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Transfer, new students enrolling in January term

Mid-year transfer students and new first-year students may enroll as auditors during January term.

These students will apply to the college both as an auditor student for J-term and as a degree-seeking student for spring semester. All regular admissions standards and tuition deposit requirements will apply.

Students enrolling for the first time at mid-year may arrive on campus and move into campus housing in January in order to experience campus life and audit a 3.5-week J-term course before the start of spring semester on Feb. 5.

These students pay a $800 fee, which covers housing, a full meal plan, campus activities and J-term orientation. There is no cost for auditing the J-term class. Auditors do not earn college credit or a grade for the course, but it will appear on their transcript as an audit.

Participants can:

• Acclimate to the college experience before enrolling in a full course load.

• Make friends and connect with faculty members and advisors.

• Participate in campus activities, including varsity athletic practice.

• Experience an immersive three-week learning experience — whether to explore a possible major field or just satisfy your curiosity — by choosing from an on-campus J-term option.

• Transition to college life over the 3.5-week J-term, before things get busier during spring semester.

Students should work closely with the Business Office, the Office of Advising and the Office of the Registrar as they begin J-term, and consult with their new advisor as they prepare to begin spring semester.

Like all Augustana students, participating students will be expected to follow the Augustana College Code of Conduct and Honor Code, and to fully engage in the academic experience.