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Self-help resources

Augustana College offers a variety of therapeutic activities through Counseling Services, but we also strive to foster your independence and commitment to healing and growth. As such, we strongly recommend exploring different wellness activities while you are engaged in counseling or while you are waiting for your first appointment.

Below are links to different self-help practices. These practices will help you engage well-being and explore specific self-help resources.

Apps and techniques

This page explores different wellness practices like mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing. These practices help people live fuller, richer lives. There are also several links to video presentations that will help you form healthier, more productive habits.

Self-help books

Self-help books provide you with a self-directed tool that may improve your life in some meaningful way. There are also autobiographies written by individuals who struggle with a specific area of concern. The self-help books on this page are alphabetized by area of concern.

Online self-help programs and internet resources

Internet resources provide information or further resources for different areas of concern. There are also links to online self-help programs or interactive therapies. The internet resources on this page are alphabetized by area of concern.

Support groups

Support groups are groups of people with common concerns that provide help, compassion, advice, or encouragement. The support groups on this page are alphabetized by area of concern.

Movies about different life concerns

Watching movies about specific issues helps to make opening up about that issue easier. Movies also raise awareness and restore our empathy for other people. These movie suggestions do not replace therapy, self-help, or any other therapeutic practice; rather, they present an artistic representation of an area of concern which allows for a fresh perspective or increased awareness. The movies on this page are alphabetized by area of concern.