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Emergency Alert

Campus is closed

Campus is closed today, Tuesday, Aug. 11, because there is no electricity. Strong winds yesterday brought down trees, limbs and power lines on campus, and throughout the Quad Cities. To reach the Augustana switchboard & police/public safety call 309-794-7711. 


Email policy

The Student Counseling Center staff welcomes your contact. However, we strongly prefer you handle all consultation, appointment scheduling, and discussion of counseling issues via phone or in person.

The nature of email is like sending a postcard, and we cannot guarantee its confidentiality. In terms of discussing issues, we believe email is not as useful as in-depth, in-person contact. Finally, staff members are at times away from the office, so we cannot guarantee a prompt response. This becomes especially problematic with messages concerning crisis situations.

We take your time and confidentiality very seriously and therefore consider it imperative that you understand the limitations of our use of email technology.

Although you may choose to contact Counseling Center staff via email about such matters as rescheduling or canceling an appointment, please keep in mind that staff may not check their email regularly or may inadvertently miss your email message altogether. Also, email is subject to interception and is not considered reliably confidential.

Bearing this in mind, any urgent or sensitive matter should be handled by means of telephone or face to face conversations rather than by email.