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Harriet E. Carlson papers, 1921-2004


Collection Title:    
Harriet E. Carlson papers

Collection Number:    
MSS P:337

1921-2004 and undated

7 boxes (3 linear feet) plus 1 oversized box


Carlson, Harriet E., 1922-2003

Subject Headings:
Women authors
Women copy writers
Newspapers--Sections, columns, etc.--Women.
National League of American Pen Women
Travel writing.
Political campaigns--1960-1970
Political campaigns--1970-1980
Political campaigns--1980-1990
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
Children's writings

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.

The collection represents the lifetime of a Swedish-American Harriet Carlson’s work in advertising, writing, and publishing. Carlson worked in advertising for Carson Pirie Scott & Co. and Tatham-Laird Advertising Agency where she wrote copy for accounts such as Swanson TV Dinners, Kix Cereal for General Mills in the 1940s and 1950s. Carlson later developed her own newspaper syndicate selling weekly features for women’s pages under the pseudonym Fritchie Saunders. Her articles appeared in over 40 publications in the U.S. and abroad. A large portion of the collection centers on Carlson’s writing, editing, and quest to publish a manuscript and screenplay. She was also active in the political scene (Republican party), wrote about her travels abroad, and was involved in the professional organization National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW). Her book, New Horizons for the Housewife: A Guide to a More Interesting Life was published in 1969 by New York Pilot Books. 


Conditions Governing Access:    
Collection is open for research. No photocopies or images are allowed of the diaries and journal in Series I. 

Reproduction and Use:    
Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright. Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the Swenson Center and the copyright holder. 

Preferred Citation:    
[item identification], in MSS P:337 Harriet E. Carlson papers, Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. 


Donated to the Swenson Center in 2005 by Elmira Smith Wilkey, a friend and colleague of Harriet Carlson, via William Carlson, a relative of Harriet’s. Additions receiving in 2005 and 2007 from Elmira Smith Wilkey. 

Publication Note:    

  • Carlson, Harriet. “New Horizons for the Housewife: A Guide to a More Interesting Life.” Pilot Books, 1969. Swenson Center’s copy cataloged into Immigration library collection. 
  • Brown, Helen T. “Honey in the Wind.” Bourbonnais, Illinois, Bronte Press, 1999. Harriet co-edited this collection of poetry with Elmira Smith Wilkey and Charlotta E. Healy. Swenson Center’s copy cataloged into Immigration library collection.

Processed By:    
Lisa Huntsha, 2015. Updated in 2018.


Administrative/Biographical History:    
Harriet Eunice (born Elivesa) Carlson was born 15 November 1922 in Evanston, Illinois to Conrad Carlson (1885-1934) and Eunice Lydia Hokanson (1894-?). All of her grandparents were Swedish immigrants who came to the United States in the 1890s. After losing her father to illness at a young age, Harriet took up writing, documenting her daily life in diaries that express her frustration in her youth at wanting to become successful and not knowing what the future holds. 

After graduating from high school, Harriet found work as a comparison shopper and, later, the assistant to the head of the department at Marshall Field & Company (1941-1944). She then became Copywriter and Head of Home Furnishings Advertising at Carson Pirie Scott & Company (1944-1947). She left Carson’s to advance to the position of Group Copy Director at the Tatham-Laird Advertising Agency (1947-1956) where she wrote copy for accounts such as Swanson TV Dinners, Kix Cereal for General Mills and Toni. She was the first woman in the agency to be made a stockholder. She then left advertising world to become a freelance writer. 

Harriet wrote newspaper articles and advice columns under her own name and the pen name Fritchie Saunders. She developed her own newspaper syndicate selling weekly features for women’s pages to the St. Petersburg Times, Toledo Blade, Detroit Free Press, and others. She also wrote educational filmstrips and jokes for Phyllis Diller as well as screenplays and book manuscripts. Her articles appeared in over 40 publications in the U.S. and abroad. She struggled throughout her adulthood to fine-tune and publish a historical fiction novel “Hallelujah Whippoorwill,” which remains unpublished. Similarly, she struggled to sell a screen play “Big in New York” which she wrote with friend James L. Findley. She was involved in professional organizations, namely the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), a national organization of professional women artists, composers, and writers, founded in 1897, where she held officer positions.

Harriet was also active in the political scene (Republican) and traveled the world in the 1980s and 1990s. Her published work, "New Horizons for the Housewife: A Guide to a More Interesting Life" was published in 1969 by New York Pilot Books. 

Scope and Content:    
The collection represents the lifetime of a Swedish-American woman’s work in advertising, writing, and publishing. The bulk of the collection centers on Carlson’s writing, self-editing, notes, inspiration, and quest to publish a manuscript and screenplay. 

System of Arrangement:    
The collection is arranged in the following series:

  • Series I: Childhood Papers (1922-1948 and undated) includes examples of Harriet’s writing as a child and young adult. 
  • Series II: Family Papers (1890-1966 and undated) includes family letters and records from the Hokanson, Gustafson, and Carlson families. 
  • Series III: Correspondence (1921-2002 and undated) includes correspondence between Harriet and her mother Eunice, correspondence with Harry & David Company regarding potential employment, and letters from Harriet to collection donor Elmira Smith Wilkey.
  • Series IV: Personal Notes, Inspiration, Spirituality (1941-1998 and undated) includes lists of goals, accomplishments, and books read; notes of inspiration from readings; a writing notebook; a book where Harriet noted new vocabulary words; and a few spiritual prayers. 
  • Series V: Politics (1968-1983 and undated) includes a few folders of materials mostly related to the United Republican Fund of Illinois, including political event programs, correspondence, clippings, and “The Trumpeter” newsletter. Also includes a few cards from politicians including Otto Kerner, Richard Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson, Richard Daley, and Ronald Reagan. 
  • Series VI: Travel (1939-1997) includes mostly travel reports written by Harriet following her trips to locations such as Egypt, Morocco, and India. Also includes some notebooks kept during these and domestic trips and a few letters. 
  • Series VII: Working Life (1944-2001 and undated) includes subseries related to her advertising work, newspaper and article writing, screenplay writing, and manuscript projects. 
    • Subseries I: Advertising (1944-1956 and undated) includes advertisement work-ups and clippings from her work in fashion and home good advertising for Carson Pirie Scott & Co. and at Tathum-Laird Advertising Agency. 
    • Subseries II: Column & Articles (1954-1991 and undated) includes Harriet’s mostly published newspaper columns and magazine articles, especially those written under penname Fritchie Saunders, which was a syndicated newspaper column in women’s pages. Also includes some humorous writing (gags sold to Phyllis Diller), and notes on income from her writing. An index to these columns/articles is included at the end of this finding aid. 
    • Subseries III: Screenplays (1957-1997 and undated) includes Harriet’s one-act plays and classroom film scripts, a script “The Black American,” a screenplay that was never produced titled “Big in New York,” and correspondence seeking representation for that script, and Harriet’s research on writing and selling screenplays. 
    • Subseries IV: Manuscripts/Books (1948, 1951, 1970-2001 and undated) includes correspondence regarding Harriet’s published book “New Horizons for the Housewife,” and unpublished manuscripts “September Lease” and “Hallelujah Whippoorwill.” Also includes lots of research and correspondence regarding trying to sell “Hallelujah Whippoorwill.” 
  • Series VIII: Professional Participation (1970-2004 and undated)  includes information mostly from the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW). Harriet held several officer positions in this organization and with the organization’s publication, “The Pen Woman.” Also includes awards and recognitions won by Harriet. 
  • Series IX: Photographs (1950-1984 and undated) includes photographs of Harriet throughout her life and some of her family members, both identified and unidentified. 

Collection Inventory:    

Box 1 

Series I: Childhood papers

1.  Baby book & cards, 1922
2.  School story “Shining Straw,” 1936
3.  Early/teenage poetry, 1936
4.  Theatre, drama, acting, 1933-1948
5.  Diaries, 1930-1936
6.  Journal, 1937-1939
7.  Line-a-Day-Diary, 1938-1940
8.  Writing aptitude result, 1940
9.  Calumet High School yearbook pages from “The Temulac,” 1940
10.  Scrapbook, circa 1932-1942
11.  School Nature Project (“Mostly About Birds”) poetry, etc., undated
12.  Greeting/Holiday cards, 1920s & 1930s
13.  Childhood art, undated
14.  Lists of Books, Likes/Dislikes, undated
15.  Clipping, undated

Box 2

Series II: Family papers

1.  Early family papers (letters, deeds, wills, receipts), 1891-1932 & undated
2.  Family papers of Eunice Hokanson Carlson Anderson and Victor Anderson, 1898-1966
3.  Hokanson family notes, undated
4.  August and Emma Hokanson obituaries, 1926 & 1932
5.  August Hawkinson Ministerialattest, 1890
6.  Albert Hawkinson and Hulda Gustafson handwritten data, undated
7.  Eunice Lydia Hokanson Carlson report cards, 1903-1909
7a. Addition in 2007: Hulda Gustafson wedding invitation, notes in milestones in the family, 1902 and undated

Series III: Correspondence

8.  Harriet and Eunice correspondence, 1921-1983 (Includes letter to Harriet from White House secretary to Eleanor Roosevelt)
9.  Letters sent to Harriet Carlson, 1950s-1980s & undated
10.  Correspondence with Harry & David Company regarding potential employment, 1984
11.  Letters from Harriet to Elmira Smith Wilkey, 1994-2002

Series IV: Personal Notes, Inspiration, Spirituality

12.  Goals, reflections on work, lists of accomplishments, 1941-1998 and undated
13.  Ideas for articles, inspirational quotes and clippings, 1946, 1960-1973, 1983 and undated
14.  Prayers, 1963-1992 and undated
15.  Notes from books read (mostly self-help type books), undated
16.  Notes from books read (mostly self-help type books), undated
17.  Notebook of books read, 1964-1985

Box 3

1.  Writing ideas notebook, undated
2.  Vocabulary notebook, undated

Series V: Politics 

3.  Political event programs, United Republican Fund of Illinois, 1968-1977
4.  Correspondence, clippings and “The Trumpeter” newsletter from United Republican Fund of Illinois, 1968-1983
5.  Cards from politicians (Otto Kerner, Richard Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson, Richard Daley, Ronald Reagan), 1968-1976 and undated
(Also see scrapbooks in oversized box)
Series VI: Travel
6.  Travel notes and letters, 1939-1967

Travel Reports

7.  “My Trip to the Orient,” 1987
8.  “Egypt: A Different World” (and trip notes), 1989
9.  “Bangkok, Bali and Beyond,” 1990
10.  “A New Orleans and Natchez Christmas,” 1990
11.  “Impressions: A Trip to the Holy Land,” 1991
12.  “An African Safari,” 1993
13.  “A Trip Around Morocco,” 1995
14.  “New Mexico: Christmas,” 1995
15.  “India - Land of Incredible Contrasts,” 1997

Box 4

Series VII: Working Life 

Subseries I: Advertising 

1.  Work-up for fashion ads, Carson’s (Carson Pirie Scott & Co.), undated
2.  Loose fashion advertisement clippings, attributed to Harriet, 1947 and undated
3.  Carson Pirie Scott & Co. letters and advertisements, 1944-1947 and undated
4.  Work at Tathum-Laird Advertising Agency, 1947-1956
(Also see scrapbooks and advertisements in oversized box)

Subseries II: Columns and Articles

5.  Earnings from writing, 1956-1980
6.  Lists of articles written, 1959-1977 and undated
7.  Selling humorous writing/gags (including Phyllis Diller), 1964-1966 and undated

Fritchie Saunders syndicated newspaper column

8.  Newspaper columns, 1956-1963 (see index, below)
9.  Newspaper columns (archival photocopies), 1956-1963
10.  Typed articles, 1962 and undated
11.  Letters and fan mail, 1956-1963
12.  Correspondence on publishing articles and newspapers, 1952-1988

Harriet Carlson newspaper articles

13.  Newspaper articles, 1958-1991 (see index, below)
14.  Newspaper articles (archival photocopies), 1958-1991
Published articles
15.  Magazines, 1954-1971 (see index, below)

Box 5

1.  Magazines, 1971-1990 and undated (see index, below)
2.  Other articles (published/unpublished), 1961 and undated (see index, below)
(Also see scrapbooks in oversized box)

Subseries III: Screenplays

3.  One act plays and classroom film scripts, 1957 and undated
4. “The Black American” script, undated  
5.  “Big in New York” screenplay, 1995
6.  “Big in New York” letters seeking representation, 1990-1996
7.  “Big in New York” screenplay treatment and standard release, undated
8.  Clippings and notes on how to write a screenplay, 1991-1997

Subseries IV: Manuscripts/Books

September Lease

9.  Manuscript, unpublished, undated

New Horizons for the Housewife

10.  Letter regarding book, 1970
11.  Correspondence regarding copyright, 1976

Box 6

Hallelujah Whippoorwill

1-3.  Manuscript, unpublished, undated
4.  Storyline and synopsis, undated
5.  Notes and research, 1948, 1951, 2000 and undated
6.  Consultant advice (Phyllis W. Heald), 1981 & 1986
7-8.  Rejection letters from publishers and literary agents, 1981-2002 and undated
9.  Harriet’s prayer for success in publishing, undated
10.  Research on publishers and literary agents, 1981-2002 and undated
11.  Research on publishing and internet publishing, 1991-2001 and undated

Box 7

Series VIII: Professional Participation

1.  “The Pen Woman” issues, 1972-1996
2.  “The Pen Woman” issues, 1997-2000
3.  “The Pen Woman” articles, undated
4.  National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) correspondence, notes from meetings/conventions, Harriet’s campaigns for offices, 1970-2002 and undated
5.  Who’s Who of American Women, 1981
6.  Awards and recognitions, 1964-1998 and undated
7.  Women in Communications, Inc. North Shore Chapter newsletter, edited by Harriet, 1984
8.  Newspaper clippings about Harriet, 1956, 1958, 1971 and undated
9.  Other professional and biographical information, 1970-1974, 1991, 2004 and undated

Series IX: Photographs

10.  Harriet Carlson, 1930s-1984 and undated, ph 1-8
11.  Harriet Carlson’s family members, 1920, 1939, and undated, ph 9-14
12.  From photo album, undated, 1914, 1920, 1921 (bulk) and undated, ph 15-48
13.  Unidentified, 1958 and undated

Box 8 (Oversized)

•    Album of Harriet Carlson’s work at Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Tatham-Laird, Inc. (including Swanson advertising), 1950-1955 and undated
•    Album of newspaper articles (including those written under the pseudonym Fritchie Saunders), articles in Ave Maria, work for the Reagan campaign, etc. including letter from Nancy Reagan, 1957-1981 and undated
•    Carons Pirie Scott & Co. advertisements, 1946 and undated
•    Tatham-Laird advertisements 1950-1953 and undated

Index to Fritchie Saunders newspaper columns, 1956-1963
•    “Ever Tire of ‘the Same Old Parties’?” Chicago Sunday Tribune, November 4, 1956
•    “These Parties Were Simple--and Fun,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, December 2, 1956
•    “The Real Lady: By These Signs You Can Know Her,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, January 6, 1957
•    “The Real Gentleman: By These Signs You Can Know Him,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, January 27, 1957
•    “How Funny Are You? Facts on Funnies for Top Tale Tellin’” St. Petersburg Times, February 17, 1957
•    “How ‘Disorganized’ Is Your House?” St. Petersburg Times, March 24, 1957
•    “What’s Going on Inside a Man’s Mind?” St. Petersburg Times, April 21, 1957
•    “You Can Bring Him Out of That Shell,” St. Petersburg Times, April 28, 1957
•    “Way House Looks Tells the Story,” St. Petersburg Times, May 5, 1957
•    “How Funny Are You? Women Are Apt To Forget Punch Line, Or Reveal It Too Soon,” Toledo Blade, June 9, 1957
•    “Having Your Fortune Told Could Mean Misfortune,” St. Petersburg Times, June 16, 1957
•    “Pleasure for Children: The Unexpected Is Sometimes Real Adventure,” Toledo Blade, June 21, 1957
•    “Formula for 50 Years of Married Bliss,” St. Petersburg Times, June 23, 1957 
•    “We All Have Personality; Yours Can Be Appealing,” St. Petersburg Times, June 30, 1957
•    “Our Intentions Are Good, But-- Million Fine Deeds Left Unaccomplished Daily,” Toledo Blade, July 14, 1957
•    “A Modest, Thoughtful Surprise Can Be A Big Lift To A Person You Like,” Toledo Blade, July 19, 1957
•    “What Housewives Feel Low: Fastest Cure for the Blues,” Detroit Free Press, November 24, 1957
•    “Seek Out Reasonable Facsimiles Instead Of Waiting For Big Things,” Toledo Blade, April 20, 1958
•    “Where’s The Hostess Who’ll Be Different With Party Plans?” Toledo Blade, April 27, 1958
•    “Are You In A Rut? Well, Let’s Make A Few Quick Changes,” Toledo Blade, May 11, 1958  
•    “Femininity An Illusion, Attitude,” Toledo Blade, July 27, 1958
•    “It Tickles Children When Adults Play Games With Them,” Toledo Blade, November 23, 1958
•    “Pre-Holiday Resolutions May Make It A Merrier Christmas,” Toledo Blade, December 14, 1958
•    “Are The Girls Guilty? Man Says Women Have Four Serious Faults,” Toledo Blade, December 21, 1958
•     “‘Worry Book’ Often Shelves Worries Of N.Y. Business Woman,” Toledo Blade, January 11, 1959
•    “Something New Usually Pays,” Toledo Blade, January 25, 1959
•    “OK, Folks, Let’s Take A Stand,” Toledo Blade, February 15, 1959
•    “Early To Bed, Early To Rise Is Her Secret,” Toledo Blade, Mary 15, 1959
•    “Let’s Improve Ourselves,” Toledo Blade, July 26, 1959
•    “Self Control? How’s Yours?” Toledo Blade, January 31, 1960 (reprint in Monroe-Central Business and Professional Women’s Club)
•    “Sharpen Senses Is New Game,” The Blade, February 21, 1960
•    “Child Must Learn How To Spend!” The Blade, March 6, 1960
•    “New Lease on Life,” The Blade, May 8, 1960
•    “Charm Is A Blessing,” The Blade, June 5, 1960
•    “Advice Can Spoil Any Friendship,” June 12, 1960
•    “It Takes A Little Planning To Live Happily Ever After,” The Blade, July 10, 1960
•    “There’s No Place Like Own Home To Win Valid Popularity Contest,” The Blade, August 14, 1960
•    “There’s No Place Like Own Home To Win Valid Popularity Contest,” The Blade, August 14, 1960
•    “Eight Big Reasons Spur Nervousness,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 20, 1961
•    “Popular People Possess Traits That Fall Into Three Categories,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 27, 1961
•    “Milady Wastes Her Time Mulling Inconsequentia,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, July 18, 1961
•    “Only A Wife Could Be So Tactless,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, July 28, 1961
•    “Don’t Let Those Good Deeds Lag,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, August 3, 1961
•    “Friendship Carrier Many Obligations,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, September 8, 1961
•     “What Kind Of Traveler Are You?” The Detroit Free Press, June 3, 1962
•    “For a Happy Life,” Detroit Free Press, June 8, 1962
•    “For a Happy Life It’s Fun To--” Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 19, 1962
•    “Tell Your Hostess What You Would Like!” Detroit Free Press, August 1, 1962
•    “Prince Bertil Fills the Description Of a True-to-Life Prince Charming,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, March 31, 1963
•    “Look for Little Pleasures in Life,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, May 27, 1963
•    “Loneliness Suggests Absence of Interest,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 2, 1963
•    “Irritation Starts Chain Reaction,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 4, 1963
•    “Curiosity, Enthusiasm Makes Vacations Better,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, July 3, 1963
•    “Kindness Fosters Friendship!” Green Bay Press-Gazette, July 8, 1963
•    “Wishes Are Important Structures,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, August 5, 1963
•    “Generosity Comes From Warm-Hearted Thought,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, August 6, 1963
•    “For a Happy Life--” Green Bay Press-Gazette, August 18, 1963
•    “Use Individual Touch To Put Zest Into Life,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, August 22, 1963
•    “For a Much Happier Life:” Green Bay Press-Gazette, September 9, 1963
•    “Bustling, Balanced Day Makes Housework Pay,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, September 22, 1963
•    “Inspiration Should Be Organized,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, October 24, 1963
•    “For a Happier Life.” Green Bay Press-Gazette, December 16, 1963

Index to Harriet Carlson newspaper articles, 1958-1991
•    “Surprises Galore! We Just Yearn for More,” The Minneapolis Star, September 22, 1958
•    “The Full, Happy Life of Dick Kinney,” Midwest: Magazine of the Chicago Sun-Times, November 1, 1964
•    “Illinois Holds Record for Deaths From Tornadoes,” Chicago Sun-Times, April 23, 1967
•    “Words to the Housewife: Take Action!” Chicago Tribune, May 17, 970
•    “Bishop Hill: Old Swedish Settlement,” Chicago Tribune, April 30, 1972
•    “Dorka Raynor, Photographer,” The Christian Science Monitor, November 7, 1974
•    “Backyard détente with wildlife: You can coexist in a friendly way with suburban animals,” The Christian Science Monitor, December 24, 1974
•    “Hometowns come to live in Lewis paintings,” The Christian Science Monitor, May 21, 1975
•    “Marching to a Different Horn: Civil War Vintage” The Christian Science Monitor, October 28, 1976
•    “What this country needs is a good nap,” Chicago Tribune, July 24, 1989
•    “Beware the onslaught of Green Grass Ego,” Chicago Tribune April 17, 1991
•    “Touring Europe by Bicycle,” LifeTimes, June 1991

Index to published magazine articles, 1954-1990 and undated
•    “Wood Carving Made Easy: Carl Hallsthammar,” Lifetime Living: The Magazine for People who Plan Ahead, 1954
•    “Destination Mexico,” Catholic Youth, March 1960
•    “Power of a Girl Scout,” Ave Maria: National Catholic Weekly, July 2, 1960
•    “Old Saint Nickerson,” Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, December 1960
•    “Something To Do for Girls,” Children’s Playmate, January 1961
•    “Lillian Budd,” The American Swedish Monthly, January 1961
•    “Add to Your Culture…and Have Fun, Too.” Peerless Stationery’s Modern Secretary, April 1961
•    “The Friendly Month of May,” Mother’s Home Life, May 1961
•    “A Truth in Time,” Today’s Secretary, June 1961
•    “Result of a Celebration: Swedish Pioneer Centennial,” The American Swedish Monthly, June 1961
•    “Chicago Museum Collection,” The American Swedish Monthly, July 1961
•     “The Study Of Scandinavian Subjects Flourishes,” The American Swedish Monthly, December 1961
•    “Don’t Be a Slave To Your Money,” Brewer’s Modern Secretary, January 1962
•     “You Are Christ Called,” Augustana Lutheran Church Women, 1961-1962 program packet
•    “Four Never-Fail Topics For Small Talk,” The Sample Case, March 1962
•    “She Would Never Envy Again: Their Home Was Built on Love and Loyalty,” The Companion of Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, May 1962
•    “University of Courage: for blind persons everywhere…” The Lion, May 1962
•    “SPEBSQSA Spells Harmony,” Harvest Years, August 1962
•    “The Gift of Sight,” The Lutheran, August 4, 1965
•    “Are You a Good Leader?” Medina County Bank’s Hi-Lights, September-October 1965
•    “Charity is Champagne, Love and Roses,” Ave Maria: National Catholic Weekly, October 2, 1965
•    “It’s Contagious,” The Improvement Era, February 1966
•    “You’ll Know It When You See It,” The Companion of Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, April 1966
•    “With Zoom You Can Do Anything,” Red Star Weekly, December 13, 1969
•    “New Horizons For The Housewife,” The Pen Woman, June 1970
•    “Good Morning, I Am Fine,” Good Housekeeping, July 1970
•    “Goldblatts for Value,” Small World: Magazine of Nursery Furniture, October 1970
•    “The Sears Strategy: Juvenile Furniture is Exciting,” Small World: Magazine of Nursery Furniture, January 1971
•    “Everything Goes in Cycles,” The Pen Woman, February 1971
•    “Universal Lamp: a Glowing Growing Business,” Small World: Magazine of Nursery Furniture, May 1971
•    “ATF: Building Toys that Last,” Small World: Magazine of Nursery Furniture, September 1971
•    “Animal Interviews: Lakeside Chat with a Beaver,” [Adventure], [1971]
•    “One Month,” Lake Superior Review, 1972
•    “Good Luck, Richard Kinney!” The Link, July-August 1974
•    “Bishop Hill, Illinois,” Odyssey, September-October 1974
•    “It’s a First for Marriott,” Kitchen Planning, 1975
•    “There Never was a Cutie Like…Kewpie,” Good Old Days, March 1976
•    “Hennes Valg [Better Than Last Year],” Allers, Olso, 1976
•    “The Packable House and the Moveable Heart,” Messenger of the Sacred Heart, February 1977
•    “An Easter Acrostic,” “Pink Blossom Tree,” “To Enliven Your Easter Season,” Farm Wife News, March 1977
•    “Do You Keep a Little List?” The Pen Woman, June 1979
•    “Feeling Blue? Plan a Party,” Christian Single, February 1988
•    “Hoofbeats on the Prairie Review,” The Pen Woman, May 1988
•    “Artists, Would You Like To Write a Column?” The Pen Woman, May 1989
•    “22 Ways to Add Zest to Your Summer,” Christian Single, August 1989
•    “Thoughts While Mending a Mug,” Blue Ridge Country, May/June 1990
•    “A Moment in Spain,” Mature Living: A Christian Magazine for Senior Adults, October 1990
•    “Charles A. Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis,” unknown publication [Mott Adult Reading Center], undated [circa 1970]
•    “Oatmeal Box Makes Doll Chair,” Cooking ‘n Crafts…Just for Kids, undated

Index to other articles (published/unpublished), 1961 and undated
•    “On Our Way in the Morning,” undated
•    “New Road to Happiness,” 1961
•    “The Kangaroo Who Loved to Laugh,” undated
•    “Two Weeks Away,” undated
•    “We Threw Away a Fortune…but Never Again!” undated
•    “A Lifetime List of Dreams,” undated
•    “Pearl Buck’s One-Month Crusade,” undated
•    “Across My Path: Kitty Carlisle--The Woman Women Like,” undated
•    “Love that Rented Summer Cottage,” undated
•    “The Perfect Answer,” undated
•    “Take the Brakes Off Your Mind: The Creativity You Processes Can Improve Your Life,” undated
•    “A Valentine (of sorts) to George,” undated
•    “Animal Interviews: A Mountaintop Talk with an Eagle,” undated
•    “Impressions: A First Trip to the Orient,” undated
•    “The Goofy Guy,” undated
•    “The Soothing Charms of Barging--Through the Champagne Region of France,” undated

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