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Rho Nu Delta (Roundel)

We, the brothers of Rho Nu Delta, believe in standing next to our brothers, not above them. We base our Fraternity on supporting one another through five major areas; Brotherhood, Scholarship, Respect, Roundel Spirit, College Spirit.

This support does not end with graduation from Augustana. Being a Roundel is a life-long commitment to the Rho Nu Delta Fraternity. As brothers, we know that we will always have each other to celebrate with in times of joy, or to lean on for support in times of hardship.

As individuals, we are only as strong as our weakest brother, but together, each of us is as strong as the Rho Nu Delta Fraternity itself. It is this foundational belief that brings the Roundel Brothers together as a single unit. This relationship among men is what some may call brotherhood, but is what we call Rho Nu Delta.

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President: Gareth Kent
Vice president: Tyler Langel

Advisor: Scott Gehler
Phone: 309-794-3448