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Art and graphic design portfolio review, scholarships

Interested in studying art at Augustana? Share your original art with the Department of Art during a portfolio review. Your work will receive an evaluation by Augustana art faculty and you will become eligible for a merit-based art scholarship.

Augustana offers art scholarships up to $4,000, renewed annually, for students who declare a major or minor in art, graphic design or art education, or who complete two studio art or graphic design courses each year.

Portfolio reviews for high school seniors and transfer students will be held Nov. 16, 2019, and Feb. 8, 2020, during the Departmental Open House and Scholarship Competitions.

To make an appointment for a portfolio review on one of these dates, contact Julie Schneider at 309-794-7729.

Register by Nov. 8 for the Nov. 16 review, and by Jan. 31 for the Feb. 8 review. (We do not review portfolios after Feb. 8 and do not accept submissions by email.)

In your portfolio, include 6-15 original works in any media; it’s recommended that you include a life drawing. We encourage you to visit campus, bring your portfolio for review and meet one-on-one with faculty.

If you choose instead to mail a flash drive, please send images of 6-15 original works including life drawing, if possible, and indicating medium and size of each work. Mail to: Augustana College Department of Art, 639 38th Street, Rock Island, Ill., 61201. 

Questions? Please direct questions to Professor Megan Quinn, 309-794-7158.

Contact information

First name
Last name
Parents' names
Street address
City, state, ZIP ,
Student email address
Parent email address:
Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

School information

Name of high school or college (if transferring)
School location
City State
Current GPA
Test scores:
ACT SAT Verbal SAT Math
Class size/rank
Class Size Your Rank
High school graduation date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Augustana College application information

Application date:
Anticipated major:
Application status: First Year
Tuition exchange: Check here if you are aware that you qualify for Tuition Exchange

Interests in art

Please check the boxes for the art media you have studied:
Drawing Painting
Design Graphic Design
Printmaking Fibers
Ceramics Sculpture
Photography Other (Explain):
Art teachers:

Are there art and graphic design classes or workshops you have taken outside of school?
What: Where:
What: Where:
Have you received any awards for your art work?
Name of exhibition: Name of award :
Name of exhibition: Name of award :
Name of exhibition: Name of award :

Portfolio review

Your portfolio should include six to 20 original works of art in any art media. If possible include one (or more) examples of drawing from life, such as still life, landscape or portraiture. If you plan to bring your portfolio on a date listed below, the Department of Art will contact you with a review time. To be considered for a scholarship, all portfolios must be received by Jan. 31, 2020. Contact Julie Schneider at 309-794-7729 with scheduling questions. Contact Megan Quinn with portfolio questions.

Preferred portfolio review dates

Nov. 16, 2019 (Application due Nov. 8)
  I would prefer a morning portfolio review
  I would prefer an afternoon portfolio review
Feb. 8, 2020 (Application due Jan. 31)
  I would prefer a morning portfolio review
  I would prefer an afternoon portfolio review

I will send my portfolio images on a CD or DVD, indicating titles, media and sizes of my work by Jan. 31, 2020.

Quantity of work in my portfolio:

6 to 12 pieces
20 or more

Media included in my portfolio:
Drawing Graphic Design
Printmaking Fibers
Ceramics Sculpture
Photography Other (Explain):
Jack Harris ’20

Three-and-a-half peaceful weeks during J-term

Jack Harris ’20 reflects on his first J-term before his last term at Augustana.

Mia Feuer

Canadian artist explores environmental effects of petroleum

The Center for Polar Studies at Augustana is a partner in presenting "Mia Feuer: Totems of the Anthropocene" at the Figge Art Museum, Davenport.

Frieze Lectures consider student activism, from the 60s to Greta Thunberg

The 22nd annual Frieze Lecture Series will consider the nature and impact of student activism here and around the world.

Artful Computing Show

Artwork created by students of Artful Computing (CSC 150) will be on display from 3-4 p.m. See work in 2-D, 3-D, music, sculpture, and animations.