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International House

International House students

International House is a unique Living-Learning experience for sophomores. Those selected to participate will live together in Esbjorn house and take WLLC-300 Intercultural Communication Through Food for 1 credit (WLLC-300-CR) or 0 credit (WLLC-300-NC)

I-House is specifically for sophomore students to:

• Learn about world cultures through peer interactions
• Share their culture and favorite foods with other students
• Develop new friendships with a diverse group

Domestic and international students are encouraged to apply.

The I-House application deadline is March 11, 2024. For more information, contact Assistant Professor Hua-mei Chang, 309-794-7263, or the Office of Residential Life at 309-794-2686.

Apply to live in the I-House

WLLC-300 Intercultural Communication Through Food

Is a course designed specifically for the residents of International House. The goal is to build understanding, respect, and friendship across different cultures. This is a 14-week 0-1 credit course, run through the entire academic year. Residents gather together every other week for an immersive cultural experience. Each time a resident will represent his/her country or a culture of interest and provide a creative power point presentation to introduce their culture, i.e. history, geography, politics, economy, religion, food, tourist attractions, and language. Presenters are encouraged to demonstrate their ethnic outfits and prepare authentic food/snacks to share.  

(Residents registering for WLLC-300-CR will earn 1 300-level credit which can be counted towards the graduation requirement of at least 40 credits in 300- or 400- courses.)


Is a 10-person house located at 3025 10th Ave. The house has two double-occupancy bedrooms and six single-occupancy bedrooms. The house also has a large kitchen, dining room, and living rooms. Students living in Esbjorn will be billed the residence hall room rates, not the TLA rates. Students are invited to apply individually or with a roommate.