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Funding study away

The cost of the international and off-campus study programs at Augustana varies depending on location, program design, length of stay, and value of the dollar abroad. Each program description in the Augustana Study Away Catalog has details of the program cost and expected out-of-pocket expenses for each  program.

All Augustana semester away programs allow students to use their full financial aid package towards the cost of the semester program as if they were staying on campus. Students with work-study or tuition-waiver agreements will need to seek adjusted aid packages for the semester away as neither of those options are available. 

Students who participate in any Augustana study away program should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine any potential greater eligibility for student loans or other aid options.

Augustana study away grants and scholarships

Augie Choice

This program offers Augustana students $2,000 in funding for all approved study abroad, internship or research programs. Some domestic J-term programs also may qualify. Check the program’s entry in the study away catalog to verify eligibility if the program is domestic. Augie Choice is not competitive, and all eligible students who apply will be granted the Augie Choice fund.  Students are eligible for Augie Choice after completing two years (or 60 credits) at Augustana. Transfer students are eligible after completing and year (or 30 credits) at Augustana.

Freistat Center Grants

Freistat Grants provide funds for research programs and language immersion programs. Students interested in the summer language programs in Ecuador or Dijon, external summer language immersion programs, or any semester program which will contain a significant language study component should consider applying for a Freistat Grant. A minimum of six weeks in country and six credits of language coursework is required for Freistat language immersion grants. Applications for the upcoming year are due during winter term.

IOP Passport Grants

The IOP Grant program offers $1,000 scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need who are participating in either J-term or summer study away programs. Approved funds will be added directly to the student's account to cover program fees. Passport Grants are only available for Augustana faculty-led study away programs in January, June or summer. Click the link above for more details.

Norm Moline East Asia Overseas Studies Scholarship

These scholarships are for students going on an Augustana group study experience in China, Japan, or Taiwan. They are funded by donations from alumni who had participated in one of the college’s East Asia fall overseas terms between 1974-2016. The scholarships are named for Dr. Norm Moline because he was one of the founders of that program in 1974 and then directed or co-directed all 15 programs between 1977 and 2013.

Selection of recipients will be based on personal and academic credentials and financial need. Recipients need not be majoring or minoring in Chinese, Japanese, or Asian Studies. Yet, top students in one of those programs, as well as students who are academically engaged in international relations, will receive more attention. The selection committee will not be notified of details about students’ financial needs, but the financial aid office, when asked, will verify that the students receiving the highest recommendations for the scholarships do have major, moderate, or minor needs.

Submit your application through this link. The application deadline is April 3. 

Departmental grants

Several departments at Augustana, including World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and English and Creative Writing, have funds for students in a study away program. Interested students, particularly those with major or minor programs in these departments, should ask their faculty advisors or the department chair to find out about the application process for these grants.

Partner grants and scholarships

Augustana semester-away programs typically operate with an external provider as our partner. Many of these providers have their own internal scholarship programs. When reviewing the programs which interest you, you should also explore what grant opportunities exist through the provider. Then, when you have been accepted into the program by both Augustana and the provider, consider applying for provider-based grants. 

Since you will be paying Augustana, and not the provider directly, you should notify the IOP office when a grant or scholarship has been awarded by the provider and Augustana will adjust the tuition, room or board charges accordingly to match the amount reduced by the grant you have received, ensuring you receive full credit for the provider grant.

External, national and international grants

A wide array of grant and scholarship programs is available to students joining a study away program. These may be country or discipline specific, or have requirements beyond the study away experience, or they may be open to many programs in many locations. Not all potential grants are listed here, but these appear most relevant.

To search for other study away grants, try these scholarship search engines. Use these to locate grants which may be appropriate for the program you have chosen. 

FastWeb provides customized scholarship search.

International Education Financial Aid provides searches for scholarships for study abroad. has a resource page that is very helpful, with links to several good sites. also has an extensive list of scholarships and grants.

National and international grants to consider:

AATJP Bridging Scholarships for study in Japan

Benjamin J. Gilman Scholarships are available to students who also receive federal Pell Grants and who are enrolled in a study abroad program with at least one month in a single country. These competitive scholarships require application at least one semester (term) prior to the program. There are also designated scholarships for summer study abroad programs. Due to the competitive nature of these grants, Augustana's International & Off-Campus programs must limit its support for the Gilman Grant applications to students with a 2.80 GPA or higher.

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

BUTEX Scholarships for study at a UK University

DAAD German Academic Exchange Scholarships provides comprehensive information on study abroad, degree study and scholarships in Germany.

Diversity Abroad scholarships for economically disadvantaged, first-generation, students with disabilities, and ethnic and racially diverse students.

The Explorer’s Club Student Grant for study away worldwide, with focus on STEM fields.

Freeman Scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia.

Fund for Education Abroad provides scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund for U.S. Citizen, DACA or eligible non-citizen students of Hispanic origin.

IIE Generation Study Abroad Grant for study worldwide.

Rotary Global Grant for study worldwide in a Rotary Club location.

Scandinavian Study Grants will provide a limited number of $5,000 scholarships for American students to attend folk schools in the Scandinavian countries. This is a pilot project and preference will be given to family members of alumni of the Scandinavian Seminar.