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Mission statement: CORE offers student-centered learning experiences that help students discover their purpose and passions, and connect them to their career aspirations.


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Career Development 2014-15 annual report

The latest edition of this report summarizes the Office of Career Development's innovative portfolio of products and services and highlights some of the department's key accomplishments.

Your Liberal Arts Career

Your Liberal Arts Career is a resource for college students and recent graduates.

Augustana to offer $150,000 to student entrepreneurs

There's no roadmap for entrepreneurs, but several new resources at Augustana, including $150,000 in donor-funded grants, will help students better transfer their college experiences to life as an entrepreneur.

Students combine research and recreation in Denver

The Quad Cities is a rich location for internships and research. But some students want the added experience of practicing in their field while living in another part of the world. The Augustana in Denver internship program gives them that.The city is home to many alumni, providing students a strong career and internship network, and occasional invitations to dinner.

’14 geology grad describes job as ‘so much fun’

Lauren Kirik '14 came to Augustana to become a graphic designer, but an internship at a full-service branding company convinced her otherwise. Dr. Mike Wolf suggested she take a course in mineralogy after Geology 101, and as Kirik says, "I never looked back."

"Breaking Bad" star shares advice with students

"Breaking Bad" star Bob Odenkirk Tuesday encouraged Augustana theatre students to concentrate on steadily getting better at what they do, and not so much on the "big break." He joined the students for an informal workshop in the Black Box Theatre. Earlier in the day he had lunch with students, and on Monday evening spoke at an event at the Center for Student Life.

Now, everything has a learning outcome

A college education has become a widespread expectation but many students have little idea of why they’re really there. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on Augustana's vision of how students put together and make sense of the pieces of their education. Augustana has identified nine learning outcomes — like critical thinking and quantitative literacy — that apply to everything students touch: courses, clubs, teams, residence halls.

College introduces two new certificate programs

This fall, Augustana introduced its first two certificate programs: American Culture Exploration, for one-year international students whose academic focus is American life, and Nonprofit Leadership Development. "Certificates are another way to demonstrate a skill set in a portfolio or interview, especially experience, that someone else might not have," said Doug Tschopp, director of the college's Entrepreneurial Center (EDGE).