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ISA Semester in Meknes, Morocco


This program is based in Meknes, one of the most historic cities in Morocco. Cultures including Arab, Amazigh, Jewish, and French. French and Arabic are both spoken in the city. Students on this program study at the ISA Study Center, where a mix of local and U.S.-based faculty teach, and may choose to live in shared apartments or with a Moroccan family.


Requirements and cap: This program requires a 2.50 GPA but has no language requirement as courses are taught in English. The program cap is 6 students per year.

Fields of study: Study of Arabic language, and/or in English, with courses in a variety of fields, typically 10-12 options per semester.

Budget and fees

Augustana fees: Augustana tuition, room and board

Other expenses: Airfare, local transportation, visa fees and discretionary spending. Anticipated out of pocket is between $2,500, or $500 above a semester on campus.

Financial aid: All Augustana financial aid is available, as well as Augie Choice for juniors or seniors. ISA also offers scholarships for this program.


12-16 credits

The ISA Center offers coursework in French and Arabic language as well as multiple courses each semester in a range of Humanities and Social Sciences. Courses include:

  • Exploration of Moroccan culture and history
  • Gender Studies
  • Intercultural Development
  • Islamic Civilization
  • Islamic Society
  • Migration and transnationalism
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • The geostrategic importance of Morocco
  • The Three Religions


There are two options for housing on this ISA Semester program, shared apartments or a family homestay. We recommend the homestay for students with a background in French or for any student who is taking Arabic language as a field of study. Apartments are fully furnished, located in the center of the Ville Nouvelle (modern city). Apartments include laundry and wifi and are easily accessible to public transportation routes. Students in the apartments will be provided with 3 meals per day as part of the program. Students may also opt to live with a Moroccan family. This option is offered upon request of the student. Wifi and meal accommodations are also included, as they are for the apartments.

More information and full course listings