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Departmental Open House and Scholarship Competition

High school seniors are invited to participate in an academic Departmental Open House and Scholarship Competition either Nov. 16, 2019, or Feb. 8, 2020.

More than 30 academic departments from 90 majors and other programs will be your hosts as you find out about your chosen program and compete for your share of more than $500,000 in departmental scholarships. Scholarship winners are awarded $4,000 ($1,000/year for four years).

Here's an idea of what to expect during the competition:

• Students interested in geology perform a dramatic geologic experiment.
• Future journalists gather clues and report on a crime.
• Artists present a portfolio of their work.
• Still thinking of a major? You will have plenty of company in this essay competition and group workshop.

Students must apply for admission in order to be eligible for scholarship awards. Students may compete for only one departmental scholarship.

Students from out of state are invited to stay overnight on Friday.

Parents and Illinois residents are invited to stay in accommodations in the Quad Cities area.