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AUSS Photograph Inventory


Series X: Photographs

Box 1

Glass plate negatives

1.    Group portrait of 67 men, outdoors, one man holds a camera
2.    Group portrait of 12 men, outdoors
3.    Group portrait of 23 men, outdoors
4.    Group portrait of 43 men, outdoors, drinking beer
5.    Group portrait of 14 men and two dogs, outdoors
6.    Group portrait of 38 men, 16 women and 2 children, outdoors
7.    Arpi singers and family, group portrait of 11 men, 7 women, 4 boys and 7 girls, outdoors in front of a tent, one man is holding a pick axe, one is holding a spade (upper right corner broken)
8.    Group portrait of 27 men and young men outdoors in the woods
9.    Group portrait of 12 men standing in and around a tree, watching two men play chess

Also includes a folder of images taken from the negatives (low quality, as it is a Xerox)

Box 2

Folder 1
From envelope labeled: Apri Male Chorus of Michigan 1996

1.    Group portrait, undated
2.    Swedish Arpi Male Chorus, Axel Lofgren, director, undated (“Arpi 5th” sign in background)
3.    Arpi Swedish Male Chorus of Detroit, Ivar G. Anderson, Director. Member American Union of Swedish Singers, Organized 1932
4.    Arpi Swedish Male Chorus of Detroit, Arthur A. White, Director. March 1942 (includes list of those pictured)
5.    Apri Male Chorus of Michigan 1996

Folder 2
From folder labeled “Mr. Gus Rickan”

6.    Portrait of man. Written on photo: “till mor från Fredrik”
7.    Portrait (negative 7.2)
8.    Portrait of man (same as ph 6)

Folder 3
Photo and its original envelope

9.    Picture of a presentation. From envelope labeled Mr. Gustaf Nehrman

Folder 4
Photos removed from sticky album (original order)

10.    AUSS Portland Oregon 1990 (concert portrait, color)
11.    AUSS Veterans Caribbean Cruise 1984 (color, “Boheme 1980” written on back)
12.    From AUSS 80th Anniversary tour to Sweden, 1973 (“1973 Emigrant Chorus” written on back. 7 men in hats pictured)
13.    AUSS Veterans, Stockholm Stadion, June 6, 1957 (men marching waving flags)
14.    Veterans Chorus Sweden Tour, Check in Here, 1957 (“Chicago Veteran Chorus, 1957” written on back)
15.    Chicago Veteran Chorus, Svithiod Singing Club 1964 (“Chicago Veterans Chorus, 1960” written on back”)
16.    Chicago Veteran Chorus, Harald Viking Club Roseland, 1966
17.    AUSS Tour to Hawaii 1970 (photo in front of airplane)
18.    Chicago Veteran Chorus, 1974 
19.    Chicago Veteran Chorus, 1976
20.    AUSS 80th Anniversary Tour to Sweden, Ronneby Brunn 1973 (color photograph)
21.    AUSS Veterans Chorus 1967 Scandinavian Good Will Tour (group photo getting onto a SAS airplane)
22.    Chicagoland Veteran Chorus 1980 (black and white)
23.    Chicagoland Veteran Chorus 1982 (color)\
24.    Lyran Chorus Rockford 1974
25.    Chicagoland Veteran Chorus 1986 (b/w)
26.    AUSS and Eskilstuna YMCA Chorus Chicago 1966
27.    The Ladies Convention Committee 1966
28.    Svithiod Singing Club Chicago 1970
29.    AUSS Board of Directors Meeting St. Paul 1968
30.    The American Union of Swedish Singers, Salt Lake City Utah, June 27, 1958 (in concert hall, words printed on photo)
31.    AUSS Cultural Heritage Foundation Annual Meeting 1991 (color)

Folder 5
From folder labeled “Bob Voedisch”

32.    Portrait: Martin Ahlm
33.    Portrait: Daniel Carlson
34.    Portrait: Bertil E. Brunk
35.    Swedish Glee Club (portrait reproduction) (mustaches and cummerbunds)
36.    SVEA Male Chorus Moline, IL (portrait reproduction)
37.    Svithiod Singing Club, Chicago ca. 1892 (portrait reproduction)
38.    Portrait of 4 AUSS members (in membership room – Rockford?), Martin Ahlm, Daniel Carlson, Carl E. Carlson
39.    Portrait: Pehr O. Bolling
40.    Portrait: H. Wesley Hilding
41.    Portrait: L. Einar Nilsson
42.    Portrait: Robert W. Voedisch
43.    Portrait: Robert W. Voedisch (enlargement of ph 42)
44.    Portrait: Erland Levine
45.    Portrait: Carl E. Anderson
46.    Portrait: Arthur O. Samuelson
47.    Portrait: Carl Larson (director: 1954-1958)
48.    Portrait: Seth E. Hokanson (director: 1968-1970)
49.    Portrait: Martin Ahlm (1966-1970)
50.    Portrait: Dan Olch (Pres. 1982-1986; ed. 1981-)
51.    Portrait: H. William Nordin (Dir. 1946-1950)
52.    Portrait: Hjalmar Nilsson (pres. 1910-1914, 1920-1924; editor: 1913-1924; dir. 1914)
53.    Portrait: Philip Anderson (1986-1990)
54.    Portrait: Henry Granat (1970-1974)
55.    Portrait: Joel Soderlund (ed. 1924-1938)
56.    Portrait: George N. Jefferson (1914-1920) (reproduction)
57.    Portrait: Magnus Olson (1892-1893) (reproduction)
58.    Portrait: Chas. K. Johansen (1893-1897, 1905-1910) (reproduction)
59.    Portrait: John Winnberg (1899-1901) (reproduction)
60.    Portrait: Olaf Nelson (1901-1905) (reproduction)
61.    Portrait: John Hellberg (1933-1946) (reproduction)
62.    Portrait: John R. Örtengren, first director-in-chief of AUSS (reproduction)
63.    Portrait: John O. Werner “on the life member page, lower right corner” (clipped from a publication)
64.    Sketch portrait: Emil Lindstedt, Lyran, New York, NY (reproduction)
65.    Sketch portrait: J.S. Swenson, Svithiods Sångkör, Chicago, Ill. (reproduction)
66.    Sketch portrait: O. Walline, Vega, St. Paul, Minn. (reproduction)
67.    Sketch portrait: Josef Hagström, Svenska Amatör Klubben, Brooklyn, NY(reproduction)
68.    Sketch portrait: Wilhelm Swenson, Sveas Söner, Rockford, Ill. (reproduction)
69.    Sketch portrait: P.E. Sjölund, Svenska Glee-klubben, Ironwood, Mich. (reproduction)
70.    Sketch portrait: A. Lindberg, Manskören Lyran, Chicago, Ill. (reproduction)
71.    Sketch portrait: Aug. Elfåker, Lyran, Pullman, Ill. (reproduction)
72.    Sketch portrait: John Björkman, Unga Svea, Minneapolis, Minn. (reproduction)

Folder 6
From folder labeled “Bob Voedisch” (continuation of folder 5)

73.    Portrait: Erland G. Levine
74.    Portrait: Carl E. Carlson
75.    Portrait: R. Hulbert Keddington (dir. 1978-1982)
76.    Portrait: Ernst Francke (dir. 1920-1926)
77.    Portrait: Robert C. Ekstrom (dir. 1970-1974)
78.    Portrait: Waldemar E. Walberg (ed. 1939-1941)
79.    Portrait: Gunnar Bloom (ed. 1955-1981)
80.    Portrait: E. Einar Anderson (ed. 1938-1939)
81.    Portrait: Viktor Hedgren (dir. 1958-1962)
82.    Portrait: Joel Mossberg (dir. 1914-1920)
83.    Portrait: Oscar Ekeberg (dir. 1926-1946)
84.    Portrait: Gerhard T. Rooth (ed. 1950-1955)
85.    Portrait: Edward E. Johnson (pres. 1946-1950; ed. 1941-1950)
86.    Portrait: Wayne Spies (dir. 1982-1990)
87.    Portrait: Fred Bolling, Sr. (1924-1933)
88.    Portrait: Bernhardt H. Westlund (dir. 1974-1978)
89.    Portrait: Lars G. Sundman (1978-1982)
90.    Portrait: Gustaf E. Rickan (1954-1962)
91.    Portrait: E. Arnold Alenius (dir. 1966-1968)
92.    Portrait: Knut Hansen (dir. 1962-1966)
93.    Sketch portrait: Magnus Olson, first president of the AUSS, Svenska Sångarförbundets predient (reproduction)
94.    Sketch portrait: Victor Nilson, Orpheus, Minneapolis, Minn. (reproduction)
95.    Sketch portrait: Carl Lindström, Manskören Svea, Moline, Ill. (reproduction)
96.    Sketch portrait: C.G. Olson, Skandia, Nw Haven, Conn. (reproduction)
97.    Portrait: John Örtengren (dir. 1892-1897; 1901-1905) (reproduction)
98.    Portrait: Charles K. Johansen, first secretary of the AUSS (reproduction)
99.    Portrait: Dr. Victor Nilsson (editor 1906-1909) (reproduction)
100.    Portrait: Arvid Åkerlind (1897-1901, 1905-1914) (reproduction)
101.    Portrait: Lilly Setterdahl
102.    Group portrait: American Union of Swedish Singers Festival, orchestra hall, Chicago, Ill June 23-25, 1933 (reproduction)
103.    Left to right: King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Mr. John O. Werner and Mrs. Werner at the dedication of the archives on April 20, 1976
104.    Group portrait: American Union of Swedish Singers, Civic Opera House, Chicago, June 18, 1954 (reproduction?)
105.    Group portrait: 1910 national convention at grant’s tomb, New York City (reproduction)
106.    Group portrait: American Union of Swedish Singers Festival, Chicago, June 27-30, 1924 Medinah Temple (reproduction?)
107.    Group portrait: 1966 American Union of Swedish Singers Grand Concert July 8 – Medinah Temple. Back: “photo of Medinah Temple Building to be brought by Hans Bolling) (reproduction)
108.    Masonic Temple (reproduction?)
109.    Poster: Chicago of to-day, the Metropolis of the West (reproduction)
110.    Poster: “…vi komma under sang, American Union of Swedish Singers, Sverige Turné 20 Juni – 4 Juli, 1989” (reproduction)
111.    Photo of banner reading: “American Union of Swedish Singers, organized Nov. 25th 1892”
112.    Photo of AUSS Song Album. On back “song album for the grand concert in Chicago in 1905)
113.    Photo of women singers on steps. Banner reads” Welcome Swedish Singers AU of SS Eastern Division. Back reads: “1938 Our ladies aux Aeolian Male Chorus”

Folder 7
From folder labeled “from Jake Rotello”

114.    5 people at banquet table
115.    Room of people at tables
116.    4 people at banquet table
117.    1 speaker presenting to one man (John G. Werner), and two others at table
118.    Man posing with John G. Werner and two others at table
119.    One speaker presenting to John G. Werner 
120.    Different speaker presenting to John G. Werner
121.    Female speaker presenting to John G. Werner
122.    Male speaker presenting plaque to John G. Werner on his 100th birthday
123.    Male speaker presenting plague to John G. Werner
124.    Men speaking with John G. Werner
125.    6 people at banquet table
126.    Groups of people at tables
127.    3 posing for a picture in banquet room
128.    One man in almost empty room

Folder 8
From folder labeled “from Jake Rotello”

129.    Singers onstage with accompanist 
130.    “January 11, 1981, E. Jack Brager, 90-, trying to sing and play and be happy and gay on my 90th birthday. Here you see I am a poet and you folks didn’t know it. Jackie Boy! That’s me!”
131.    SARC Western Show 1984 
132.    Minneapolis convention 1988 (, men with beer) Minneapolis Ritz Hotel
133.    Minneapolis convention 1988 (, men with beer) Minneapolis Ritz Hotel 
134.    SARC Club 1988, Rich Young, Eric Landin
135.    Martin Ahlm pres. As chairman of nominating committee Cent. Sin. Comm. March 1988 “Ja vesste inte att ja va så grann” sa värmlänningen M.A. – Selma Jacobson
136.    Martin Ahlm with another man, printed May 1989
137.    Group around table (see also 138, 139)
138.    Group around table (see also 137 and 139) 4 copies
139.    Group around table (see also 137, 138)
140.    3 men (including Martin Ahlm) standing in front of plaques (2 copies)
141.    Martin Ahlm standing at entrance to Sw. Singers Gallery May 6, 1995
142.    Man bestowing medal to another man 
143.    Man bestowing medal to two men
144.    Two men at reception
145.    Martin Ahlm (?) at desk, May 7, 1996
146.    Rockford to Stockholm airplane, indoors, printed May 1989
147.    Svithiod Singing Club 1914 picture of picture
148.    Cork board of group photographs
149.    Cork board of framed photographs
150.    Cork board of framed photographs
151.    Cork board of group photographs
152.    Cork  board of group photographs
153.    Wall of framed photographs
154.    Wall of framed photographs
155.    Wall of framed photographs
156.    Wall of framed photographs
157.    Wall of framed group photographs
158.    AUSS room
159.    AUSS room
160.    Photo of Svenskamerikanska elitkören midsommarafton 1910 banner and photos on wall
161.    Photo of AUSS room
162.    AUSS room piano, printed may 1989

Folder 9
From folder labeled “Jake Rotello”
Lynn Male Chorus, Lynn, Mass. 1946

163.    5 people outside. Note on back: Clara Lovgren, John Pearson, Naemi Ekstrand, Ragnar Ekstrand, June 1946
164.    5 people outside. June 1946
165.    7 people outside, June 1946, note on back: Ragnar Ekstrand, Naemi Ekstrand,Clara Lovgren, Alfred Lovgren, Frtiz Berkqurst
166.    3 men outside. June 1946, Note on back: Ragnar Ekstrand in middle
167.    11 people outside, June 1946. Note on back: Gunnar Bengson in front shaking hands
168.    6 people outside, June 1946
169.    15 people outside. Note on back: Carl Sederquist and Carl A. Swanson in front

Folder 10
From folder labeled “Jake Rotello” 
From an envelope sent by Carl E. Eliason

170.    Martin Ahlm (?) speaking at a lectern in Warwick, RI (2 copies)
171.    Group at banquet tables
172.    Martin Ahlm (?) standing in hotel room

Folder 11
From folder labeled “Jake Rotello”

173.    Two men hang off anchor, outside. One man labeled “Elmer”, On back: “Aeolian 1938”
174.    “Banquet Night June 1938”
175.    Swedish singers in uniform outdoors. Back: “June 1938, Aeolian Singers”
176.    Men standing in convertible car, possibly a parade. Back: “June 1938, Aeolian Male Chorus, Jamestown, New York
177.    Three men in uniform, with cigarettes. Back “Exchanging hats with local cop, 1938. Left to right: Carl Sieberg, local police officer, John Lindell
178.    Group standing outside in front of a car. Back: “Arrival Time 6/1938”
179.     Group in banquet hall. Back: “Aeolian Male chorus, Jamestown, NY. “X” = my mother and father, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Lundgren, by Howard Lundgren, Viking Male Chorus”
180.    Paul F. Heglund, St. Paul (2 copies)
181.    Hub Ramberg
182.    Gunnar Nordstrom, 5/7/74

Folder 12
From folder labeled “The photographs in this folder found in box with misc. documents from Gustaf E. Rickan, Svithiod Singing club Chicago – Erland Levine”

183.    2 men 2 women in front of building, Aug 7, 1965
184.    3 women, 2 men and on dog on patio, 4/1965
185.    2 men and 2 women on a couch. Aug. 6 1965
186.    Singing group on stage. Sticker on back: Företagsöverläkare, Göran Adolfsson, Drejarestigen 6, 393 65 Kalmar, Tel. 0480-741 64, pg 36 12 6-1 (like 187)
187.    Singing group on stage (like 186), sticker on back same as 186
188.    19 men posed for photo (like 189)
189.    19 men posed for photo (like 188)
190.    20 people in matching outfits, Gislaveds Storband 
191.    Group of singers in church (see also 192)
192.    Group of singers in church (see also 191)
193.    Group of singers on street
194.    Group gathered near and outdoors stage
195.    Large group gathered outside. Cars and folding chairs
196.    Group outside near a van with speakers on it
197.    15 people in backyard
198.    People sitting in a backyard
199.    Group in a backyard
200.    9 people in backyard
201.    Group outside tour bus
202.    Group outside tour bus
203.    2 men and 3 women in a hotel room
204.    Folk art hung in gallery?
205.    Swedish Glee Club Waukegan, IL: photo of room with photos, banners, flags, trophy
206.    Three men eating
207.    Man on boat
208.    4 men on sail boat
209.    Photo of Scandinavian “Viking” ship float in large city (Chicago?)
210.    Group photo
211.    3 women. Back: “This picture taken at Ladies Luncheon at the AUSS Convention held in August 1979 in Salt Lake City”
212.    Kids in traditional costumes with flags on stage, Michigan
213.    Large US flag hanging off large building (ph 213- 221 are similar)
214.    Photo of Detroit taken from high building, Sheraton Cadillac hotel pictured
215.    Photo of large city (Detroit?) taken from high building 
216.    Photo of large city (Detroit?) taken from high building 
217.    Photo of park and large city (Detroit?) taken from high building 
218.    Photo of large city (Detroit?) from river front 
219.    Photo of sports arena (Detroit?)
220.    Photo of city at night (Detroit?)
221.    Photo of Pontchartrain hotel (Detroit)

Folder 13
From folder labeled “The photographs in this folder found in box with misc. documents from Gustaf E. Rickan, Svithiod Singing club Chicago – Erland Levine”

222.    Portrait of Al Nyström, second vice president
223.    Emil i Lönneberga, Gunnar
224.    Group of male singers practicing outdoors on risers
225.    Photo of framed photos on a wall
226.    Men around a banquet table
227.    Swedish Glee Club of Waukegan, IL. Two men and two women at cocktail hour (ph 227 – 233 are from same event)
228.    Three men and two women sit at a couch
229.    Group at a banquet
230.    Group at a banquet
231.    Speaker at banquet
232.    Singing group from banquet
233.    Singing group from banquet
234.    9 men posed for photo, Waukegan, IL
235.    Photo of man with medals on paper
236.    Group of singers standing outside in uniform. Photo printed in Sweden
237.    Viking Male Chorus of AUSS, 6 singers in uniform (pictured: John G. Hackert?)

Folder 14
Some negatives from folders 12 and 13

Folder 15
From folder labeled “Jake Rotello”

238.    Back labeled: “To Martin Ahlm from Bob Ekstrom. Ctr – Wm. DeYoung – Organist, King of Sweden – Carl Gustaf, Bob Ekstrom – Music Director. (Taken Aug. 4, 1976)
239.    6 men in AUSS room, Sept. 16, 1995. On back: “Foto från mottagningen av arvet efter kultur bärare John O. Werner gåvan bestod av checks $650,000 dollars. Närvarande var: W. Carlson, R.W. Voedisch, M. Ahlm, D. Ahlm and C. Carlson. Joseph Aceto, Auditor, presenting donationen till ordförande emeritus – Martin Ahlm, O.E.”(4 copies)
240.    6 men in AUSS room (like ph 239) (8 copies)
241.    Photo of room (from envelope with return address SAS, addressed to Martin Ahlm) Photo printed May 1989
242.    Photo of room with long table (from envelope with return address SAS, addressed to Martin Ahlm) Photo printed May 1989
243.    Portrait of man. Sticker on back: Lars G. Sundman, 185 Gedulding Street, Bridgeport, Conn, 06606 (3 copies, one on back reads: “With Dan Olch”
244.    Man looking at photo wall in Rockford Museum Room. April 3, 1976. Back: “Carl G. Anderson, passed away April 28, 1998”
245.    Four men passing document, standing in from of city of Chicago seal

Folder 16
From folder labeled “Bob Voedisch”

246.    Photo of Musiktidning för Amerikas Svenskar, Minneapolis, Minn. Januari, 1906 front page
247.    Photo reproduction of Mme. Marie Sundelius
248.    Photo reproduction of Rolph Bjoerling, tenor
249.    Photo reproduction of Third Quadrennial Convention of the AUSSS, Moline, Illinois, July 24 – 28, 1907
250.    Photo reproduction of framed group photo
251.    Photo reproduction of AUSS Grand Concert, Minneapolis, 1974. Dr. Robert Ekstrom, director-in-chief. 
252.    AUSS Sweden Chorus of 1959 rehearsal konsert huset Stockholm, Male chorus with female accompanist (2 copies)
253.    Photo reproduction, Group portrait outdoors, American Union of Swedish Singers at the foot of the Linné monument, Lincoln Park Chicago, 1893. Photo from Selma Jacobson Collection

Box 3

254.    Orphei Chorus 1970 (group photo 21 men)
255.    Group photo of male singers
256.    Portrait of man. Back: “J Mossberg” Embossed on front: “Moffett Studio Chicago”
257.    Group of men singing outside
258.    Arpi Swedish Male Chorus of Detroit, 1940
259.    Three men, one smoking cigar, one smoking cigarette
260.    6 men around meeting table, taking notes. Cigars in ashtray. Printed in Chicago
261.    Augustana Choir, “Augustana News Bureau” printed on back
262.    American Swedish institute male chorus, Minneapolis, MN
263.    Viking Male Chorus, Jamestown, New York
264.    Svea Söner Chorus, Rockford, IL
265.    Chicagoland Veteran Chorus, Illinois
266.    Scandia Ladies Chorus of Portland, Oregon
267.    Arpi Male Chorus Detroit, Michigan
268.    Scandia Women Singers, Springfield, MA
269.    Scandinavian Womens Chorus, New Haven, CT
270.    Suncoast Swedish Veterans Chorus, Florida
271.    St. Paul Swedish male Chorus, MN
272.    Waukegan Swedish Glee Club, IL
273.    Verandi Male Chorus, Providence, R.I.
274.    Scandia Women’s Chorus, Detroit, Michigan
275.    Nordic Glee Club, New York, NY
276.    Chicago Swedish Male Chorus, Chicago, IL
277.    Chicago Swedish Glee Club, Oak Park, IL
278.    North Star Singers of Bridgeport, CT
279.    Svea Male Chorus of Seattle, Washington
280.    Bellman Male Chorus, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
281.    Swedish Women’s Chorus of Seattle, Washington
282.    Rockford Veteran Singers, Rockford, IL
283.    Orphei Drangar Male Chorus, Springfield, Mass. \
284.    Scandinavian Male Chorus of Portland, Oregon
285.    Apollo Singing Society, New Haven, CT
286.    Icelandic Male Chorus, Seattle, Washington
287.    Portrait of woman (in photo folder, ’41, Savoy’s)
288.    Group portrait of male chorus in folder. Gustaf E. Rickan handwritten. List of chorus members included
289.    Photo folder that held three photos (289, 290, 291). Note inside: Enclosed picture which could be of interest to the coming organization of our Mrs. Carter. The Swedish delegation and the King, Mayor and Ed. Audurn L. P. from Alan Hallquist ’78. King visit photo
290.    Postcard of singers at event outside. Back: “Fondulac”
291.    Postcard of singers outside. Back: “Fondulac”
292.     Photo of Executive board AUSS, Gus. Rickan, Pres. (2 copies)
293.    Group photo, 1909. From wooden frame which was labeled: “Raoul C. Geary, Sr.” Labeled: “Given by W.O. Lindberg, 1957”
294.    Group photo outdoors, 1914.From wooden frame, names on back From Raoul C. Geary
295.    Male group, one female, one dog, one boy, outdoors, 1917. Was framed. Raoul Geary. Bad Cockling
296.    Group outside with teacups by water. June 22, 1926 Älukarleö, Sweden. Writing on back
297.    Group of men. Was framed. Center Charter member Charles Frederick Ramselle Waukegan Swedish Glee Club, 1927
298.    Svithiod arriving Stockholm, 1928. Was framed
299.    Portrait Inga Hill, contralto. Minneapolis, MN. Soloist at Swedish Chorus night 1932
300.    Apollo Singing Society, Orvar Rosengren, Director. 1932 Eastern Div. Singing festival 
301.    Oscar Eckeberg, director in chief, Eastern Div. of AUSS
302.    Mme. Marie Sundelius, soprano, formerly Metropolitan Opera co. 1932, Singing festival concert. 
303.    Swedish Glee Club Chorus 1932. Was in green frame. List of names included
304.    Male group, 1940. Raoul Geary. List of names included
305.    Male group, 1942, Worcester, Mass.
306.    Group portrait, was framed. Swedish Glee Club 1945. Raoul C. Geary. List of names included.
307.    Group portrait 1945. Gladys Dahlberg address o back. List of names included.
308.    Swedish Glee Club, Waukegan, Il, 1950. Raoul Geary. Was in wooden frame
309.    Eastern Div. Convention 1952
310.    Chicago Chapter American National Red Cross Certificate to The Svithiod Singing Club Chorus, Feb. 26, 1953 (was in cracked frame)
311.    Welcome Swedish Singers. Men lifting hats off. 2 copies
312.    Apollo 1954 Carl Larson, director. Includes list of singers in photo
313.    Apollo Officers, mid 1950s. Members listed
314.    Arpi Ladies Auxiliary (was in cracked frame)
315.    Ladies in hats around a banquet table. Philadelphia, PA (was framed)
316.    1956 Ladies Auxiliary Committee for 1956 E.D. Convention in New Haven (Eastern Division). Members pictured listed
317.    Group portrait of eleven men
318.    Eleven men and women around banquet table
319.    Six ladies 
320.    Six ladies (same as 319)
321.    Male group photo, Chicago
322.    4 men, posed
323.    4 men, New Haven Lawn Club, Sept. 27, 1957. Pinning Order of the North Star. Names included
324.    Group of men posed for photo. “Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural, Chicago
325.    Group of men around a desk, Chicago
326.    Group of men around a banquet table, Chicago
327.    Group of men, in front of “Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural, Chicago
328.    First veteran chorus marching around Stockholm stadion after receiving a flag from King Gustaf VI Adolf June 6, 1957. Names included. Chicago group.
329.    Veteran Chorus, 1957, Chicago. Men in front of “Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural
330.    New Haven Lawn Club, Sept. 27, 1957. Pinning Order of the North Star. Names included. See also 323
331.    Waukegan Swedish Glee Club, 1958
332.    Nine men, AUSS Board members, Oct. 1958. Chicago. Names included
333.    National Convention. Salt Lake City, June 1958, Utah. Banquet photo
334.    AUSS Western Div. Biennial Convention, Oakland, Calif. Aug 2-6 1961
335.    AUSS members at banquet (autumn). AUSS banner displayed. Chicago
336.    Svithiod Singing Club Styrelse. Chicago
337.    Group of fourteen women. (was framed)
338.    Svithiod Singing Club Chorus, Sherman Hotel (Borden’s). Men around tables
339.    Skandia Glee Club of Lynn Mass. Lövgren Leader, 1970 (was framed, foxing)
340.    Apollo Singing Society, 1971
341.    Apollo Singing Society, 1974. Names included
342.    North Star Singers, Bpt. Ch. Keith d. Shawgo, director June 6, 1976
343.    Apollo Singing Society 1976. Robert Read, director. Dorothy Ohslung, accompanist
344.    Eastern Division Grand Concert, 1976, New Britain, CT. 
345.    Woolsey Hall, Yale University, 1979. Names included
346.    Group of twelve men and one woman, Rockford
347.    Apollo Singing Society, New Haven, CT. 1981. Names included
348.    17 men, 1992, names included
349.    Women’s group in costume
350.    Apollo Singing Society. Names included. Back: Best Wishes from AUSS Western Division, 1996

Box 4

351.    Seth Hokanson and John Ekström – sculptor NY, NY
352.    Group leaving bus and entering building May 1965(found in box of rolled photos)
353.    Man with a violin. Back: “Alenius”
354.    Group portrait, men outdoors. “Veteran Chorus of the AUSS. On Tour in Sweden, 1957. Soloist Rolf Bjoerling (Son of famous tenor Jussi Bjoerling) is 4th from left in back row.” (removed from yellowing mat)
355.    Men sitting at school desks. “Convention Delegates Midwest Div. American Ass. Swedish Singers. St. Charles, Ill. June 29, 1933.”
356.    Four men around a table. Looking at sheet music. (music may say 1964?)
357.    Man singers in hats on stage. Female accompanist at piano. Note reads: AT piano: Vierlyn Duerr, accompanist. Viktor Hedren at head of piano. C. 1950?” (found in box of rolled photos) (2 copies)
358.    Male singers in uniform singing outdoors. Conductor on wooden pedestal. Back: “FRISK A.”
359.    “Chicago Swedish Male Chorus, 1970s?”
360.    Male singers onstage. Female accompanist. Back: “Winter 75, Please return to B. H. Westlund, Milton, Wis.”
361.    Male singers in formal wear in front of “Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural. Male accompanist. Chicago
362.    5 men in uniform, some with medals. Back: “First day of the convention at Duluth some of the singers get together: Bob Ekstrom, Director-in-chief; Arne Erickson (New York) former secretary AUSS; Bill Berglof, Duluth president and vice chairman of the convention; Gunnar Bloom, editor of Musiktidning; Ernest Gunnarson (Detroit) secretary of Central Division.” (see also 389)
363.    13 men pictured. Chicago
364.    Men onstage. Male accompanist, Svithiod Singing Club, Chicago. 
365.    12 men posed. Chicago
366.    9 men posed. Chicago
367.    Men on risers in formal attire. Chicago Swedish Glee Club 
368.    21 men posed in formal attire. Sticker on back: “Orphei Singing Club. Return to: Dan Olch, Des Plaines, IL” (rest of address redacted)
369.    16 men pictured. Svithiod Male Chorus. Back: “Svithiod Male Chorus, Svithiod Club, Rockford, Il 1966”
370.    The American Union of Swedish Singers Salt Lake City, Utah, June 27, 1958
371.    Men in formal wear and one woman. Swedish Glee Club of Detroit, 1948
372.    Men singing, two shaking hands. Back: “Gunnar Bloom, Viktor Hedgren. Members of Svithiod Singing Club Chicago. Walter Johnson. Donald Ahlm.” (names seem to indicate where members are in photo)
373.    Three men. Left to right: Gunnar Bloom, Martin Ahlm, E.W. Gunnarsson
374.    Group of men posed for photo. “Jolie Photos” handwritten in bottom right corner
375.    Donald Lamant portrait. Lombard, IL
376.    Group photo of male singers in formal attire. Female accompanist. Group in front of Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural. Chicago.  (see also 377, 378, 379)
377.    Group photo of male singers in formal attire. Female accompanist. Group in front of Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural. Chicago.  (see also 376, 378, 379)
378.    Group photo of male singers in formal attire. Female accompanist. Group in front of Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural. Chicago.  (see also 376, 377, 379)
379.    Group photo of male singers in formal attire. Female accompanist. Group in front of Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural. Chicago. Back: “1971-1972 Svithiod Singing Club 90th Anniversary Chorus. Knute Hansen, director. Blanche Strom Nordberg accompanist”.” (see also: 376, 377, 378)
380.    Female group in matching attire.
381.    18 men and one woman posed for photo
382.    Group of male singers on risers in formal attire
383.    Swedish Glee Club, Waukegan, IL. Male singers on risers in formal attire (see also ph429)
384.    Group of male singers in formal attire
385.    Group of male singers in formal attire. Waukegan, IL
386.    7 men pictured. Detroit, MI (photo removed from black frame of box 2)
387.    Banquet dinner, Detroit, MI (photo removed from a black frame of box 2)
388.    Group of women standing in a room adored with “Badman’s Territory” (movie) posters. All look to be waiting to meet a man, who is shaking hands with one woman. Perhaps he is an actor from the film. (photo removed from black frame of box 2)
389.    4 men, two shaking hands. Some with medals. Pictured: Arne Erickson, Bill Berglof, Gunnar Bloom, Ernest Gunnarson (see also 362) (removed from black frame)
390.    AUSS Convention Board, 1970. Names included
391.    Chicago Swedish Glee Club 1976-1977. Men in uniforms
392.    Grand Banquet, New Britain, CT. Howard Johnson Motor Lodge, Eastern Division Convention. October 2, 1976. Far right: Adelaide and Arthur Samuelson. From Carl E. Anderson
393.    Grand Concert, October 1, 1976. Eastern Division Convention. At “First Lutheran Church of the Reformation” New Britain, CT. From Carl E. Anderson
394.    St. Paul Chorus, 1970s. Minnesota. Male singers and one woman
395.    Reprinted photo of male group in uniform
396.    Male singers posed in uniform
397.    Male singers in uniform in a auto shop. Car with hood open. Back stamped “Chrysler Photographic” (see also: ph 436, ph437, ph 511)
398.    “Svenska Sångarförbundets Festkonserten, Stadion, Stockholm, 1930”
399.    Banquet room picture. Hundred of Singers and guests. Swedish flags hanging.
400.    Portrait of Ernest Almerling
401.    Portrait of Karl (last name obscured, starts with A?)
402.    Portrait of Carl E. Anderson, President AUSS, 1974-1978
403.    7 men pictured outside in uniform in front of various flags. (removed from folder with printed label: “Bonäs Byd Degård 79200 Mora”
404.    4 men at a table with beverages. Chicago
405.    Group of men at banquet table with beverages. “Chicago Park District” stamped on back 
406.    Group of men. Chicago
407.    Men at banquet tables. Chicago
408.    Men standing and sitting around banquet tables. Chicago
409.    Men around banquet tables. Chicago
410.    Men serving themselves food. “Chicago Park District” stamped on back
411.    Men around a banquet table. Chicago
412.    Men sitting at banquet tables. Chicago
413.    Eastern Division Women’s Chorus group photo
414.    Men in uniform. Ohio
415.    Men in formal attire standing on a stage in front of American flag. 
416.    Group of men and women in costumes
417.    15 male singers in uniforms. Back: photographer from Springfield, Mass.
418.    Male singers in uniform outdoors. Back: “Taken by Franklin Studio – Hartford, CT 1925
419.    Male singers in uniform in front of Swedish flag and American flag. Names included below photo
420.    22 male singers in white tuxedos. Back: “O.D. - Springfield”
421.    Group of males in formal attire near church pews. Photographer from New Britain, Conn.
422.    4 men sitting around a piano (?) 11/10/1962. 
423.    Male singers onstage with orchestra. Some audience members pictured. Red cross flags next to American flag (with 48 stars, so prior to 1959) (see also 474 same photo)
424.    Ladies auxiliary compilation photograph. 1940. 
425.     Apollo 1962 Frank Hjerpe, director. Men singing with woman accompanist. Streamers from ceiling. 
426.    Group photo of male singers in black suits with one woman in a dress. In front of flags and crests on the wall.
427.    Group of males on stage with one female. In suits with striped ties. 
428.    Male singers in formal attire on risers, one female. In front of flags and crests on wall (same room as PH 426)
429.    Group photo of Waukegan Illinois Swedish Glee Club. (see also ph383)
430.    Male singers on risers in a room with large overhead light fixtures. (2 copies)
431.    16 male singers in white formal attire on risers. Color photo. Back: “Norden Singers Des Moines, Iowa.” Photographer is from Columbus, OH
432.    Waukegan Singers, all male in room with wall mural, on risers
433.    Females in yellow and blue dresses with crowns of flowers in hair. On risers. Color photo
434.    Orphei Singing Club, Orphei Chorus, Arnold Alenius, director. Men in formal attire, bowties, on risers. In front of large mural. Back: “late 50s or early 60s, Carl Johnson”
435.    Men inspecting cars. Line of cars behind them. In large warehouse building. Photographers from Birmingham, MI, June 9, 1961
436.    Group of male singers in uniform in large warehouse building with rows of cars. Back: “Chrysler” (see also ph 437, ph 511, ph 397)
437.    Group of male singers standing around a large engine. Back: “Chrysler” (see also: ph 511, ph 397, ph 436)
438.    Overhead shot of male singers on risers. Female accompanist at piano. Banner in picture; “Arpi Swedish Male Chorus, Detroit, Michigan, Organized 1937”
439.    Arpi Swedish male Chorus of Detroit. Axel E. Lofgren, Director. Males on stage in formal attire (with hats). (three copies)
440.    17 males and one female seated in a room with a wall mural. Back: “Verdandi, 1977”
441.    Portrait of a male. Photographer from Waukegan, IL
442.    Male singers in uniforms (navy suits with a gold crest) and gold and navy ties. 1981. Photographer from Chicago, IL
443.    11 men in suits standing together in front of a crest that reads “SGC”
444.    Three rows of males in tuxedos posed for picture. Back: “Hule (?) Male Chorus, 1936”
445.    “Picnic Committee, C.U. of AUSS. New Haven, Conn. Sept 7, 1941. Men, women, children, outdoors. 

Box 5
Oversized photos

446.    Group of singers (female and male), on stage in costumes. Pipe organ behind them. Photo taken from side, conductor’s arm visible. Photographer info: “Grumsgatan 2 Farsta”
447.    Hand drawing of a singer with cap. 1939. No signature
448.    Arpi Sextette, New Britain 1938. (Photo removed from a black frame) (see also 473 – same photo)
449.    Chicago Swedish Glee Club 1920s. Singer John Lindholm – 2nd Row, 2nd From left. Photographer from Chicago
450.    Large group of male singers in uniform with caps in hand. On a lawn in front of a white building. Left half of photo is ripped/missing (see also ph 503 – same picture, but complete, rolled photo)
451.    Group photo of males singers in white suits. Standing on risers in front of “Svenska Sång sig boj på starka vingar” mural (Chicago, likely)
452.    Woman and child holdings hands, in traditional dress, on a sidewalk. 
453.    AUSS Grand Concert, Minneapolis, MN 1974. 11 rows of male singers in white suits and caps. Two females in front row. 
454.    AUSS Eastern Division Convention, Jamestown, NY June 13, 14, 15, 1935. Prizmatex Photo. Many male singers with caps, orchestra, two females. 
455.    AUSS Salt Lake City, Utah. June 27, 1958. Photo of all male singers on stage in white suits, orchestra, conductor, audience members on floor and alongside balcony seats. Pipe organ behind singers
456.    Three rows of male singers in white suits, on risers. Photographer from Waukegan. 
457.    Four rows of males in white suits (one in black). In front of mural. (Waukegan?)
458.    Four rows of male singers in suits. Back: “Nordstjernan 1926”
459.    Three rows of male singers in dark suits. Indoors. 
460.    Chicago Swedish Male Chorus. H. Wm Nordin, Director. Back: “Rec’d from Gunnar Seaberg. June 1992.”
461.    Three rows (21 men) of male singers in dark suits. Photo in photo folder. Names included. 
462.    Board of Directors of Svithiod Singing Club. 11 men pictured. Chicago. Photo in photo folder (2 copies)
463.    Svithiod Male Chorus Rockford, IL 1933. Photo in photo folder. 5 rows of men in dark suits. 
464.    Nordstjernan 1926. Chicago. 4 rows of men in dark suits wearing hats
465.    Three rows of men in dark suits with light pants. Chicago. Photo in photo folder
466.    4 rows of male singers in dark jackets and light pants. Nordsternan singing club 1923 -1924. Chicago, IL. (Photo removed from frame). Name on frame: Eric Lindgren
467.    Male Chorus De Svenske 1927. Hansen photographer. Three rows of men. (photo removed from frame)
468.    Three rows of name singers in tuxedos. Hansen photographer (Chicago?) (Photo removed from frame)
469.    Verdandi Male Chorus, AUSS Singing Festival Host 1962 (photo removed from frame. Photo adhered to cardboard backing). Three rows of male singers in white jackets. One female pictured.
470.    Group of male singers in uniform singing outdoors. Conductor on wooden pedestal. See also ph358 (same image). Photo in photo folder. Back: “From Arthur Samuelson, Veterans Chorus – Sweden Tour – May 1967
471.    Svithiod Singing Club, Knute Hansen, director. Sweden Chorus. 1947. Printed in Sweden (2 copies, one small)
472.    70th birthday dinner for Fred Bolling, Svithiod Singing Club, January 31, 1941. Photographer from Chicago
473.    Apri Sextette New Britain 1938. “Honorary Members of Apollo 1938” (see also 448 – same photo)
474.    Male singers onstage with orchestra. Some audience members pictured. Red cross flags next to American flag (with 48 stars, so prior to 1959) (see also 423 – same photo)
475.    Apollo Chorus Medinah Temple, Chicago, IL July 1966. Milton Johnson – director. Margorie Johnson – accompanist. Names included. Male singers with hats in white jackets. Female accompanist at piano
476.    AUSS Western Division Moline, IL July 24-28 1907. Lots of men outdoors standing behind a fence
477.    Poster. The Viking Chorus, guest soloist – Miss Diane Schwartz. Oct. 24, 1969. New Haven. Tag with poster: “Combined Choruses – Apollo and the North Star Singers. Milt Johnson directing, Marge Johnson accompanist, 50 singers on the stage. 

Box 6
Rolled photographs (oversized)

478.    Convention, Eastern Division of Swedish Singers, Boston, Mass. June 13, 1947 (2 copies)
479.    50th Anniversary Banquet of Boston Swedish Glee Club, Myles Standish Hotel, April 25, 1942 (2 copies)
480.    Convention Banquet, Eastern Division of Swedish Singers, Hotel Bradford, Boston, Mass. June 14, 1947
481.    70th Anniversary Festival Concert AUSS. Viktor Hedgren, director-in-chief, Providence, Rhode Island, July 6, 1962 (see also ph 509)
482.    Banquet tendered by the citizens of Chicago in honor of his Royal Highness Gustaf Adolf, crown prince of Sweden and her Royal Highness Louise, crown princess of Sweden and his Royal Highness Prince Bertil, Stevens Hotel, Chicago. July 15, 1938
483.    60th Anniversary Jubilee, Nordic Glee Club, Castleholm Rest. Oct. 29, 1949. Mailed to Gunnar Johnson, Bronx, New York from Liberty Flashlight Co. Photographers New York, New York. (mailing tube included)
484.    AUSS 60th Jubilee Banquet , The Conrad Hilton, Chicago, June 19, 1954. Ripped down middle length. Sticky note on it read “Picture from Joe O’Leary July, 2006”
485.    Swedish Glee Club of Baston Wilbmer (?) Leader 1947 (written on cardboard tube)
486.    AUSS Eastern Division Convention, Grand Concert, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, New York July 5, 1968 (2 copies)
487.    AUSS Civic Opera House, Chicago June 18, 1954
488.    Mid-Western Division AUSS, 40th Anniversary Banquet in the Fountain Ballroom, Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan. June 7, 1940
489.    7th Quadrennial Convention, AUSS, June 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 1948. Photographer from Chicago
490.    AUSS June 2, 1950. New York (split down middle lengthwise of photo) (see also ph 506)
491.    1966 AUSS Grand Concert, July 8 Medinah Temple (Chicago)
492.    Arpi Swedish Male Chorus, Detroit, Michigan, April 16, 1946 (2 copies)
493.    No information on photograph. Glossy photo, male singers on stage in white jackets and hats. Male director and male accompanist
494.    No information on photograph. Group on outdoor stage. Large half circle behind singers and orchestra. Stage and some audience pictured. Buntings hanging off stage. 
495.    Swedish Male Chorus of Detroit member AUSS, organized 1932, April 17, 1948. Ivar G. Anderson , director. Albert E. Backlund, photographer. Singers’ names listed.
496.    Singing Festival, AUSS, Eastern Division, Hartford, CT, June 8,9,10, 1939 (2 copies)
497.    Banquet, Apri Swedish Male Chorus, Stockholm Restaurant, Feb. 3, 1940
498.     AUSS Grand Music Festival and Convention, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. June 27-30, 1938 (2 copies)
499.    Swedish Day, 1965, Midsummer Festival, Scwuetzen Park, June 20, 1965. (Photographer from New York, New York)
500.    AUSS Bridgeport, Conn. Sept. 2-5, 1922 
501.    Viking Male Chorus, Boston, Mass., Thure (?) Hulteen, director 1946
502.    Ladies Auxilary Scandinavian Glee Club, June 29, 1938, Philadelphia, PA. On back: H. Lundgren, Jamestown, NY (severely ripped photo down middle height)
503.    Serenade to President and Mrs. Coolidge by the Swedish Singing Society, White House, Washington, D.C. May 29, 1926 Back: “1926 Calvin Coolidge President” (foxing on photo) (see also ph 450, same picture, except it is ripped)
504.    Men singing on steps. Banners pictured: Swedish Glee Club Waukegan, Illinois; Detroit; Duluth Male Chorus; St. Paul Swedish Male Chorus; and 1948(?) banner. Photographer from Columbus, OH (Was in cardboard tube to Erland Levine, Fairfield, CT from Verna Photographers, Brooklyn New York with ph 505)
505.    70th Anniversary Banquet, Nordic Glee Club of New York, Shelburne hotel, Nov. 21, 1959 (Was in cardboard tube to Erland Levine, Fairfield, CT from Verna Photographers, Brooklyn New York with ph 504)
506.    Official welcome by His Honor Mayor William J. O’Dwyer to the 13th annual convention of the AUSS, New York City, June 2, 1950 (4 copies)
(506.1 was in cardboard tube to Mr. Johanson of Bronx, New York from Liberty Flashlight Co. “Photographers” New York, NY) (506.4 was in cardboard tube to Gunnar Johanson NY, NY from Standard Flashlight Co., Now York) (see also ph 490)
507.    Viking Male Chorus, Boston, Mass., Thure Hulteen, director ?1942
508.    No information. Three rows of men with dark jackets and light pants, caps. Man in middle in all dark suit. Shadow of light fixture above men. 
509.    70th Anniversary AUSS festival concert, Victor Hedgren, July 6, 1962, Providence, RI (see also ph 481)
510.    50th Jubilee Singing Festival and Convention, AUSS, St. Paul, Minnesota June 6, 7, 8, 9, 1946 (tape and holes)
511.    No description, men indoors. Men at car factory. “Chrysler” stamped on back. (Was rolled with ph 512) (See also: ph 397, ph 436, ph 437)
512.    No description, posed outdoor group photo. Men, women, children. Men on risers, children in front. Group of three men in a tree. America flag with 48 stars behind group. Two Vikings flanking middle area. Marked Portland, OR on back (Was rolled with ph 511)
513.    Banquet of AUSS, Lakeside Park, Denver, July 19, 1922 (rolled with ph 514, with sticky note that read: “Picture from Joe O’Leary 7/06”)
514.    No description on photo. Male group indoors on stage. Men in white jackets and dark pants. One female singer in middle. Some men have ribbons pinned to their jackets. (was rolled with ph 513)
515.    Oversized rolled photo 18 ½ x 22 ¼ in. United of Scandinavian Singers of America, Chicago, 1889 (foxing)

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