1928; Membership Book 1883-1968. 
Microfilm: IOGT-1

International Order of Good Templars
Pioneer Lodge #42 (Tacoma, Wash.), 1934-1936

Minutes 1934-1936 
Microfilm: IOGT-44

International Order of Good Templars
Scandia Lodge #22 (Jamestown, New York), 1911-1917

Minutes 1911-1917. 
Microfilm: IOGT-4

International Order of Good Templars
Skandia Lodge #19 (Jamestown, New York), 1922-1954

Minutes 1922-1954; Skandia Study Circle 1930-1936. 
Microfilm: IOGT-3

International Order of Good Templars
Svithiod Lodge #26 (Portland, Oregon), 1915-1917

Minutes 1915-1917. 
Microfilm: IOGT-17

International Order of Good Templars
Tahoma Lodge #43 (Tacoma, Wash.), 1936-1970

Minutes 1936-1970. 
Microfilm: IOGT-45

International Order of Good Templars
Thor Lodge #2 (Preston, Wash.), 1907-1908

Minutes 1907-1908. 
Microfilm: IOGT-16

International Order of Good Templars
Toby Frid #11 (Toby, Penn.), 1896-1974

Minutes 1908-1974; Membership Book 1896-1928. 
Microfilm: IOGT-21

International Order of Good Templars
Western Scandinavian Grand Lodge (Seattle, Wash.), 1932-1939

Minutes 1932-1939. 
Microfilm: IOGT-47

International Order of Good Templars
Western Scandinavian Grand Lodge (Seattle, Wash.), 1900-1932

Minutes 1921-1932; Local Lodges Record Book, Statistics and Financial 1909-1919. 
Microfilm: IOGT-18

International Order of Vikings
Logen Agne #101 (Brooklyn, NY), 1931-1948

Minutes 1931-1948 
Microfilm: SA-46


Jenny Lind Chapel Committee (Andover, Ill.), 1855-1992

Correspondence re. financial matters, programs, general history of Andover and the Chapel, copies of charter members, and misc. clippings and photographs. 
Finding Aid

John Ericsson Republican League of Illinois records, 1934-1962

League records, including a handwritten greeting from King V of Sweden 1912 addressed to "Swedish American of Chicago" January 4, 1912 
Finding Aid


Knights of Odin (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1908-1918

Minutes 1908-1918. 
Microfilm: SC-191


Ladies' Society Ingeborg (Chicago, Ill.),1898-1927

Membership list 1898-1927. 
Microfilm: CSC-6

Lake View Lutheran Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1948

A history of the church entitled " 1848 Lake View Lutheran Church Centennial 1948. The Norwegian-Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chicago." 
Finding Aid

Land Company (Lindsborg, Kans.) Lindh, J.O. 1870-1874

Minutes from meetings held by the Company in Lindsborg, Kansas, incl. details on land purchases, auctions, etc. Lindh was the secretary of the Company 
Microfilm: SA-7

League of Swedish Societies (Portland, Oregon),1928-1931

Souvenir Program 1928; Souvenir Annual 1929; Minutes 1929-1931. 
Microfilm: SA-138

Lindsborg Aid Association (Lindsborg, Kans.),1906-1966

Constitution 1906, 60th Anniversary 1906-1966, and minutes from Board-Meetings 1906-1966. 
Microfilm: SA-16

Literary Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1894-1903

Constitution and By-Laws also list of charter members 1894; Minutes- attendance list and financial records 1894-1898; Minutes 1898-1903. 
Microfilm: CSC-7

Luther Junior College and Academy (Wahoo, Neb.) records, 1903-1961

Typewritten manuscript entitled "Luther Junior College and Academy," photographs, printed matters, and a poster. 
Finding Aid

Luther Academy (Wahoo, Neb.) records, 1883-1950

The collections contains minutes from the board of directors meetings 1883-1912; minutes from the executive committee 1899-1922, and the articles of incorporation, minutes from the Nebraska conference meetings 1891-1899, letters to the conference presidents concerning the financial aspects of the school and pastoral reports. Included are also records from the two literary student organizations Norden and Wartburg Society, along with some correspondence from President O.J. Johnson, newspaper clippings, and various papers and manuscripts from the early years of Luther Academy. 
Finding Aid

Lutheran Hospital (Moline, Ill.) records, 1915-1979

Financial accounts audits; resolutions of Board of Directors; Minutes of annual business meetings questionnaire responses; printed congress (1929); written history of the Phoebe Circle (1922-1929), a women's hospital support group. 
Finding Aid

Lutheran School of Theology (Chicago, Ill.), 1982

"A Guide to the Archives of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and its Predecessor Bodies."

Lyran Singing Society (Rockford, Ill.), 1899-1933

Minutes 1899-1933. 
Microfilm: CSC-40


Manufacturers Lodge # 485, Moline Illinois and Coal Valley#304, 1872-1937

The collection includes minutes from meetings 1872 - 1937, and membership records include biographical data of the members, such as date of birth and residential addresses. The collection also includes various member certificates, sick reports, and burial information. 
Finding Aid

Masons Traver Lodge #294 (Kingsburg, Ca.), 1889-1939

Golden Jubilee Book, membership lists 1889-1939. 
Microfilm: SA-118

Mechanics Universal Joint Division of Borg-Warner (Rockford, Ill.), 1890-1950

History of Mechanics Universal Joint Division of Borg-Warner 1890-1950. 

Memorial Ev. Lutheran Church (Nevada, Iowa)

"Constitution and by-laws, Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church, Nevada, Iowa."


National Grand Lodge of the United States (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1939-1984

Monthly publication of the National Good Templars, in English
Microfilm: IOGT-53

National Order Werandi Western #23, 1911-1913

Minutes 1911-1913. 
Microfilm: SA-116

New Sweden Colony (New Sweden, Maine), 1870-1874

Record book of immigrants arriving at New Sweden between July 23, 1870 and February 28, 1874. 
Information included is: names, ages, occupations, where from, date of arrival, no. of lot, township, remarks 
Microfilm: SA-105

New Sweden Colony (New Sweden, Maine), 1922-1970

Till Minne av New Sweden, Maine, Program kommittens protokollbok vid årsfesterna, Minutes 1922-1970 (in Swedish up July 21, 1936), copies of correspondence dated 1920 with clippings and printed programs. 
Microfilm: SA-106

Norden Club (Jamestown, New York), 1911-1975

Constitution 1915-; Minutes 1911-1975. 
Microfilm: SC-176

Norden Realty Company (Jamestown, New York), 1913-1916

Minutes 1913-1916. 
Microfilm: SC-177

Nordens Bröder Sjukhjälpsförening (Muskegon, Mich.), 1893-1925

Ritual 1894-; Minutes 1895-1925; Membership Book 1893-1924. 
Microfilm: SC-164:1-2

Nordestjernan Singing Society (Chicago, Ill.), 1880-1942

History 1880-1926; Minutes 1886-1942. 
Microfilm: CSC-9

Nordstjernan Society (Chicago, Ill.), 1879-1904

History Sketch 1879-1904; Membershiplist 1879-1904. 
Microfilm: CSC-21

Norrlands Klubben (San Francisco, Calif.), 1933-1978

Chairman (f.d ordförande) list 1934-1978;membership book (w/birthplaces) 1933-1950. 
Microfilm: SA-113

Norrlänningarna (Chicago, Ill.), 1935-1942

Minutes 1935-1963; Membership List 1935-1963; Historical Clippings 1935-1943; Financial records 1935-1955. 
Microfilm: CSC-10

Northwest Swedish Townsite Co. (Page City, Kans.), 1881-1891

Financial records 1888-1891. 
Microfilm: SA-8

Nykterhetskämpen (Sister Bay, Wisc.), 1884-1897

Constitution 1884-; Minutes 1884-1897. 
Microfilm: IOGT-20

Nytta, Nöje och Enighet (Kansas City, Miss.), 1876-1971

Short History 1876-1903; By Laws 1907, 1933; Rituals 1912; Rules-Changes and Supplements 1939; Minutes 1935-1948; Membership Book 1890-1936; Membershiplist 1966-1971. 
Microfilm: SC-184

Nytta och Nöje club (Rock Island, Ill.) records, 1900-1984

Minutes 1900-1975, History for the years 1900-1945 written and translated by Conrad Bergendoff, a portrait of the members from circa 1905, and other misc. material.
Finding Aid


Olympic Gymnastic Club at Upsala College (Kenilworth New Jersey), 1913-1915

The Olympic Gymnastic Club at Upsala College records 1913-1915; Constitution 1913-; Minutes 1913-1915.
Microfilm: SC-175

Oscar Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church (Holmes City, Minn.), 1949

Original certificate of incorporation for the church signed by Chairman Emil O. Valberg and Carl C. Dahlstrom January 5, 1949 in Oscar Lake, Holmes City Township, Douglas Co., Minnesota.
Finding Aid


Rebekah Lodges (# 734 Reynolds, #365 Silvis, #256 Moline, #445 East Moline, Moline), 1906-1971

This collection consists of scattered records from three different Rebekah Lodges in Western Illinois. The material from Rebekah #734 includes a listing of the charter members and minutes 1923-1926, minutes including financial reports, elections of officers and delegates and details on various lodge activities. The Rebekah Lodge #365 Silvis, Illinois includes the Treasurer's Book 1958-1959. The records from the Myrtle Rebekah Lodge #256, Moline, Illinois include a Black Book 1906-1907, the Constitution and By-Laws. The records from Rebekah Lodge #445, East Moline, Illinois include extensive and detailed minutes for the period 1913-1971. 
Finding Aid

Rebekah Lodge (Rock Island, Ill.), 1874-1979

Minutes from meetings held by the lodge 1887 - 1968, correspondence relating to issues within the Rebekah State Assembly and lodge procedures, financial records 1933-1964, the membership records 1880s- include biographical information such as age, occupations, and current addresses, and historical documents. 
Finding Aid

Rockford Drop Forge Co. (Rockford, Ill.), 1911-1961

50th Anniversary 1911-1961. 
Microfilm: CSC-51

Rockford Standard Furniture Company (Rockford, Ill.), 1887-1940

Minutes, Board of Directors and Stockholders meetings 1887-1940. 
Microfilm: CSC-52

Rockfords Olandsförening (Rockford, Ill.), 1929-1975

Minutes from meetings 1929-1934, 1941-1950, and 1960-1975. Please see also Ölandsföreningen I/O:49
Microfilm: CSC-41

Ryssby Church (Ryssby, Colo.), 1976

A history of the church which was organized by Swedish immigrants from Ryssby parish, Kalmar län who began settling in Boulder County in 1869. The history was written by David P. Nelson, a member of the Lutheran church in Longmont, CO. 
Finding Aid


Salem Lutheran Church (St. Edwards, Neb.), 1934-1937

Notes and statistics prepared by Rev. Oscar F. Bohman for church yearbook or related publication. B. was the pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in St. Edward, Ne. 1932-1937. 
Finding Aid

Scandia Athletic Club (Hartford, Conn.), 1925-1955

Minutes 1931-1939; Resume of Activities 1933-1955; Financial Records 1925-1927; Scrapbook 1923-1948. 
Microfilm: SC-193

Scandia Gymnastic & Athletic Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1910-1914

Minutes 1910-1914. 
Microfilm: CSC-11

Scandinavian Western Grand Lodge, 1918-1919

Minutes and logbook of local lodges in California. 
Microfilm: IOGT-18

Scandinavian Club/Society of San Diego (Calif.), 1904-1919

Minutes 1904-1919. 
Microfilm: SA-121

Scandinavian Fraternity of Aberdeen, #33 Aberdeen, Washington, 1917-1930

Minutes 1919-1930; Cash Book (membership List) 1917-1930. 
Microfilm: SA-146

Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Seattle, Washington, 1917-1958

District Booklet 1958; Minutes 1917-1948; Financial Records 1949-1952. 
Microfilm: SA-148

Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Attleboro Lodge #149 (Attleboro, Mass.), 1913-1968

History 1913-; Minutes 1939-1968; Membership 1913-. 
Microfilm: SC-210

Silvis IOOF Lodge #18 (formerly #424), Records, 1865- 1945

Minutes from meetings, 1913-1949, and they contain detailed information about the activities sponsored by the lodge and its finances. There is also a separate treasurer's book and fiscal reports. The membership records, 1913-1954 contains names, dates of birth, and addresses of members. 
Finding Aid

Svea Mutual Insurance Company, Orion, Illinois, 1860-1970

Insurance policy registers, cashbooks, and minutes from annual meetings from the 1860s to the 1970s. 
The policy registers provides the names and addresses of the policy owner and the specific items included in the policy. The minutes from the annual meetings reveal details on claims and gives good insight to the development of the company. 
Finding Aid

SWEA (Swedish Women's Educational Association) International records, 1979-2004

The Swedish Women's Educational Association is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live and have lived outside Sweden. Swea was founded in Los Angeles in 1979 by Agneta Nilsson. The mission of the organization is to promote Swedish culture, the use of the Swedish language, to facilitate personal and professional contacts and to establish networks for its members across the world. In 2003, SWEA had approximately 8000 members in 76 local chapters in 34 countries. The collection consists of minutes from meetings held by the International and local chapters, financial statements, newsletters, correspondence, and papers relating to SWEA collected by the founder Agneta Nilsson. 
Finding Aid

Swedish Olive Lodge, Moline (Ill.), #583, 1875-1987

The collection contains extensive membership information, correspondence, detailed minutes from meetings, insurance and benefit documents, annual reports and financial reports. 
Finding Aid

Svenska Kulturförbundet/ The Swedish Cultural Society of America, 1962-2002

The material includes minutes from the organization for the years 1962-1970, Membership listings, addresses and mailing lists, correspondence, information about trips and tours arranged by the society, and financial records 1950-2002. The early years of the Society are not well represented in this collection and it is not known if they exist today. 
Finding Aid

Svenska Kulturförbundet, Kulturarvet, 1985-1988

The papers include letters to the editor, final copies of the newsletters, a membership list, minutes from council meeting 1985-1988 and other misc. material pertaining to the production of the newsletter. Kulturarvet was the official national newsletter for Svenska Kulturförbundet/Swedish Cultural Society in America. 
Finding Aid


Trinity Lutheran Church (Tipton, Iowa), 1855-1930s

Typescript history of the congregation up to late 1930s by Rev. Max B. Pinkest for Tipton Celebration Souvenir pamphlet. 


Upsala College (East Orange, N.J.) records, 1893-1995

The records covers much of the life and scope of the College from its founding in 1893 to the closing in 1995 Included are the papers of the Presidents, the records from the Dean's offices, the minutes of the Board of Directors, the comptroller, and other administrative offices The collection also contain faculty publications, records of student organizations such as the Swedish literary society Samfundet De Nio, and photographs depicting early campus life Student transcripts are available at Felician College and course catalogs at the Orange Public Library 
Finding Aid


Vasa Aid Society (Kane, Penn.), 1927-1941

Minutes 1927-1941; Resolutions of Condolence 1931-1938.
Microfilm: SC-167

Vasa Home Association (Seattle, Wash.), 1926-1952

Minutes 1926-1932. 
Microfilm: SA-147

Vestgöta Förbundet/Club (Rockford, Ill.), 1938-1972

Minutes 1938-1949; Membership Book 1938-1950; Financial records (dues paid) 1940-1972.
Microfilm: CSC-47

Vestgöta Gille (Chicago, Ill.), 1902-1973

Description: Minutes 1902-1973; Membership List 1906-1939; Financial Records 1902-1964. 
Microfilm: CSC-20


Ölandsföreningen (Rockford, Illinois), 1929-1990

The original membership lists 1929-1986, account books from the period 1930-1990, minutes from meetings 1929-1950, 1960-1990, 40th anniversary essay by Albin L. Peterson, and misc. clippings and other items. The minutes also exist on microfilm CSC-41
Finding Aid

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