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Scandinavian American Portrait collection, 1871-1983


Collection Title:    
Scandinavian American Portrait collection

Collection Number:    
MSS P:339

1871-1944, 1983 and undated

9 boxes (3.75 linear feet) plus 1 oversized box

English, Swedish

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.). Library

Subject Headings:    
Confirmation--Lutheran Church--Photographs

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.

This collection of portraits contains many Scandinavian American persons of notable importance to Augustana College as well as to greater North America and Sweden. Also includes photographs of Scandinavian American churches and church and social groups.  


Conditions Governing Access:    
Collection is open for research. 

Reproduction and Use:    
Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright. Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the Swenson Center and the copyright holder. 

Preferred Citation:    
[item identification], in MSSP P:339 Scandinavian American Portrait collection, Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. 


Collection created with donations from Augustana College library and individual donors. 

Many accruals over the years. Donations that included only photographs were often added to this collection. 

Location of Copies:    
Many of these photographs have been digitized and are available online in our PastPerfect Collection Database. Search by keyword at

Until 2015, this collection had no MSS number. Inventory of collection completed in August 2018. 

Processed By:    
Rebecca Knapper in 2015 and Kate Normoyle in 2018. 


Administrative/Biographical History:    
Biographies of many Swedish-American pastors are available in “The Augustana Ministerium: a study of the careers of the 2,504 pastors of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod/Church, 1850-1962,” by Conrad Bergendoff, 1980. 

Scope and Content:    
This collection of portraits contains many Scandinavian American persons of notable importance to Augustana College as well as to greater North America and Sweden. Also includes photographs of Scandinavian American churches and church and social groups.

System of Arrangement:    
Arranged alphabetically by last name or place name. Additions arranged by photograph number. Those located in oversized boxes are labeled as such.  

Collection Inventory:    

Name, Number of Photograph(s)

Box 1

Aaron, Rev. A., PH-1a–1b
Abrahamson, Rev. L.G., PH-2a–2g
Abrahamson, Dr. & Mrs. L.G., PH-3a–3b
Abrahamson, Ebba, PH-4
Abrahamson, Florinda, PH-5a–5b
Abrahamson, Ebba & Florinda, PH-6
Abrahamson, Mrs. L.G. and Florinda, PH-7a-7b–11
Ahleen, Reinhold, PH-12
Ahlman, Gotthilf, PH-13
Ahlquist, Rev. Lars Peter, PH-14
Alberg, Albert, PH-15
Albin, Rev. Carl Anderson, PH-16
Alden, Rev. Harry Carl Anderson, PH-17
Alexis, Joseph E.A., PH-18
Alexis, Rev. John Nelson, PH-19
Alfvin, Rev. C.M., PH-20
Aline, E., PH-21
Almberg, P.G., PH-22
Almer, Rev. Axel, PH-23
Almroth, Greta, PH-24
Anderson, A., PH-25
Anderson, A.A., PH-26
Anderson, Anna Maria, PH-27
Anderson, Bernard, PH-28a–28b
Anderson, Mrs. Bernard, PH-29
Anderson, G. Bernard, PH-30
Anderson, Axel E., PH-31
Anderson, Emily G., PH-32
Anderson, Rev. Frank Edwin, PH-33
Anderson, G. Bernard, PH-34a–34b
Anderson, Guinella, PH-35
Anderson, Gust, PH-36a–36c
Anderson, Hilma, PH-37
Anderson, Rev. Joseph Alfred, PH-38
Anderson, William Andrew, PH-39
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Peter A., PH-40
Anderson, Rev. Erland, PH-41
Anderson, Rev. Joseph Alfred, PH-42
Anderson, Rev. & Mrs. Joseph, PH-43
 Andeer, Hilma Althea Peterson, PH-44
Andree, Rev. Gustav Fredrik, PH-45
Andreen, Rev. Philip, PH-46a–46b
Andren, F.N., PH-47
Andren, Mrs. F.N., PH-48
Andren, Olof Christian Telemak, PH-49a–49b
Anita, Pennsylvania, PH-50
Anker, Albert, PH-51
Ankerfelt, Signe, PH-52a–52b
Anseen, Rev. Nels Peter, PH-53
Appell, Rev. Alfred, PH-54
Aronson, E. E., PH-55
Augustana Lutheran Church, Andover, Illinois, PH-56
Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dekalb, Illinois, PH-57–59
Axtell, Nebraska, PH-60a–60b
Aurora Lutheran Church, Aurora, Illinois, PH-61
Baner, J.S.R., PH-62
Beckman, Anders Fredrik, PH-63
Bergren, Rev. Emil Ferdinand, PH-64
Benander, Rev. Johan Alfred, PH-65
Bengtson, Rev. Arthur Benjamin, PH-66
Bengtson, Rev. Charles Emanuel, PH-67
Bengtson, Rev. Carl Johan, PH-68
Bengtson, Sister Emily, PH-69
Benson, Rev. Carl Ernst, PH-70a–70b
Benson, Rev. Nels, PH-71
Benson, Rev. John Sigfrid, PH-72
Benson, Mr. & Mrs., PH-73
Benson children, PH-74a–74d
Benton, Rev. John Alfred, PH-75
Benton, Rev. & Mrs. G.E., PH-76
Benzon, Oscar, PH-77
Bergendoff, Rev. Carl August, PH-78
Berger, Vilhelm, PH-79a–79b
Berggren, A.W., PH-80
Berglund, Rev. Gustaf, PH-81
Bergstrand, Rev. Johan Ivard, PH-82
Bjerken‚ N. Mathilda, PH-83
Bernhard, Rev. Johan August, PH-84
Berzelius, Jakob, PH-85
Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, PH-86a–86b
Bethany Normal Institution, Lindsborg, Kansas, PH-87
Beyer, Dr. E.A., PH-88
Bjelke, Gotthard, PH-89
Björkman, Edwin, PH-90a–90b
Blomgren, Dr. Carl August, PH-91
Bloom, Rev. Olof Magnus, PH-92
Bogren, Mildred E., PH-93

Box 2

Bohman, Mabel, PH-94
Bohman, Rev. Oscar Fredrick, PH-95
Bohmansson, Carl, PH-96
Bohr, Niels, PH-97
Bojer, Johan, PH-98
Bolling, Fred, PH-99–100
Bondesson, Adolf, PH-101
Bonggren, Jakob, PH-102a–102g
Bonggren, Magnus, PH-103
Lindquist, A.F., PH-104
Boodin, John Elof, PH-105
Borst, Gust, PH-106
Brandelle, Gustaf Albert, PH-107
Appell, Lydia, PH-108
Brandell, Dr. Gustaf Albert, PH-109
Broberg, Rev. Knut Konrad, PH-110–111b
Brodeen, Rev. Axel Hilding Reuben, PH-112
Brodeen, Rev., PH-113
Brodin, Rev. P.G., PH-114
Bronzell, Ernst, PH-115
Brown, James R., PH-116
Brown, Olof, PH-117
Brown, Dr., PH-118
Burgoyne, E.L. Svenson, PH-119
Burgoyne, J.F., PH-120
Carl XV, King of Sweden, PH-121
Carlson, August, PH-122
Carlson, N.A., PH-123
Carlson, John F., PH-124
Carlson, John G., PH-125
Carlson, Prof. J.S., PH-126
Carlson, Martha, PH-127
Carlson, Rev. P., PH-128a–128b
Carlsson, Rev. Erland, PH-129a–129e
Carlstedt, J.W., PH-130
Carson, C.E., PH-131
Cavallin, Rev. John O., PH-131a
Cederberg, Prof. William, PH-132
Cederblad, Herman, PH-133
Cederstam, Rev. Pehr Anderson, PH-134–135
Cervin, Dr. Anders Richard, PH-136a–136d
Cervin, Olof Z., PH-137
Chaiser, Andrew, PH-138
Chester, J.A., PH-139
Chicago, Illinois, PH-140
Chindblom, Carl R., PH-141a- 141b
Chinlund, Rev. Emil Gottfrid, PH-142–143c
Christenson, Rev. Carl Henning Julius, PH-144
 Christensen, Rev. Johan August, PH-145–146
Christianson, J.A., PH-147
Collin, William L., PH-148
Cornell, Rev., PH-149
Cornell, Rev. C.J.O., PH-150
Craft, Rev. J.T. Craft, PH-151
Dahlberg, Johan G., PH-152
Dahlen, Carl O., PH-153
Dahlquist, Augusta, PH-154
Dahlquist, Ebba, PH-155
Dahlsten, Rev. Luther Nathanael, PH-156
Danell, Hjalmar, PH-157
Danielsson, Lina, PH-158
Deaconess Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, PH-159
Dodge County, Nebraska, PH-160
DuBois, Pennsylvania, PH-161–162
Dunster Family, PH-163
Eckardt, Rev. Olaus Olson, PH-164
Edblom, Rev. Carl Peter, PH-165
Edlen, Albin, PH-166
Edman, Rev. Emanuel, PH-167
Edman, Rev. Lars August, PH-168
Edwins, Rev. August William, PH-169a–169b
Ehnstrom, Rev. K.N., PH-170
Ekblad, Rev. J., PH-171
Ekblad, John, PH-172–173
Ekeberg, Rev. Gustaf Alfred, PH-174
Ekeberg, Oscar, PH-175
Ekefelt, Mr., PH-176
Eklund, Anna, PH-177
Ekman, Gösta, PH-178
Ekstrom, Rev. P.O., PH-179
Ekstrom, Rev. John, PH-180–181
Elmblad, Magnus, PH-182
Elmer, Rev. A.J., PH-183
Elvin, Rev. Swan N., PH-184
Enander, John A., PH-185a–185b
Englund, Rev. M.J., PH-186
Engstrom, Amanda, PH-187
Engstrom, Rev. Sigfrid Emanuel, PH-188
Engwall, Pastor, PH-189
Engström, James M., PH-190
Erlander, John, PH-191
Erlander, Rev. Joshua Emanuel, PH-192
Esbjorn, Lars P., PH-193a–193d
Erickson, Rev. Paul R.O., PH-194

Box 3

Ericson, John, PH-195
Ericsson, John, PH-196
Ericsson, John E., PH-197
Erikson, Rev. Eric, PH-198
Erikson, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert, PH-199
Evald, Anna, PH-200a–200b
Evald, Emmy, PH-201
Evald, Mrs. C.A., PH-202
Evald, Dr. C.A., PH-203a–203i
Evert, Rev. John Erik Andersen, PH-204
Fahlstrom, Jacob, PH-205
Fant, Elias, PH-206
Fant, Rev. A.T., PH-207
Ferm, Rev. Olof, PH-208
Fliesburg, Dr. O.A., PH-209
Floren, Rev. Johannes Emil, PH-210
Fogelström, Rev. Erik Alfred, PH-211
Ford, Rev. J.H., PH-212
Fors, Rev. Andrew Peter, PH- 213a–213b
Forsander, Dr. Nils, PH-214a–214c
Forsberg, Gustaf, PH-215
Forsberg, John A, PH-216
Forsberg, Rev. Nels Johan, PH-217
Forsling, A.P., PH-218
Foss, Dr. C.W., PH-219
Fredricks, Hattie, PH-220
Fredricks, Mrs. J.A., PH-221
Friberg, Dr. C.P., PH-222
Friberg, Carl P., PH-223
Fridlund, Mr., PH-224
Fridlund, Mrs., PH-225a–225f
Fridlund, David S., PH-226a–226e
Friesen, Otto V., PH-227
Frisk, Rev. Carl Edward, PH-228a–228b
Frisk, Rev. & Mrs. Carl Edward, PH-229a–229b
Frykman, Rev. Magnus, PH-230
Galesburg, Illinois, PH-231
Goldkuhl, Carlos, PH-232
Grafström, Olof, PH-233
Granere, Rev. Carl Otto, PH-234a–234j
Gullander, Rev. Paul, PH-235
Gustaf, Crown Prince of Sweden, PH-236
Gustafson, Rev. A.E., PH-237
Gustafson, Anna & Bertha, PH-238
Gustafson, Rev. Gustaf Oscar, PH-239a–239b
Gustus, Prof. Edwin J., PH-240
Gustafson, Lillian, PH-241
Gustafson, O.C., PH-242
Gustafson, Rev. Paul J.A., PH-243
Gustafson, Rev., PH-244
Gustus, Nathan, PH-245
Gyllenhaal, Andres Leonard, PH-246
Hagberg, C.A., PH-247
Hagelin, Mr. & Mrs. Adolph, PH-248
Hägglund, S.G., PH-249
Halden, Anders, PH-250
Halland, Rev. Bengt Magnus, PH-251
Hallberg, Rev. Charles August, PH-252
Hallquist, Alfred, PH-253
Halverson, C.A., PH-254
Hammarberg, Johanna Ottilia, PH-255
Hammarskjöld, Dag, PH-256a–256c
Hanson, Rev. Hans Felix Valentine, PH-257
Hamsun, Ernst, PH-258
Hansen, Otto E., PH-259
Hanson, Rev. Petrus Olaus, PH-260
Hanson, Sven E., PH-261
Hart, Albert Bushnell, PH-262
Hasselquist, Joshua, PH-263a–263d, 264
Hasselquist, Rev. Tufve Nilson, PH-265a–265p
Haterius, Rev. Carl Johan Emil, PH-266
Hazell, Signe, PH-267
Hedberg, Rev. Johan Emil, PH-268
Hedblom, Margareta, PH-269
Hedburg, PH-270
Hedin, Sven, PH-271
Hedlund, Peter, PH-272
Hegstrom, Dr. Victor Harold, PH-273
Von Heidenstam, Verner, PH-274
Helge & Alf, PH-275
Hellberg, Karl, PH-276 
Hemborg, Rev. Carl A., PH-277
Hemdahl, Rev. Gustaf Emil, PH-279a–279b

Box 4

Henrikson, Ebba, PH-280
Henry, Rev. Oscar Alfred, PH-281–282
Herman, Prof. John, PH-283
Heyer, Father, PH-284
Hill, Rev. Samuel Magnus, PH-285
Hillman, Arthur, PH-286
Hoffman, Edwin, PH-287
Hoffsten, Anna Ewald, PH-288
Hoffsten, Rev. Conrad Emanuel, PH-289a-289c–290
Hoikka, Rev. Jacob Johansson, PH-291a–291b
Hokenson, Rev. Leander, PH-292
Hokinson, Anna L., PH-293
Holcomb, Martin, PH-294
Holmes, Rev. Ludvig, PH-295
Holmberg, Charles, PH-296
Holmquist, J.T., PH-297a
Holmquist, Rev. Carl Andrew Jasper, PH-297b
Holmer, Rev. Carl Erik, PH-298
Holmes, Rev. Ludvig, PH-299a–299h 
Hoving, Helga, PH-300
Hult, Rev. Adolf, PH-301a–301e
Hult, August, PH-302
Hutt, Olof, PH-303
Hultberg, Grant, PH-304
Hultgren, Otto, PH-305
Hultkrans, Emma, PH-306
Hultkrans, Rev. Johan Göranson, PH-307
Hultman, Dorothea, PH-308
Hulphers, Gust, PH-309
Håkanson, Ole, PH-310–311
Hägg, Mr., PH-312
Isaccson, Rev. E.V., PH-313
Isakson, Minnie, PH-314
Isacson, Rev. & Mrs., PH-315
Ishpeming, Michigan, PH-316
Jacobs, Henry E., PH-317
Jacobs, Rev., PH-318
Jacobson, Henning, PH-319
Jamestown, New York, PH-320
Jesperson, Rev. & Mrs., PH-321
Jesperson, Mrs., PH-322
Jesperson, Rev., PH-323
Johnson, A.R., PH-324
Johnson, Alexander, PH-325
Johnson, Amandus, PH-326a–326b
Johnson, August, PH-327–328
Johnson, C., PH-329
Johnson, Clarence August, PH-330
Johnson, Dora, PH-331
Johnson, Hanna Elvira, PH-332
Johnson, Edwin, PH-333
Johnson, Capt. Eric, PH-334a–334b
Johnson, Erick H., PH-335
Jacobson, Rev. Fritz, PH-336
Johansen, Håkan, PH-337
Johansen, Isaac, PH-338
Johansson, Rev. Karl, PH-339
Johnson, Annie, PH-340
Johnson, Rev. Carl J., PH-341
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar, PH-342
Johnson, Henrietta, PH-343
Johnson, Rev. J. Herman, PH-344
Johnson, Adolf F., PH-345
Johnson, Rev. J.A., PH-346
Johnson, Lewis, PH-348
Johnson, Martin & Osa, PH-349a–349b
Johnson, Rev. N.G., PH-350a–350c
Johnson, Rev. O.J., PH-351
Johnson, Oscar A., PH-352
Johnson, Robert William, PH-353
Johnson, Theo S., PH-354
Jönköping, Sweden, PH-355a–355b

Box 5

Kempe, Prof. Andrew, PH-356
Kensington, Minnesota, PH-357
Kinnel, Pastor A., PH-358
Kjellstrand, A.W., PH-359
Knanishu, Rev. & Mrs. Moratkhan, PH-360
Kolthoff, Signe, PH-361
Kraft, Rev. Carl, PH-362
Krantz, G.A.J., PH-363
Kron, G. Einar, PH-364
Kron, Rev. Reuben Paul, PH-365a
Lagergren, C.G., PH-365b
Lagerlöf, Selma, PH-366
Lagerstrom, Rev., PH-367
Larson, Mr. & Mrs. Alex, PH-368
Larson, C.A., PH-369a–369b
Larson, C.J., PH-370
Larson, Mr. & Mrs. John, PH-371
Larson, O. "Loke", PH-372a–372b
Larson, Rev. D.L., PH-373
Larson, Rev. Petrus, PH-374
Larson, S. Oscar, PH-375
Laureen, H., PH-376
Lawer, Lucy, PH-377
Lawson, Evald, PH-377a
Liedberg, C.V., PH-378
Liljedahl, J.E., PH-379
Lincoln, Rev. Julius, PH-380
Lind, Mr. & Mrs. C.G., PH-381
Lind, Jenny, PH-382a–382c
Lind, V.J., PH-383
Lindahl, Josua, PH-384a-384b–385
Lindahl, S.P.A., PH-386
Lindberg, C.E., PH-387a–387q
Lindberg, Charles, PH-388a–388b
Lindberg, Rev. P.M., PH-389a–389c
Lindblad, A.J., PH-390
Lindblom, Eric, PH-391
Lindblom, Robert, PH-392
Lindeblad, Rev. Henry Oliver, PH-393a–393b
Lindeen, Rev. Eugune Theodore, PH-394
Lindell, Rev., PH-395
Linder, Rev. F.A., PH-396a–396b
Linder, O.A., PH-397a–397j 
Linder, Sven Cyril, PH-398
Linderberg, C.G., PH-399
Swan, Gustaf N., PH-400
Lindquist, Dr. A.W., PH-401
Lindqvist, Mr. G.L., PH-402
Lundqvist, Matthew, PH-403
Lindquist, Rev. & Mrs., PH-404
Lindskog, Aurelia, PH-405
 Lindsköld, Swan, PH-406
Lindstedt, Ch. F., PH-407
Lindsten, Rev. P.E., PH-408
Lindstrand, Frans Alec, PH-409a– 409b
Lindstrom, Eric, PH-410

Box 6

Lindström, A.P., PH-411–412
Linell, Rev. T.O., PH-413–414
Linner, Rev., PH-415
Lofgren, Rev. David, PH-416
Lonnquist, C.A., PH-417
Queen Lovisa of Sweden, PH-418
Lund, Rev. Carl, PH-419
Lund, Hugo, PH-420
Lund, N.P., PH-421
Lund, Richard, PH-422
Lundahl, G., PH-423
Lundberg, J.O., PH-424
Lundell, Edv., PH-425
Lundberg, Leo, PH-426
Lundquist, Rev. & Mrs., PH-427
Lundquist, Rev., PH-428
Lundvall, Albin, PH-429
Löfgren children, PH-430
Magnuson, Rev. C.J., PH-431
Magnuson, W.X., PH-432
Magnusson, Dr. G.A., PH-433
Malm, G.N., PH-434a–434b 
Malmquist, Rev. A.G., PH-435–436
Malmquist, Frithiof, PH-437a–437c
Malmquist, Johan, PH-438
Mann, Dr. W.J., PH-439a–439b
Magny, Jonas, PH-440a–440b
Mariadahl, Kansas, PH-441
Martin, Rev. A.P., PH-442a-442b–443
Martin, Daniel, PH-444
Martin, Rev. W.P., PH-445
Martinson, Rev. Alfred, PH-446
Martin, Rev. V.A., PH-447
Mattson, Henry, PH-448 
Mauritz Stolpe, Rev. Johan Gustaf, PH-449 
Mauren, Axel, PH-450
Miller, Rev. & Mrs. S.P., PH-451
Modin, Rev. Bernhard, PH-452
Moren, Rev. Olof, PH-453
Morland, C.O., PH-454
Morris, Eveline, PH-455
Mortonson, Natanael, PH-456
Morton, J.E., PH-457
Myers, W.H., PH-458
Myhrman, Othelia, PH-459a–459b
Neander, J.P., PH-460
Nelander, Rev. & Mrs. Edward, PH-461
Nelson, Mrs. A.P., PH-462
Nelson, Rev. Adolph, PH-463a–463b
Nelson, Augustus, PH-464
Nelson, Carl R., PH-466
Nelson, Ed., PH-467
Nelson, Gustaf, PH-468
Nelson, Lars Petter, PH-469
Nelson, M.A., PH-470
Newmam, S.B., PH-471
Nibelius, Rev. Fredrik, PH-472
Nilsson, Dr. Viktor, PH-473
Norberg, Michael U., PH-474
Nordgren, Rev. J.V., PH-475
Nordling, Rev., PH-476
Nordström, Larry, PH-477
Norelius, Eric, PH-478a–478c
Norelius, Inga Charlotta, PH-479
Norell, Olof, PH-480
Norrbom, Rev., PH-481
Norrby, Rev. J.T., PH-482
Norstedt, George, PH-483
Nyberg, Gustaf, PH-484
Nyqvist family, PH-485
Nyquist, Rev. & Mrs. Jonas P., PH-486
Nystrom, Anna Hedlund, PH-487
Nyvall, Prof. David, PH-488a–488b
Nyvall, Rev. J.N., PH-489
Oberg, C.J., PH-490
Odahl, Anna, PH-491
Ohlman, Oscar, PH-492
Okerlund, Bengt, PH-493
Olander, Rev., PH-494
Olander, Rev. & Mrs. J.T.O., PH-495
Olson, Alexander, PH-496
Olson, Rev. Augustus G., PH-497
Olson, E.W., PH-498, 499
Olson, Mr. & Mrs. Erik, PH-500
Olson, Ernest W., PH-501
Olson, G.W., PH-502
Olson, Rev. & Mrs. Gottfrid, PH-503
Olson, Rev. Oscar, PH-504a–504b
Olson, L.E., PH-505
Olson, Sander Hjalmar, PH-506
Olsenius, Joel, PH-507
Olsson, Anna & Maria, PH-508–509a-509b
Olsson, Johannes, PH-510
Olsson, Dr. Olof, PH-511a–511g

Box 7

Olsson, Olof, PH-512
King Oscar II of Sweden, PH-514
Ostrom, Agnes, PH-515
Ostrom, Rev. Alfred, PH-516a–516b
Ostrom, Daniel, PH-517
Ostrom, H. Conrad, PH-518
Öhman, Rev. Karl, PH-519
Östberg, Ragnar, PH-521
Österberg, Rev. S.J., PH-522
Peal, Mrs. Charles, PH-524
Peal, Charles, PH-525
The Peale Boys, PH-526
Pearson, Rev. Martin, PH-527
Pearson, Rev. Peter, PH-528
Pearson, Pasto., PH-529
Pearson, W. Roderick, PH-530
Peterson, Rev. Arthur, PH-531
Peterson, C.F., PH-532
Petterson, F.A., PH-533
Peterson, F.E., PH-534
Peterson, Rev. Frank E., PH-535
Peterson, Rev. George E., PH-536
Peterson, Jennie, PH-539
Peterson, Otto, PH-540
Peterson, P.N., PH-541
Peterson, Peter, PH-542
Peterson, Rev. Peter, PH-543
Peterson, Mrs. Peter, PH-544
Peterson, Serafia, PH-545a–545c
Petri, Dr. C.J., PH-546a–546b
Petri, Mrs. C.J., PH-547
Petri, Dr. & Mrs., PH-548
Persenius, Rev. J.M., PH-549
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PH-550
Pihlblad, E.F., PH-551
Portland, Maine, PH-552
Princell, Rev., PH-553–554
Rabenius, Rev. K.N., PH-555a–555b
Rask, Rev. & Mrs. Carl H., PH-556
Randolph, Rev. C.A., PH-557
Ranseen, Dr. M.C., PH-558–560
Rast, Gustaf, PH-561a–561b
Swedish Lutheran Church building, PH-562
Reese, Rev. Andrew, PH-563
Rehmers, Rev. & Mrs., PH-564
Rehnstrom, Rev. J.E., PH-565
Renhard, Rev., PH-566
Renhard, Rev. & Mrs. C.J., PH-567
Rislund, Eric, PH-568
Rislund, PH-569
Rochow, Alfons., PH-570
Rock Island, Illinois, PH-571
Rodell, Rev. A.R., PH-572a–572b
Rohlffs, Neal, PH-573
Roos, Herman, PH-574
Rosander, PH-575
Rosenberg, J.E., PH-576
Rosenberg, John, PH-577
Rosenius, C.O., PH-578a–578b
Rosenthal, Rev., PH-579
Rosin, Nels, PH-580
Ross, N. Jönsson, PH-581a–581b
Roth, D. Luther, PH-582
Rydberg, P.A., PH-583–584
Rydbäck, Jonas Edward, PH-585
Ryden, Dr. E.E., PH-586
Rydqvist, A.G.E., PH-587
Rüppa, Joseph, PH-588
Rupp, Solomon S., PH-589
Salt Lake City, Utah, PH-590
Samuelson, Josephine, PH-591
Sand, Rev. Alex, PH-592
Sandberg, Helge, PH-593
Sandblad, Nils, PH-594
Sandell, O.A.S., PH-595
Sandell, Rev. & Mrs. Michel, PH-596
Sandeen, Enoch, PH-597
Sanders, C.L., PH-598
Sandqvist, Mrs., PH-599
Stolpe, Mauritz, see: PH-449 
Von Shéele, Lady Gustava, PH-600a–600c
Von Shéele, Bishop Henning, PH-601a–601g

Box 8

Schuck, Rev. Edvard, PH-602
Schultz, C.G., PH-603
Schwinfurth, G.J., PH-604
Scott, Rev. A.L., PH-605
Setterdahl, Rev. V., PH-606
Shanor, Rev. Prof. H.K., PH-607
Siegbahn, Manne, PH-608
Silversten, C.J., PH-609
Sjöbring, Bishop, PH-610, 611a–611b
Skarstedt, Mr. & Mrs. Ernst, PH-612
Skoglund, Arvid G., PH-613
Skarstedt, Prof. Carl Vilhelm, PH-614
Slattengren, Eleanor, PH-615
Soderlund, Joel, PH-616
Spaeth, Prof. Adolf, PH-617
Stamline, Rev. J.A., PH-618
Stark, Rev. A.W., PH-619, 620
Stark, Rev. & Mrs. Edward, PH-621
Stark, Rev. G.K., PH-622–623b
Stenberg, Mathilda, PH-624
Von Stockenström, Herman, PH-625a–625b
Stople, Dr. Gustav, PH 626–629
Strand, Carl, PH-630
Stratford, Iowa, PH-631
Strömberg, Leonard, PH-632
Sundell, Edward, PH-633
Svedberg, Theodor, PH-634
Swan, Arthur, PH-635a-635p–636 
Swan, Rev. E.P., PH-637
Swan, G.N., PH-638–639a-639b
Swanberg, Rev. Fredrik Nicolaus, PH- 640a–640d
Swanson, Rev. Herbert, PH-641
Swanson, John/Charles, PH-642
Swanson, S. Hjalmar, PH-643
Sward, Rev. Carl, PH-644
Sweden's Royal Family, PH-645
Swenson, Rev. A.N., PH-646
Swenson, John. A., PH-647
Swenson, Rev. Jonas, PH-648–650
Swenson, Maria Blixt, PH-651
Swenson, Rev. Nels Wilhelm, PH-652
Swensson, Dr. Carl Aaron, PH-653a-653h–654
Swensson, John S., PH-655
Swärd, Dr. P.J., PH-656a–656b
Söderström, Alfred, PH-657
Söderblom, Anna, PH-658
Söderblom, PH-659
Tegleen, John P., PH-660
Teje, Tora, PH-661

Box 9

Telleen, Rev. Johannes, PH-662a-662b,663a-663b–664
Tellen, Judge Leonard, PH-665
Thoren, Rev. A.V., PH-666
Thorén, V.N., PH-667
Thorsmark, Charles E., PH-668
Thulin, Rev. N.P., PH-669
Tolin, Rev. C.A., PH-670
Tolin, Mr. & Mrs. John, PH-671
Tolin, N.P., PH-672
Trued, Rev. Alf E., PH-673
Turnblad, Magnus, PH-674
Turnblad, Swan J., PH-675–676
Tusdahl, Elsa, PH-678
Uhler, Dr. J.P., PH-679
Uhrus, Frank William, PH-680
Undset, Sigrid, PH-681
Vestling, V.I., PH-682
Wahlström, Dr. & Mrs. Matthias, PH-683
Waldenström, P.P., PH-684
Wallenius, C.G., PH-685
Wanglin, Erik, PH-686
Wennerberg, Helen, PH-687
Warner, Ninian, PH-688
Westerberg, Rev. A.P., PH-689
Westerlund, Eric Abraham, PH-690
Westerberg, Hedvig, PH-691
Westerlind, A.M., PH-692
Westerlind, Aksel, PH-693
Whitefield, Axel, PH-694
Wick, B.L., PH-695
Wicklund, Gustaf, PH-696–697
Widen, Rev. C.G., PH-698
Widén, E., PH-699
Prince William of Sweden, PH-700
Williams, John, PH-701
Williamson, A.W., PH-702
Wilson, Rev. Lawrence, PH-703
Wilson, Wilford, PH-704
Wistrand, J. Herman, PH-705
Wistrand, Wilhemina Catherine, PH-706
 Woodhull, Rev. Swanburg, PH-707
Wonfält, Arthur, PH-708
Youngberg, Rev. & Mrs. C.J., PH-709
Youngberg, Hugo A., PH-710a–710b
Youngdahl, Anton C., PH-711
Younggren, J.J., PH-712
Youngert, Dr. Sven Gustaf, PH-713a–714
Zetterstrand, Rev. Prof. E., PH-715a–715c
Zetterstrand, Mrs. E.A., PH-716


Church conference in Stromsborg, Nebraska, PH-717 (Oversized Box 1)
First Lutheran Church Confirmation Class (Rock Island, Ill.), PH-718 (Oversized Box 1)
Upsala College Class of 1909 (East Orange, N.J.), PH-719 (Oversized Box 1)
Grace Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1905 (Rankin, Ill.), PH-720–721 (Oversized Box 1)
Grace Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1911 (Rankin, Ill.), PH-722 (Oversized Box 1)
Grace Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1901 (Rankin, Ill.), PH-723 (Oversized Box 1)
First Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1897 (Paxton, Ill.), PH-724 (Oversized Box 1)
28th Annual John Ericsson Day Dinner (Rock Island, Ill.) 1922, PH-725 (Oversized Box 1)
Ebenezer Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1920 (Chicago, Ill.), PH-726 (Oversized Box 1)
Group portrait of the Ekstrom family (Effington, S.D.) 1909, PH-727
Jacobson family collage, PH-728 (Oversized Box 1)
John Deere Tractor Company employees, Moline (Ill.) 1900, PH-729
Benton Sunday School (S.D.), PH-730
Benton Luther League (S.D.), PH-731
Interior of Benton Church (S.D.), PH-732
Benton Ladies Aid (S.D.), PH-733
Lutheran Aid Society, Elbow Lake (Minn.), PH-734
Interior of Fridhem Church (Barrett, Minn.), PH-735
Fridhem Church, Barrett (Minn.), PH-736
Deacons from Sioux Falls (S.D.), PH-737
St. John Lutheran Church Confirmation Class (Renovo, Pa.) 1916, PH-738
Swedish Olive Lodge Chorus (Moline, Ill.) 1914, PH-739
First Lutheran Church Choir (Moline, Ill.) circa 1886, PH-740
P.J. Swärd (duplicate of PH-656a), PH-741
S.P.A. Lindahl, PH-742
Dr. L.G. Abrahamson, PH-743
G.A. Brandelle, PH-744
Ludwig Holmes, PH-745
[O.V. Holmgrain], PH-746
American Union of Swedish Singers in Stockholm, Sweden, 1892, PH-747
Augustana Synod 50th Anniversary, Burlington, Iowa, 1918, PH-748 (Shared oversized Box)
American Federation of Lutheran Brotherhoods, second biennial convention banquet, Chicago, 1929, PH-749
First Lutheran Church (Moline, Ill.) Confirmation Class of 1912, PH-750
Swedish Olive Lodge (Moline, Ill.) Degree Staff, Minneapolis, Minn. September 1913, PH-751
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Orion, Ill.) 1895 Confirmation Class, PH-752 (Shared oversized Box)
Orion High School (Orion, Ill.) graduating class of 1924, PH-753
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Orion, Ill.) Confirmation Class of 1919, PH-754
Joseph Emanuel Bodén, drawing as a child circa 1885, PH-755 (Shared oversized Box)
Lutheran Educational Conference (Chicago, Ill), Silver Jubilee Banquet, PH-756
Trinity Lutheran Church (Stillwater, Minn.) Confirmation Class, circa 1906-1920, PH-757
First Lutheran Church (Moline, Ill.) interior, PH-758

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