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Augie Choice application and FAQs

What do I need to do in order to use Augie Choice for an internship?

• All Augie Choice funded internships must be registered for 0 or more credits before applying for Augie Choice. Internships for 1 or more credits are supervised by a faculty member or the assistant director of internships. Zero-credit internships are typically not supervised by a faculty member but instead are supervised by the assistant director of internships.

• The assistant director of internships will assist students in registering for ALL internship credits in a required appointment. Appointments with the assistant director of internships can be made through Handshake.

• According to federal guidelines for CPT (Curricular Practical Training), international students must register for at least one credit to be eligible for an internship and to be eligible to receive Augie Choice funding.

How do I use Augie Choice for research or other creative scholarship?

All Augie Choice funded research projects must be supervised by an Augustana faculty member. Off-campus research or other creative scholarship opportunities will need approval and summary reporting by an Augustana faculty member. Augie Choice can be used for stipends, travel, materials or other expenses directly related to completing the project.

What is included in “research”?

We refer to “research and creative scholarship” to reinforce that “research” refers to the expected scholarship found in any field of study. The linking connection is that the activity provides an original contribution to the field in a way that can be shared with others. See these examples.

How do I use Augie Choice for study abroad?

• With only a few specific exceptions, Augie Choice can only be used for international (not domestic) study away. Programs that are Augie Choice eligible will be indicated as such in the Study Away Catalog.

• All Augie Choice applications for an Augustana-led or endorsed study abroad program should be completed in Studio Abroad.

• Only if you wish to participate in an international program which is not sponsored by Augustana should you use the online application form for Augie Choice. This form will require the signature of the international programs director, so we recommend setting up a meeting prior to completing the Augie Choice application.

Where do I find Student Learning Outcomes for my application?

In November 2012, the faculty approved a list of college-wide learning outcomes, stating that Augustana graduates would "possess a sense of personal direction and the knowledge and abilities to work effectively with others in understanding and resolving complex issues and problems."

What signatures and approvals will I need?

All applications require signatures from the applicant, major or academic advisor and the experience supervisor. The experience supervisor will be an Augustana faculty member or CORE career coach, depending on the experience.

What should I include in the budget?

The budget proposal is an estimate of expenses (this excludes tuition) that students plan to accumulate through their Augie Choice experience. Please be specific in detailing the estimated expenses in the Budget Narrative section of the Augie Choice application.

Guidelines include:

Travel. The standard rate for mileage is $0.24/mile. For a non-Augustana study away, you should include here any travel expenses which are not part of the program fee.

Food refers to meals and food purchased during the hours of the experience

Housing. Students are eligible for rent expenses when the primary need for housing is the Augie Choice eligible experience (examples: summer internships or research). This cannot cover housing expenses during the regular school year.

Equipment over $50 becomes property of Augustana College

Stipend. Augie Choice can be used for stipends for time spent conducting research/creative scholarship or internships calculated on estimated hours worked. For details, contact Beth Ford, Augie Choice coordinator, 309-794-8612.

Miscellaneous. The cap on professional attire is $250.

Program expenses. For non-Augustana study away programs, the program fee (including any housing or travel expenses paid directly to the program provider) should be marked here. If costs such as housing, meals or travel expenses are not included in the program fee, then you use the other budget lines to add those expenses.

Are Augie Choice funds taxable?

Augie Choice funds may have tax consequences. Students are advised to seek tax advice on this matter. In addition, Augie Choice funds may affect eligibility for Federal Work Study and/or Federal Student and/or Parent Loans. Again, students are advised to seek advice on this matter.

Can I use Augie Choice to pay for tuition?

No. It is to cover the expenses related to doing something over and above your regular college experience.

I’m a senior, how long am I eligible for Augie Choice?

If you are graduating in May, you will need to complete the Augie Choice experience by June 30. If the experience requires completion of credits, you can still participate in commencement but will need to delay degree completion until summer. Students registered for courses beyond a fourth year remain eligible through a fifth year at Augustana as long as they are registered and their degrees are not yet completed.

I forgot to use my Augie Choice. Can I still get it?

Students must participate in an approved experience in order to be eligible to receive Augie Choice funding. If you have further questions about your eligibility or approved experiences, please contact Beth Ford, Augie Choice coordinator, 309-794-8612.