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Series XIII: Alumni Papers, 1893-1991

Folder inventory (6 boxes)

This series contains alumni lists of graduates, correspondence, newsletters, and alumni publications. The publications are arranged in alphabetical order by author. 




Folder Title



Address list of Graduates and Ex-Students 1893-1922




Financial secretary’s book for Upsala College Alumni Association 1911-1922



Alumni Association’s bank book 1928-1935, and annual expense income sheets 1930s (frail)



Alumni Association 1918-1933, Alumni Scholarship Fund




Alumni correspondence, etc., Class of 1930




Alumni, correspondence, etc., Class of 1938




Survey of Upsala College Women Graduates 1950-1956, 1950-1965



Alumni Survey 1986-1991




Class of 1953, 10th reunion 1963




Upsala Alumni Newsletter 1926-1960 (incomplete)




This box contains alumni publications, authors A-D




This box contains alumni publications, authors G-Hard




This box contains alumni publications, authors Harr-Koss




This box contains alumni publications, authors Kov-V




This box contains alumni publications, authors W-Z

Alumni Publications List

Clyde A. Allbaugh, et al. “Preliminary Study of the Effects of Temperature Fluctuations on Developing Walleye Eggs and Fry” 1964

Clyde Allbaugh, et al. “Diurnal Metabolism, Total Phosphorus, Ohle Anomaly, and Zooplankton Diversity of Abnormal Marine Ecosystems of Texas” 1963

Laurel Avogardo Bailey “Immunoglobulin Structure: Partial Amino Acid Sequence of a Bence Jones Protein” 1965

J. W. Bennett “Secondary Metabolism and Differentiation in Fungi” 1983

Graham M. Bright “The Vermont Economic Almanac” 1980

William C. Burnett “Trace Element Variations in Some Central Pacific and Hawaiian Sediments” 1971

Marian Card “Early Church Architecture in New Jersey” 1948

Alfred Martin Carlson “Fredrika Bremer as the Originator of the Swedish Novel: A Thesis submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the University of Minnesota” 1927

Joseph V. Chuba, et al. “The Use of Catfish, ICT ALURUS NEBULOSUS (LE SUEUR), as Experimental Animals for Immunization with Human Secretor Saliva and other Antigenic Materials” 1968

J. V. Chuba, et al. “Hemmagglutinins in the Plasma of Catfish (Ictalurus nebulosus) Injected with Saliva from Human Secretors of Various A-B-O Blood Groups” 1968

William W. Deguire “The Beggar’s Opera, Its Predecessors and Successors” review in “Music Educators Journal” 1971

L. A. Dolan, et al. “Diamines. I. The Synthesis of Amino Analogs of Adrenaline, Arterenol and Ephedrine” 1947

L. A. Dolan “‘O-Heterobiotni,’ a Biologically Active Oxygen Analog of Biotin” 1945

L. Allen Dolan, et al. “The Synthesis of O-Heterobiotin, a Biologically Active Oxygen Analog of Biotin” 1946

L. A. Dolan, et al. “A Simple Synthesis of dl-Desthiobiotin and Related Substances” 1945

George Fasel “Modern Europe in the Making: from the French Revolution to the Common Market” 1974

George Fasel “Europe in Upheaval: The Revolutions of 1848” 1970

Susan Glass, et al. “Properties of Uridinediphoglucose-glycogen Transglucosylase of the Leukocyte Effects of Adenine Nucleotides, Epinephrine and Insulin” 1968

Richard Earl Francis Graham “Environmental Effects on Deme Structure, Dynamics and Breeding Strategy of Ambystoma Opacum (Amphibia: Ambystomatidae), with an Hypothesis on the Probable Origin of the Marbled Salamander Life-style” 1971

Victor W. Groisser, et al. “Serum Esterolytic Activity in a Wide Variety of Diseases with a Special Reference to Pancreatic and Liver Disease” 1966

Richard A. Guarino “New Drug Approval Process: Clinical and Regulatory Management” 1987

William Harry Harding “Young Hart” 1983

William Harry Harding “Rainbow” 1979

William H. Harding “Arco-íris” 1979

Barbara Harr “The Mortgaged Wife” 1970

Albert D. Helfrick “Practical Repair and Maintenance of Communications Equipment” 1983

Albert D. Helfrick “Amateur Radio Equipment Fundamentals” 1982

Pauline E. Holbert “An Effective Method of Preparing Sections of Bacillus polymyxa Sporangia and Spores for Electron Microscopy” 1960

Kenneth D. Johnson, et al. “Aftereffects of low intensity UHF radiation” 1971

Hans Juergensen-Steinhart “The Scientist and other poems” 1952

Hans Juergensen “Sermons from the Ammunition Hatch of the Ship of Fools” 1968

Hans Juergensen “Florida Montage” 1966

Hans Juergensen “I Feed You from My Cup…Poems” 1958

Hans Juergensen “California Rescoes: poems/drawings” 1980

Rosabel Steinhauer Koss “Guidelines for the Improvement of Physical Education in Selected Public Elementary Schools of New Jersey: a report of an Ed.D. Doctoral Project” (manuscript) 1964

Frank W. Kovats “Principles and Practices of New Jersey Real Estates: Revised to Reflect the Current New Jersey Sales and Broker Exams” 1988

Harold LaPenna “Hymn Search: a compendium of published articles concerning composers and authors and their religious services at Ocean Grove, New Jersey” 1988

H. Lutz, et al. “Synthesis of beta-(4-Hydroxy-2-methyl-phenoxy)-lactic Acid, a Metabolite of Mephenesin” 1955

Patricia J. MacDonald “Stranger in the House” 1983

Paul Nelson “Sholom Aleichem” in “The Voice” 1961

K. G. Ottoson, et al. “Explosive Properties of Metal Ammines” 1949

Alice Price Hirvonen, et al. “Sedimentation Rates of Plastids in an Analytical Zonal Rotor” 1967

Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, et al. “Dining with Sherlock Holmes: a baker street cookbook” 1976

Ruth E. Runeborg “The Kingdom of Tonga: History, Culture and Communication” 1980

Charlotte Rusgis, et al. “Orientation of the Histidine Operon in the Salmonella Typhimurium Linkage Map” 1965

John A. Tiedemann “The Hook Book: a guide to common marine organisms of Sandy Hook” 1983

C. Vander Wende, et al. “Oxidation of Dopamine to Melanin by an Enzyme of Rat Brain” 1963

Christina Vander Wende “Short Communications: the effect of various psychotropic drugs on the activity of tyrosinase” 1965

C. Vanderwende, et al. “Augmentation of Metrazol- and thiosemicarbazide-induced seizures by the methoxydopamines” 1966

C. Vander Wende, et al. “Psychotic symptoms induced in mice by the intravenous administration of solutions of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA)” 1962

C. Vanderwende “Studies on the oxidation of dopamine to melanin by rat brain” 1964

C. Vanderwende “Species variation and the Antihistaminic Properties of 3,4-Dimethoxyphenethylamine” 1967

C. VanderWende “Nature of the Tremors Induced by p-Methoxydopamine” 1967

Christina VanderWende “An inhibitor of the glycogen synthetase of leukemic leukocytes found in leukemic plasma” 1967

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Ph.D’s in Psychology who Functioned as Clinical Psychologists between 1896 and 1910” 1961

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Notable Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Mentally Handicapped Children” 1957

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Some personal comments on the Development of Clinical Psychology” 1958

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Recent Progress in the Field of Mental Retardation” 1965

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Notable Progress in the Understanding and Treatment of Epilepsy” 1964

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Training of the Severely Retarded, viewed in Historical Perspective” 1966

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Changing Emphases in Mental Retardation” 1967

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Training of the Mentally Handicapped: Reflections from a Half-Century of Experience” 1966

J. E. Wallace Wallin “A Red-letter day in APA History” 1966

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Prevalence of Metal Retardates” 1958

J. E. Wallace Wallin “New Frontiers in the Social Perspective of the Mentally Retarded” 1962

J. E. Wallace Wallin “A Personalized Story of the First State-Supported Psychological Clinic in New Jersey” 1960

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Sheltered Workshops for Older Adolescent and Adult Mental Retardates” 1960

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Early Development of Special Educational Facilities for Handicapped Children in the Delaware Public Schools” 1966

J. E. Wallace Wallin, et al. “Education of the Severely Retarded Child: A bibliographical review” 1959

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Results of Multiple Binet Re-Testings of the Same Subjects” 1940

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Do you want an Executive Secretary of the International Council?” 1941

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Historical Authenticity” 1944

J. E. Wallace Wallin “A Study of the Industrial Record of Children Assigned to Public School Classes for Metal Defectives and Legislation in the Interest of Defectives” 1922

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The New Clinical Psychology and the Psycho-Clinicist” 1911

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Comments on the Training of the Clinical Psychologist” 1947

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Consistency Shown by Intelligence Ratings Based on Standardized Tests and the Teacher’s Estimates” 1923

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Public Schools of Baltimore: a Critical Study of the report of the commission appointed by the Baltimore School Board to Study the system of Education” 1911

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Baltimore Bulletin of Education: News Notes” 1929

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Medical and Psychological Inspection of School Children” 1909

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Problem of Juvenile Malbehavior” 1941

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Problem of Nervous Tension and Mental Malformation in the Classroom” 1940

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Mental and Educational Hygiene of Instruction” 1930

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Establishment of the Clinical Section of the American Psychological Association” 1938

J. E. Wallace Wallin “History of the National Conference (Now Association) of State Directors of Special Education, 1938-1947: A Personal Account” 1963

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Psychological, Educational, and Social Problems of the Aging as viewed by a Mid-Octogenarian” 1962

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Mouth Hygiene and Backward Children” 1913

J. E. Wallace Wallin “The Section of Special Education and Mental Hygiene of the Delaware State Education Association” 1960

J. E. Wallace Wallin “Survey of Educational Attainments of Clients in Industries Limited: A workshop for Mental Retardates” 1962

Ruth Winter “Poisons in Your Food” 1969

Ruth Winter “A Consumer Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, 1974

Ruth Winter “Scent Talk Among Animals” 1977

Ruth Winter “How to Reduce Your Medical Bills” 1970

Kathryn L. Wood “Criticism of French Romantic Literature in the Gazette De France, 1830-1848” 1934

William F. Zaranka “The Astronaut” 1969

William Zaranka “The Brand-X Anthology of Poetry” 1981

William Zaranka “The Brand-X Anthology of Fiction” 1983

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