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Digital Projects

The Swenson Center has digitized a small portion of its collections and creative and scholarly output. More digital projects are in the works!

PastPerfect Collections Database

See digital images of some of our photos and artifacts. 

See descriptions of our archival records. 

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Digital Collections

Use this portal to access digitized content from the Swenson Center’s archival collections.

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Video Game

You are a young Swedish immigrant to America in 1880. You have made the tough decision to leave your family and life in Sweden behind. Will you survive and prosper in America?

This game is a work of historical fiction, inspired by the Oregon Trail, and based on information found in the Swenson Center’s collections and additional research done by Augustana College students. Many images in the game are from the Swenson Center’s library and archival collections. Game designed and built by Dr. Forrest Stonedahl’s Software Development CSC 285 students and Dr. Brian Leech’s History students in collaboration with Swenson Center staff in 2017-2018.

Play The Swedish Immigrant Trail!


Swedish American Newspapers

Swedish American newspapers

Swedish American Newspapers is an online portal which allows users to explore more than 300,000 pages from 28 different Swedish American newspaper titles published across the United States between 1859 and 2007. This project was produced through a joint partnership of institutions in the United States and Sweden. 

Not all Swedish American newspapers are available through this portal. Many additional titles and issues are available in print or on microfilm at the Swenson Center.

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Swedish American Genealogist

Swedish American Genealogist is a quarterly journal devoted to Swedish American biography, genealogy, and personal history published by the Swenson Center. The journal was founded in 1981 by Nils William Olsson. Digitized back issues are available online, for free. Please note: Some articles are not included in this digital repository at the request of the author. The digital repository has a 4-year embargo from the most current issue. To see issues from the most recent 4 years, please subscribe. 

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The Swenson Center has created digital versions of the exhibits in its reading room since 2012. Exhibits explore a variety of topics related to Swedish-American history and relations inspired by the Center's library and archival collections.

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Swenson Center News

Swenson Center News was the occasional newsletter of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center from 1986-2003. News is now distributed through our email newsletter. 

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Faculty Research Stipend Reports

The Center offers a Faculty Research Stipend aimed at giving an Augustana faculty member the time, resources, and incentive to conduct one week of in-depth research at the Center.

Following their week of research, recipients write a brief report that summarizes their findings and how they intend to use these resources in their teaching or scholarly endeavors.

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