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Learn and practice self-care

Student Counseling Services has curated options for you to learn and practice how to take care of your mental health and well-being, because college is about more than the classroom. It is about you, taking care of yourself and learning about the person you want to be.

We change through repeated practice. Practice taking care of yourself, so you can master taking care of yourself.

TAO Connect

Effective well-being and mental health practices (use your Augie email to log in).

Self-care journeys

TimelyCare offers a variety of evidenced-based self-care tools and practices to complement your well-being journey.

Self-care resources

We recommend exploring different wellness activities while you are engaged in counseling or waiting on your first appointment.

Greater Good in Action

Practices for your well-being.

Resources for underrepresented communities

Practices for those who identify as BIPOC or LGBQT+.

The Shrink Space Blog

Self-care for college students.

Practices for those who identify with male culture.