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Transitional Living Area (TLA) packing list

As you prepare to move into your Transitional Living Area (TLA), there are some additional supplies you should consider bringing that you may not have needed in a residence hall. Coordinate with your suitemates because many of these things will be shared items for common areas of the house or apartment.

All TLAs come with the same bedroom furniture as the residence halls (twin XL bed, desk, dresser/shelves, and closet/wardrobe). A dining set is also included in each TLA.

Kitchen supplies
Pots and pans
Forks, spoons and knives
Cups and mugs
Cooking and serving utensils
Drying rack
Cutting board
Can opener
Any other cooking supplies you will want to use

Cleaning supplies
Dish soap and sponges
Cleaning sprays or wipes
Hand towels 
Hand soap and dispenser
Broom and dustpan
Vacuum or dust mop

Houseware and furniture
Entry mats and floor mats for kitchen and bathrooms
Couch, futon, chairs or other seating for the living room
End tables 

What NOT to bring

Air conditioning units (window/portable) 
Space heaters
Candles, incense, or other fire hazards
Amplified instruments or drum sets
BBQ grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane
Extension cords (without an internal circuit breaker)
Firearms, knives, samurai swords or other weapons, fireworks and ammunition
Halogen lamps or lava lamps
Trash and recycling containers (these are provided by the college). 
Outdoor furnishing and decorations are not allowed around the outside of the TLA.