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Louisiana: Water and Environmental Justice



This J-Term will explore the Louisiana Gulf Coast region of the United States through the lens of Geography.  Topics will include cultural geography, human-environment interactions, and urban planning. The program’s course begins and ends with an on-campus component, with a seven to ten day trip to Louisiana as its centerpiece.  As you study about water and environmental justice issues, both on campus and in the Gulf Coast region, you will apply research and analytical skills to questions of environmental degradation, structural inequalities and the impact of hazards such as Hurricane Katrina.

This program will travel to the Louisiana coast, including stops in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans.  Along the way you will learn about the impact of coastal land loss, pollution, and environmental hazards, as well as efforts to build more sustainable and socially just communities. The program is designed primarily for Geography and Environmental Studies majors though other students can join the program with permission of the instructor.


Eligibility and program cap: This program requires a 2.00 GPA and sophomore status. It is intended for GEOG and ENVR majors, though others may enroll with permission of the instructor.

Course(s) and credits: All students will enroll in GEOG 230: U.S. Regional Immersion Experience, a four credit course offered within the January term. Pre-departure orientation meetings will be held during Fall semester.

Faculty contacts: For more information on this Program, contact C. Strunk (GEOG)

Dates: January 2020 on campus course with seven to ten day field program in Louisiana. Some pre-departure meetings will be required Fall Semester 2019.

Budget and fees

Program fee: $1,625

Includes: Airfare, lodging, ground transportation, meals, all field excursions and travel health insurance.

Does not include: On campus and travel discretionary spending.

Out of pocket estimate: $150-$250.