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Washington D.C. internship program

Fall or spring term every year

Applications for 2018-2019 are now closed.  If you wish to be added to an alternate list for this program please contact the IOP Director at


This program is open to any Augustana student with a 2.5 GPA or higher, though, due to the nature of internship experiences, it is recommended primarily for juniors and seniors. As there are a limited number of spaces, the internships are competitive and the college's selection process (utilizing both GPA and academic year as determinants) will be utilized if the program has too many applicants for the space available in a given year.

Recommended for: Due to the intensive internship format, this program is recommended for students who will be in their junior or senior year of study. It is open to all majors with limited exceptions. Major departments will be required to approve each student's participation. 

Anticipated program cap:  No cap.


This 15-week program is coordinated through an agreement with the Washington Internship Institute. Students will earn a total of 12 credit hours: Nine 300-level internship credits and a core course, which will transfer to Augustana as 300-level credit in the appropriate field.

As this program represents 1.5 semesters and offers 12 credits, students must plan to complete no fewer than 5 credits of cousework at Augustana (on campus) during the 5 weeks of winter trimester when they are not in Washington, D.C. This can be accomplished with a combination of 3 and 1 credit courses, including independent study or directed study.

Courses include:

  • Inside Washington: Politics & Policy
  • International & Foreign Policy Studies
  • Global Health Policy Studies
  • Global Women's Leadership Development
  • Environmental Law & Policy Studies

Dates: August-December or January-May. For exact start and finish dates please contact the program coordinators.

Contacts: Alex Washington (career development) or Allen Bertsche (study away) 

Program cost

Fall 2019 fees will be published soon. 2017-2018 fees for this program are $22,600 for one semester (1.5 trimesters). Typically this program is an overall cost savings when compared to the same 1.5 trimesters on Augustana's campus. 

Compared to a term on campus: This program is equivalent to 1.5 terms on campus (half of winter plus either fall or spring). The cost for 1.5 terms on campus would be $26,250. The program is roughly $3,500 less than remaining on campus. However, meals are not included.

When accounting for meal and travel expenses to/from Washington, the estimated program costs are the equivalent to staying on campus. With Augie Choice, it is possible to spend the semester in Washington D.C. and save money over the same time period on campus.

Includes: Tuition, Internship placement and supervision, accommodations in D.C., health insurance.

Does not include: Transportation to/from D.C., local transportation, meals or discretionary spending.

Financial aid

Participants in the D.C. Internship program are eligible for the same financial assistance (grants, scholarships and loan eligibility) as they would receive for these terms spent on campus. 

Augie Choice: This program is Augie Choice eligible as an internship experience for all students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits at Augustana by the departure date. Transfer students who have completed 30 credits or 3 terms at Augustana prior to departure are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.