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On-campus housing requirement exemption

Students can request an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement if they live at home with a parent or guardian, or if they will be older than 22 years of age before the beginning of the fall term.

Students should complete an exemption request before submitting a housing agreement with the college for the upcoming school year.

Students who have reserved a campus room are contracted to reside in campus housing the entire academic year unless they graduate, withdraw or drop to part-time status.

Requests for on-campus exemptions received after a housing agreement has been submitted will be subject to a $150 processing fee. Students who request an on-campus exemption after moving in will be charged half of remaining fee for the term, and $500 for each remaining term in the school year. After week 6 of each term, students will be assessed the entire housing fee for that term, and $500 for each remaining term in the school year.

Students whose parents/guardians reside in the following contiguous cities will receive automatic and permanent release to live off-campus upon submission of the application.

Illinois cities: Albany, Aledo, Alexis, Alpha, Andalusia, Andover, Atkinson, Barstow, Buffalo Prairie, Cambridge, Carbon Cliff, Coal Valley, Colona, Cordova, East Moline, Erie, Geneseo, Hampton, Hillsdale, Illinois City, Joy, Lynn Center, Matherville, Milan, Moline, New Boston, New Windsor, North Henderson, Oak Grove, Ophiem, Orion, Osco, Port Byron, Preemption, Rio, Rapids City, Reynolds, Rock Island, Seaton, Sherrard, Silvis, Taylor Ridge, Viola, Woodhull.

Iowa cities: Bennett, Bettendorf, Blue Grass, Buffalo, Calamus, Camanche, Clinton, Davenport, De Witt, Dixon, Donahue, Durant, Eldridge, Fairport, Grand Mound, Le Claire, Long Grove, Low Moor, Malone, Maysville, McCausland, Montpelier, Moscow, Mount Joy, Muscatine, New Liberty, Panorama Park, Parkview, Pleasant Prairie, Pleasant Valley, Princeton, Riverdale, Stockton, Sunbury, Walcott, Welton, Wheatland, Wilton.

Students may be granted permission to commute if they live outside the cities listed above, provided they live at their parents' address. If a commute is considered feasible, parents/guardians will be consulted and their address verified before release is granted.

Request a housing exemption

Comments or concerns should be directed to the Office of Residential Life, 800-798-8100 or 309-794-2686. When a request is approved or denied, you will receive an email from the assistant director of housing.